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    So from the student point of view, it's all's well that ends well.
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    Oct, 2014: Sharon Moulds, SE/CEO Laurel Highlands Council 2014-present https://triblive.com/news/editorspicks/6945412-74/moulds-scout-scouting "She is one of seven women among about 300 Boy Scout executives. She oversees programs for about 30,000 Boy Scouts in 16 council districts across Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia."
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    Devoted, I'll say it one more time and then I'm done: you have the power, responsibility, and the authority to ask this man and his girlfriend to leave and stay away. It's your decision and you don't owe them an explanation. If he goes to council, then you can have that special meeting and present your evidence. If he goes over your head to the COR or IH, again, you can have that special meeting and present your evidence. You approve leaders in your unit. YOU! If he doesn't get it, call the police. It's really that simple. sst3rd
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    We missed the backpacking trip back in November due to a family trip, and December they didn't camp due to scheduling. We were able to do a service project one weekend, and a museum visit the next weekend. So we have been busy.But this weekend was the first camping trip and it was awesome. SM is a cooking MBC, and that was the primary emphasis. having fun was the second. I developed some bad habits in my old troop because I had a hard time just sitting in my chair, drinking coffee, and staying out of the Scouts' way. Everyone had a good time. But what made it awesome is that my boys were looking forward to it. They got their gear out of the attic and started packing on their own. Usually I have to get on their case to get their gear and start packing. Youngest did a great job too. He's so ready to cross over, he wants to quit Cub Scouts now instead of waiting until next month.
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    Winter campouts call for food that warms the mouth, the stomach, and the heart. I can't think of any more warming and satisfying winter meal than a big steaming bowl of genuine Texas chili! It's easy to make on campouts too! Texas Two-Step Chili Ingredients for the pot: 2 pounds ground chuck (or finely cut chunks of steak or roast) 8-ounce can tomato sauce 16-ounce can beef broth 16-ounce can chicken broth Ingredients of spice bag 1: 4 Tablespoons dark or hot chili powder blend (include 2-3 chili powders, such as Mexene or Mild Bill's Dixon Med Hot, avoid brands that contain salt) 1 Tablespoon dry minced onion flakes 1 Tablespoon dry minced garlic (not garlic salt) 1 teaspoon cumin 1/2 teaspoon paprika Ingredients of spice bag 2: 4 Tablespoons of a lighter chili powder (such as Mild Bill's San Antonio Red, include 1 Tablespoon of Mexene, avoid brands that contain salt) 1 teaspoon cumin 1 Tablespoon dry parsley Night before the campout: 1. Chop beef, if using steak or roast. 2. Mix together Spice Bag 1 in a Ziploc bag. 3. Mix together Spice Bag 2 in another Ziploc bag. 4. Make sure you have a can opener in the patrol box. Cooking Directions: Brown the meat in a large pot. Drain off excess fat. Add tomato sauce, beef broth, chicken broth, and Spice Bag #1. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer one hour. Add Spice Bag #2. Simmer another 30 30 minutes. Watch consistency --- if chili becomes too thick, add more beef broth (bullion and hot water can be used as well). Taste and add salt, chili powder, and Louisiana Hot Sauce (or Tabasco, as you prefer). Avoid asking advice from anyone from Cincinnati --- or anywhere in the Midwest for that matter. Those folks don't know beans about chili because they think there's beans in chili. Worse yet, the Cincinnati crowd tries to throw in cinnamon, chocolate, dirty underwear, and other such flavorings, then they serve it on top of spaghetti and pile on mountains of cheese so orange it must be radioactive. It's enough to make a Texan cry! So we won't ruin our perfectly good chili that way....stick to the recipe and you'll have genuinely tasty Texas chili.
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    Hey all! When I was reading the Feedback for Adult leader thread I was thinking about resources that have helped me learn more about Scouting and grow as an adult volunteer. I'm hoping members of the forum can contribute things they found helpful here so that we create a wiki resource for folks visiting the forum. As I said in that thread, I think the resources for folks to learn more about Scouting are out there, but people may not know where to look for them. Suggested materials (books, videos, podcasts, websites, blogs, ect.) to post: Any official BSA resources you've found helpful. Any official Scouting resources from overseas. Any historical Scouting resources you've found helpful. Any unofficial Scouting resources you've come across and found helpful. Any materials you or another Scouter have created that you find helpful. Non-Scouting materials that support the mission of Scouting. Please feel free to elaborate on why you found that resource helpful. Ground rules: Please do not post anything that violates Scouter.com's terms of service. Please do not post anything that contradicts official BSA rules and regulations. (Exception being historical materials, like old handbooks.) Please credit the original creator if you're citing their work. Not really necessary for official publications of a Scout Association. My contribution: "Working the Patrol Method" by four Eagle Scouts. Great book that outlines the role of adults in a patrol method troop. Has insightful short stories that illustrate concepts. "The Scoutmaster Podcast" by Clarke Green. Long running podcast that covers a variety of topics in American Scouting. Episodes are sorted by topic, making them easy to find. "Baden-Powell: Two Lives of a Hero" by William Hillcourt. - I found it helpful to have historical perspective on the life and motivations of the founder of the Scouting movement from one of the people who knew B.P best. What has helped you in your Scouting journey?
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    wasn't sure where to put this. Does filling out a youth application count towards BSA membership numbers or local executive recruitment goals of some kind? Took my 14yo Life scout to a Venturing meeting. This crew was advertised as having an emphasis on specific areas that my son has an interest in. The recruitment meeting was poorly planned and very confusing with almost no talk about what they do. Anyway, my son did not want to join the crew based on that meeting and so neither one of us filled out an application. The local BSA executive saw that we were not filling out the paperwork and made an announcement that filling out the application will give the crew contact info for everyone and to not worry about any other specifics until they start asking for money. My son is already in the BSA so his fee would be waived but I'm not going to submit an application for him when he isn't sure about the crew. I've become a terrible cynic as I've grown older and I was wondering if the executive was encouraging us to fill out an application because it would somehow increase enrollment numbers or something. I can imagine that my son would be listed as belonging in a crew that he may never see again. Someone please tell me I'm wrong. thx
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    I'm getting a little tired of breakfast burritos on each and every campout. There are a lot of other good breakfast options, some of which are faster and require less cleanup. Here's one that can be ready in a flash, can be cooked on either a stove or a campfire, and that requires no pots or pans. Ham and Swiss Breakfast Croissant Ingredients: large fresh croissants (at least 1 per person) thick sliced ham or Canadian bacon swiss cheese Directions: Slice croissants lengthwise. Put one or 2 slices of ham in each croissant. Put a slice of cheese in each. Wrap in aluminum foil. Heat no more than 5 minutes over low to medium flame (just enough to get it hot and melt the cheese).
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    You are absolutely correct. That is a concern with many of the COs that we currently have. They are not involved though BSA pretends they have strong control and oversight. My comment is for this specific situation. The original poster has a hard situation. Though the original poster should be slightly concerned about the CO situation, it's really not really a direct cause. It's a complexity and a resource he won't have to leverage. But the original poster's CO situation is fairly common and I'd bet many units in his district / council are in a similar situation.
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    Okay. I'll try using a bagel instead of a slice of tomato... 😀
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    The CO issue is not really surprising or at fault. And, it's far from unique. Most COs operate at arms length. Some COs equate to nothing more than the parents in the troop. It's rare to have an active, involved CO. I say this as I don't think there is anything unique for scout parents to notice or for the district/council to be concerned about. Is it ideal? Absolutely not. Is it unusual or immediately concerning? No.
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    Unfortunately, many of the rural councils were teetering on collapse, so the mergers and acquisitions were the only way to keep those districts afloat. We're trying to keep everyone happy. As it turns out, venturing is working relatively well in some small towns. It's been a rough decade. FYI - Sharon is an excellent scouter.
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    Sarah Dawson - Scout Exec / CEO of Hawkeye Area Council
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    So, @Devotedautismadhdmom, is the pastor the institution head (IH)? I ask because in some churches, the chair of the church board is the IH, and often they designate the Pastor with the authority to take immediate action in theses kinds of situations (Sometimes the Pastor can be the COR.) In any case, their decision trumps BSA's. The buck stops there. Seen it done. The IH can most certainly file a restraining order on any person or group who unlawfully acts against their organizations wishes. This doesn't have to be a long drawn out thing. She calls the police and says an imposter is trying to insert himself uninvited into one of her congregation's youth programs and is disrupting the peace and her church's freedom of association. Period.
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    The stress here is obviously real, and I understand you are wanting to just make sure you dot your i's and cross your t's, but council has nothing to do here. Bottom line, this person is refusing to sign the application, and has thus not gone through any channel to be approved as of yet by council, so they have no dog in this fight at the moment. And do not let a unit commissioner tell you otherwise, they have no authority over you. As this individual has not submitted an application, and has not gone through background check etc. they cannot be a leader until they do so. I'm with @SSScout that the mother of this child may not be such a great choice, as I could very well see the scenario of this man being on every activity and defacto assuming the role as ACM (also would add stress to whomever is serving in the CM role during this "transition time" that they have to deal with him being around, and clearly he has no respect for authority). I know I have seen threads on this forum before (as well as "real life" experience) of statements that the ACM or ADL doesn't really have to go through the registration process, which is plain wrong. I would never want to be the person who has to explain to a parent why their child was physically/mentally/sexually abused because I tried to save someone a few bucks and not register them.
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    Good googamooka, either he is in or he is out. What is so hard about that? Your UC and DC and DoFS (Boy Scouts?) and CSE have NOTHING to do with this. All they can do is nod their heads and say "okay" to your Pack Committee/COR's decision. This problem is for YOU, your Pack Parents, your COR and IH to solve. If he does not sign the proper papers, take the proper training, get the proper clearances, he is NOT a Scout Leader. If he refuses to "play nice" and cooperate with the other parents (your committee !) and work for the good of the Pack, he needs to be sat down with a BIG cup of coffee, and dealt with. End of story. Give him the letter. Speak with your lawyer. As for the mother, are you sure she would be a good choice? The wannabe CM will always be in the background. The resentment will always be there. She will have a difficult time too, dealing with his "controlling" behavior. I would hope you could find a proper , not tempo, CM who would be willing to "sign the papers, take the training, get the clearances, play nice " and KiS, MiF for the Cubs.....
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    When local Boy Scouts Troop 1204 had its equipment trailer stolen in November, it lost camping supplies such as tents and lanterns and has an estimated value of about $5,000. Mt. Juliet, TN police Sgt. Cory Cook heard about the theft and began to think of ways the department could help the troop replace its trailer and camping equipment. So, he contacted Boy Scout Troop 911 to organize a service project at the department’s firearms training facility, and the scouts were able to collect more than 2,200 pounds of brass ammunition shells. The shells were swapped for cash, and it brought in $2,800 for Troop 911, which donated the proceeds to Troop 1204 to help cover the loss of the trailer. https://www.mtjulietnews.com/news/mt-juliet-police-sergeant-helps-boy-scout-troop-that-had-equipment-trailer-stolen/ Note scouts were outdoors, wearing gloves in photo above. Decline lead removal or other work in areas where lead has collected on surface as that requires special suits and protective gear. ~ RS
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    The students' school is closed today for security reasons, as threats have been made against the school and individual students. A person cannot be pro-life and wear a MAGA hat in DC, be on camera and remain safe.
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    They literally do not have a vote. What they want is irrelevant. What the CO / COR / CC want is relevant
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    Good link, and oh so true. I was reminded of this story from 2017: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/girl-scout-threatened-neo-nazi-protesters-photo-far-right-rally-czech-republic-a7723756.html Though that was much more straight forward so it seems that this latest culture clash. Social media and the press seem to lap up these clashes of opposites, it makes a good story, it makes a good contrast, it's a striking picture. Yes, I believe at least one of our county units will be doing that. I think their itinerary is UK->New York->Jamboree->Toronto->Washington->New York->UK And yes, it's a tricky skill that you need to learn when people take an interest in you, for good or ill, because you're in a scout uniform. It has varied from cafe owners seeking me out to praise my explorers on their behaviour, to people in almost apoplectic rage that decide your scouts are the source of all their troubles. I prefer the former I'll be honest. Last time I went to Piccadilly Circus (just last year I think) it was partly pedestrianised, and there were loads of tourists sitting about on the statue and/or taking selfies. Mostly Harmless.
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    I have never seen the purpose in this infrastructure of commissioners. Scouting is not a college degree program. I would just like to see commissioners who actually are current on the programs. When you have a "Doctorate" who doesn't know about the Eagle Project process they have no value added to units.
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    I was a UC several times, several locations. The most common response I received from units was shock. Shock that I actually showed up, visited with them, went camping with them (always offered, a few accepted), and that was a fan of their unit. Some units responded to this, others didn't. The latter usually had a longstanding, intense dislike for all commissioners in general, and nothing I did could shake them from that belief. Not that I blamed them. Rather, I sympathized with them. I recalled my days as an ASM and SM, and I felt the same way about most commissioners. Some were gold, most were all show/no go. Fancy uniforms, active in anything district or council related, pompous know it alls who had zero interest in unit level scouting. For the units that had challenges, I always drove away from each meeting with the thought "If I really wanted to make a difference for this unit, I'd resign as a UC and put in my app to be an ASM or committee member." All said, I believe in the commissioner concept. But the BSA would be better off having 2 squared away commissioners in a district who really care about unit level scouting than 12 who don't.
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    All these years of training classes gives these folks who want to be commissioners something to do...instead of you know....commissioner stuff The commissioner program is great in the abstract. The actual process of a commissioner doing some action to support youth programming at the unit level is often not there. I have worked with 6 different units in 2 different councils. In my 30 plus years on adult leadership I think I have seen a commissioner twice actually in the wild (you know at a unit). I have seen many of them at council events, camps, etc hanging out...commissioning (I guess that is a verb) Sort of like with fundraising...Do we have commissioners so we have good Scout Troops OR do we have Scout troops so we have commissioners
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    I think girls here will just wear recycled Boy Scouts of America (over right pocket) shirts.
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    Great response. I couldn't have said it better. Adults are good at coming up with pragmatic reasons for taking the fun out of scouting. Barry
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    I have taken to carrying a fork (plastic, usually, picnic type) in my uniform pocket. It is indeed intended as a conversation starter. Depending on who asks, I have three answers. First, you never know when someone might ask me to share a piece of pie or BBQ with them, and , remember, a Scout should "Be Prepared." Secondly, if it's a young Scout, I tell them to go and ask their parent or grandparent about that famous American philosopher, Yogi Berra, who advised us that "when you come to the fork in the road, you should take it! " So I did. If it is a more thoughtful adult, or an appropriate situation, I will tell this story: There was a young pastor who had just been assigned his first parish. He asked the church secretary how he might get to know his congregation better, and she said, "well, as it happens, Mrs. Jenkins just called and wants to talk to you about her 'final arrangements'. She is one of our oldest members and you would do well to meet her. I know she has no living relatives and really views this church as her family". So the young pastor called and made an appointment with Mrs. Jenkins. On the day, he went to her house and after the obligatory cookies and tea, he took out his note book and they talked about her favorite hymns and Bible verses and how she wanted things done. Then she said, "And Pastor, I want you to promise me you will bury me with a fork in my hand." Well, this gave the pastor pause, he smiled and said, "Mrs. Jenkins, you know I have to ask, why do you want a fork in your hand?" She responded: " When you have been in this church as long as I have, you will come to realize how important food is to our community. We have fund raising dinners, potluck lunches, memorial brunches, teas, lots of times to 'break bread' , if not pastries, with each other.. After almost every event, the young people that help clear the tables tell me to 'save my fork', because there will be a cake, something good, something more to enjoy. I know that after this life, there will be ... something more, something good yet to come. I want to have my fork ready . " So too, I'd like to think maybe, just maybe, I can help make things better, for others and for myself. And maybe, just maybe, I will then be ready to enjoy that better life myself. So, What's in your pocket?
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    Yes it does count towards membership goals for professionals. And some pros will do some "creative" recruiting. 😠
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    Yes - That is how the DE and FD and SE are in fact judged, number increases. Your son in this example is the easiest way to pump up the numbers..."dual" enrollment. That's two members for the price of one. Yes there are shenanigans with the membership numbers. Sadly rather than focus on building good units with a fun and quality program, which will generate growth and membership in the long term, they want the numbers NOW, so sign them up NOW.
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