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    • @desertrat77 Perhaps some of this is due to weak leadership skills.  But I think behind this is a lack of vision and purpose and perhaps challenge. I think of other activities that youth are involved in such as sports or the arts.  In those areas, the purpose and challenge is more clear.  Win the game, win the season, win the championship.  To do that push yourself, work hard, develop more skills.  It's the promise of winning and improving that drives many youth to keep going in sports.  It's harder to see what that purpose is in Scouting.  What drives a Scout to develop as a leader?
    • There is no  such rule or restriction from National. It's just not a good idea.  We  had an informal rule, that pretty much all the leaders obeyed, which is, that unless it was a matter of looking up records on the computer and signing (for number of campouts, outings, etc.), leaders didn't sign things off for their own sons. Our SM didn't even have Scoutmaster conferences with his own sons (leaving that up to ASMs to do for him). 
    • Ok, good.  I am pretty sure that is what the BSA's policy is.  I also believe that BSA does not require the wearing of the flag patch by a Scout whose religious beliefs forbid it.  Maybe his relative never noticed the flag patch.  (Or maybe Jehovah's Witnesses are ok with wearing the flag patch, but I am pretty sure they aren't.)
    • (Ok, here I go anyway.)  But who is to decide which values "reflect back to god"?  You have made clear that in the teaching of your religion, homosexuality is immoral.  And yet there are other Christians who do not believe that way.  My son's wedding was officiated by an Episcopalian priest, a woman, who is married to another woman.  The same division exists within my own religion.  There are openly gay Reform rabbis and yet most Orthodox Jews regard homosexuality as a sin.  (Predictably, the "middle" movement, Conservative Judaism, is itself deeply divided on the subject.)  And every religious person with an opinion on this subject thinks that their viewpoint is consistent with what God wants.
    • Yes he has the flag on his uniform.  We have required him to stand at attention during the pledge and the rest of our Troop opening along with everyone else at the meeting.  We have not told him that he has to say the pledge or salute during the pledge. 
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