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Scouts with Disabilities

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Where parents and scouters go to discuss unique aspects to working with kids with special challenges.

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    • My breaking point was getting too old. Aside from that, I would have discontinued my association with scouting if my church/diocese had pulled out. In the grand hierarchy of things, my religion is more important to me than scouting.
    • i  once thought that everyone had fired their ten rounds.  I called  "Cease Fire " twice and turned to check on the next batch of shooters.  Just as I said " OK next ba  CRACK ! tch...I think my heart stopped until the echo died away,    the first time shooter on the far end had one round left, and he had never heard the term "cease  fire" before   .  He had absolutely no idea what it meant .       My fault, I had not walked down the line and checked each gun, and  i had been hearing range commands for so long I assumed that that everyone understood them.
    • My breaking point happened 10+ years ago when My wife, who volunteered on our crew's committee, came home from a youth protection class where a fellow student tossed out the, "I thought we had Girl Scouts for girls." One scouter told me I was wrecking the program (promoting venturing) when in fact I was giving our boys more hiking/camping hours. Adults blew smoke over local adult-contrived boundaries that youth rightly found to bIe stupid Yet on each adventure, in a dozen different ways each time, I reaped youths' smiles. I broke. I did. I broke in favor of as many youth in the field under my guidance ... with or without BSA. Today, very close friends lost their son (and Son #2 lost a buddy) in a bicycle-meet-car accident. I've been on the verge of tears all day. I regret not having more hikes with this young man, not encouraging his dad to let him try our crew (in spite of his issues ... he had a few), not doing more to be his mentor. Compared to that loss, BSA's organizational blips mere trifles. So, my organization is bending and flexing to get me and other adults with integrity in touch with more youth? That's not a breaking point. That's a building point.
    • I love it. I do something similar. I was working with German Scouts once and I got careless. There was a problem downrange, and I yelled "cease fire" 3x and expected instantaneous obedience to that command. So I started walking downrange without waiting for the translation to the Scout or confirming it was safe for me to walk downrange. A round was fired, and it went through my Smokey Bear. Thankfully A) it was BBs (which can still kill you, but less chance of it) and B) I wasn't hit. I use that as not only a reminder for myself, but also to the Scouts.
    • one other thing . when you are the RSO  that is your only job.     keep the range safe! Just like a lifeguard has one job.     to guard life do not let yourself be distracted by anything   a friend calling your name,   a fight between two scouts at the archery range, nothing    stay focused.. and I wish I had your job.    
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