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  1. Ohio_Scouter

    Night Hike

    Capture the flag.
  2. Ohio_Scouter

    Hot pot Tongs VS Lid Lifter

    I prefer a lid lifter. It provides very good control.
  3. Ohio_Scouter

    Merit Badge Recordkeeping at Jamboree

    Yes, I understand completely. I think it's the BSA's way of teaching personal responsibility. Usually, a scout only has to lose his blue card once to learn the lesson. After that, he seems to take very good care of it. Check with you troop and council to see whether they have received the records.
  4. Ohio_Scouter

    Merit Badge Recordkeeping at Jamboree

    I was a Merit Badge counselor for one of the merit badges on Merit Badge Midway. We were told to record each scout's Name, Jamboree Troop Number, Region, and ID number from his Jamboree badge. We also recorded each merit badge requirement that the scout completed along with our names and signatures. We were told that this information would be recorded in the BSA central computers and that the information would be returned to the scout's local council and troop. We also issued each boy a blue copy of all this information for his own records in case there were any glitches in the process.
  5. Ohio_Scouter

    Obama not speaking in person at Jambo

    "Hubris" No, just a prediction.
  6. Ohio_Scouter

    High Adventure Ideas

    If you haven't already done it, I would recommend hiking/backpacking in the Yelloswstone/Grand Tetons area. We did this in 2004, and it was one of our best high adventure trips ever. Hiking/camping between Cascade and Paintbrush Canyons in the Tetons is gorgeous. Also, plenty of other things to do and see along the way and back.
  7. Ohio_Scouter

    Obama not speaking in person at Jambo

    "Do you think the BSA should apologize to the President now, or wait until next Jamboree when they invite him to speak again?" Oh, I wouldn't be too concerned. His term will expire before next Jamboree.
  8. Ohio_Scouter

    Junior has returned from the Jamboree

    If you like, you can PM me, ADCmohegan, and I'll send your boys an extra U.S. Coast Guard patch I have from Jamboree.
  9. Ohio_Scouter

    A friend checked in from Jambo

    I'm in Wilcox, and the A/C is wonderful--especially after the weekend's 100+ temperatures. A big thank you to the U.S. Army staff at Fort A.P. Hill. You guys rock! And a special thank you to the commander and staff of the National Scout Jamboree Joint Task Force. You guys got a lot of class. And yet another special thank you to my Merit Badge Commissioners. You both deserve a big raise. Keep up the good work, and we'll all keep an eye on the boys. We've already counseled several scouts today who passed by our Merit Badge stations without water bottles or head cover.(This message has been edited by Ohio_Scouter)
  10. Ohio_Scouter

    What patch(s) means the most to you?

    Philmont Arrowhead patch; 'nuff said.
  11. Ohio_Scouter

    Staff Assignment: Where Will You Be?

    Merit Badge Midway--Lifesaving. See y'all there.
  12. Ohio_Scouter

    Meeting in Physical Space

    Stop by the Merit Badge Midway if you get a chance and say "Hi". I'll be amongst a crew teaching the Lifesaving Merit Badge from 26 July to 2 August.
  13. Ohio_Scouter

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Father's Day, guys. Thanks for all you do for our boys!
  14. Ohio_Scouter

    philmont prep tips and equipment

    Do a search on the camping and high adventure forum using the word "philmont", and you'll find hundreds of previous posts on this subject. Good luck. IWGBTP Ohio_Scouter (soon to be West_Virginia_Scouter)(This message has been edited by Ohio_Scouter)
  15. Ohio_Scouter

    Need help with where to buy camping gear

    NancyB, Tell your boy to pick up a copy of the Backpacking Merit Badge pamphlet at the local scout shop for about $3.50. It contains a list of all equipment he will ever need for any camping trip plus wonderful outdoor advice. It will also prepare him for future backpacking trips and his eventual trip to Philmont. You don't want to buy heavy gear if he will be carrying it on his back. BTW, Ray Jardine is a world-class expert on backpacking light and gives wonderful advice to hikers/campers. Best of luck to you and your son.