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  1. Your thought is to get rid of Tiger and Lion?
  2. I would think that the parents could argue that the Council, who owns the camp, did not provide sufficient oversight and control of their range if they allowed this to occur. At a minimum, call the council's overall management and the approval for use process into intense scrutiny.
  3. Thanks for sharing this info. Very interesting approach to citizenship. You say it is mandatory to complete this award to process in UK Scouts?
  4. So do we do the same with Personal Fitness? Kids have to take PE in school. How about swimming - kids have to know how to swim in our school district. If a scout takes a class like environmental science in school, should they go ahead and automatically earn merit badges that cover the same topic, Eagle required or not? There is no national standard for education. Scout provides a leveling for those who participate, giving them a significant jump on being successful adults. I would argue that the eagle-required MBs are inline with the mission of Boy Scouts and its identified metho
  5. I would not say that schools cover everything in the citizenship merit badges.
  6. So, CIS, which focuses on developing an understanding of the people in the community, is less useful than learning how the community works for a common good? Are the concepts of understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion not all part of how to strengthen a community, or even a nation? How to include your ethics in decison making -Not useful? The four citizenship merit badges are all about the developing of our youth to be successful in their endeavors, to be leaders of this nation and the world.
  7. Unless the scout has put themselves in a time crunch, electing to work on an elective MB is their decision. CIS is not different than many other eagle required badges - there are some that are fun and interesting, and some that can be perceived as more school work. It is a not a zero-sum argument, unless the scout is only going to work on the minimum requirement. I can honestly say I have never seen a scout jump up to complete Personal Management or Family Life. But they are an opportunity to learn fantastic life long skills that most scouts do not realize they will benefit from.
  8. The author is all over the place and seems to be looking for reasons to take his son out of scouting. His expectations are unrealistic during an ongoing police investigation. The only part that I do agree with in his article is that this is the right opportunity for BSA to look at its shooting programs with a discerning eye to see where it can be improved. I strongly believe that shooting has a role in scouting, but BSA needs to make sure that its rule, roles, and responsibilities are focused on if there are changes needed to teach gun safety to today's youth. Not only the mechanics of usin
  9. Intentional or not has nothing to do with if the incident was the result of negligence. Negligence occurs when someone fails to do something, like make sure a loaded semi-automatic weapon is not able to be put in a boys hand. To put in military terms, dereliction of duty. The young boy pulling the trigger is an accident, but the steps leading to that weapon in that boys hand in that condition is not an accident. It is failure at several point by responsible adults.
  10. I disagree - if we accept that the RSO cannot provide for range safety and range management, then Boy Scouts has no business running a shooting range. Obviously we do not have all the answer, but the idea or concept that running a safe range is hard and good enough is fine (my summary of your comments) is flat our wrong. If the range cannot be run safely, it should be run. Full stop.
  11. I do not see how this is any better. To call this accidental is to ignore that this was, with what is available now, the result of poor, very poor leadership and management. There were deliberate steps that got the weapon and the ammunition into a space where this could happen. Intentional or not does not negate that this entire affair is the result of negligence.
  12. "Carvalho was shot when another boy, who police said was unsupervised, picked up a loaded AK-47 semi automatic rifle at the range. When the boy set the gun back down, it went off and the bullet struck Carvalho in the head." A loaded AK-47 type weapon was left where it could be used in an unsafe manner. The result was the death of an individual. That is not an accidental discharge. Negligence occurred when that weapon, in that condition, was able to be handled but someone who used it in an unsafe manner which resulted in someone being shot. If the proper controls had been maintai
  13. Since the requirement states that a parent's permission is required and that permission is not given, seems that the scout has met the requirement. BSA gave the scout an out with the parent's permission required statement. Seems reasonable that if 1) the MB is eagle required, and 2) there is this caveat, then 3) the absence of said permission does not negate the entire MB, just that specific requirement. Having said that, and adult bias aside, I think the MB is very effective in prompting good discussions on some serious issues.
  14. First - Question 9 9. How likely are you to recommend financially supporting the Boy Scouts of America to others? * Second, when I tried to submit, it took me to : https://donations.scouting.org/ And Third and finally, when asked, I said I live in California, and the message I received was: "Whoops! At this time, we are encouraging donors from the following states to give to their local councils. California, District Of Columbia, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Virgin Islands, Washington, Wisconsin.
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