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  1. We probably do not qualify as a backpacking troop, but we alternate between car camping and backpacking (4-5 backpacking trips a year). Started this about 6 years ago, COVID delayed it a bit. The younger/new scouts tend to be apprehensive about backpacking, and parents about the cost. We start with shorter, smaller overnights, do hikes with packs, talk about what to pack often (and that the scouts need to pack their bag, not their parent). As the year goes, build up for longer trips, almost all the younger scouts love it and get excited. Over the summer, we do multi night trips in the area
  2. Wonder what the nationwide award rate is for scouts.
  3. I have yet to find a scout that has an issue with this MB. Well, other than those who thought they were done and ready for eagle BOR when this came out Of the 10 scouts in out troop, they all through it was pretty good, better than cit community. to be honest, seems that more parents have issue with it than the scouts. And that bodes well - they seem not to carry the baggage the adults do. Speaks well for the future.
  4. Does Bobby do anything with the troop - does he go on campouts, backpacking, etc? Is he disruptive when others work on advancement? We have a scout who is also not interested in advancement, but loves to go camping. We make him go through the actions (advancement) steps to appreciate in camps - Fireman chit, Tot'n chit, stove and cooking safety, setting up a tent, first aid, etc. Does not bring his book, does not participate in everything, but has to in those safety and overall camping safety items. He will not cook with others, only himself, but he has to follow all the same rul
  5. My two cents is that email, websites, or any method where the only medium is the written word, is not a great form of communication. Because so much of effective communication is non-verbal, it can be very difficult to understand any nuance. An example is that sarcasm is rarely effective in email or a site like this. What is the mood of the reader, what else is going on, what did they just read - all can impact how written communications is ready. In the example here, I totally agree that is could be received as unprofessional. But was it meant that way. btw, this is always a
  6. Not quite sure how to take your comment. What do you mean taught properly?
  7. Our troop has a few Scouts who will soon be turning 18. For various reasons, they have not progressed toward earning Eagle Scout, but have remained very active in the troop. They continue to be very active members of the troop, participating in camping, are excellent in working with younger scouts, giving them the benefit of what they have learned, etc. They are great Scouts, they represent the troop and BSA very well, and would have made excellent examples of what an Eagle Scout is and what they represent. To me, it would be a shame to simply have these Scouts disappear when they turn
  8. That is an insane jump. How are they selling the monthly adventure fee - does it guarantee anything specific or a service?
  9. Your thought is to get rid of Tiger and Lion?
  10. I would think that the parents could argue that the Council, who owns the camp, did not provide sufficient oversight and control of their range if they allowed this to occur. At a minimum, call the council's overall management and the approval for use process into intense scrutiny.
  11. Thanks for sharing this info. Very interesting approach to citizenship. You say it is mandatory to complete this award to process in UK Scouts?
  12. So do we do the same with Personal Fitness? Kids have to take PE in school. How about swimming - kids have to know how to swim in our school district. If a scout takes a class like environmental science in school, should they go ahead and automatically earn merit badges that cover the same topic, Eagle required or not? There is no national standard for education. Scout provides a leveling for those who participate, giving them a significant jump on being successful adults. I would argue that the eagle-required MBs are inline with the mission of Boy Scouts and its identified metho
  13. I would not say that schools cover everything in the citizenship merit badges.
  14. So, CIS, which focuses on developing an understanding of the people in the community, is less useful than learning how the community works for a common good? Are the concepts of understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion not all part of how to strengthen a community, or even a nation? How to include your ethics in decison making -Not useful? The four citizenship merit badges are all about the developing of our youth to be successful in their endeavors, to be leaders of this nation and the world.
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