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  1. I did not realize Stone Mountain was a tribute to horses. Being funded by the KKK and all. Opening the anniversary of Lincoln’s Assassination. Maybe should have just left the people off of it. Anywhere I can read more about Stone Mountain as a tribute to horses. The sites webpage says nothing about this.
  2. I am only quoting the cession documents presented to make the case of the states who joined the Confederacy. If that is historical revisionism, what document from the time should if use. I mean, they were written by the states themselves. You don’t have to believe me, You find a copy here: https://www.battlefields.org/learn/primary-sources/declaration-causes-seceding-states
  3. I do not agree with the taliban on anything. Which is why I spent many years hunting and killing them. but for this, You are You saying you are ok with Stone Mountain? What it represents, what it honors?
  4. No, slavery was the reason they left. Read each states declaration on why they left. In each, the reason is slavery. The efforts in the early 1900’s of the LOst cause or states right was nothing more than way for the south to convince itself that it was not slavery. But their founding documents betray that reality. For the 5 initial states in why they left the union (from their words) georgia: third line - they have endeavored to weaken out security, to disturb out domestic peace and tranquillity....with reference to that property mississippi: second line. Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery - the greatest material interest of the world. s. Carolina: first line...but in deference to to the opinions and wishes of other slaveholding states texas: takes some time, but third paragraph: she was received as a commonwealth holding, maintaining and protecting the institution known as negro slavery — the servitude of of the African to the white race within her limits.... virginia: last line for the first paragraph: Not only to the injury of the people, of Virginia, but to the oppression of the southern slave holding states. I am see past many things, but slavery of another human based on the color of there skin. No, I cannot see past that. Who can?
  5. Stone Mountain is literally the largest monument on earth dedicated to honoring the men who betrayed their country to enslave an entire race due to their skin. The taliban blew up statues because Islam considers any representation of the human as offensive. Both of these instances illustrate how narrow the thinking of a culture or people can be. Are you in agreement that Stone Mountain should be preserved because is it something the US wants to celebrate or honor. That the South’s effort to break away from the United States over the desire to preserve slavery is something we want to solemnize, and that is it is something we want our children to commemorate and recognize in anything other than repudiation of racism?
  6. There are 17 different items BLM is supporting In their mission. You have identified one and disparage the rest of the organization and their goals for that? And it does NOT call for the destruction of the family, rather it calls for recognition that extended families and villages have a significant pace in today’s society. Do we not want equality under law for all Americans, regardless of race? Do we not understand that a significant portion of our population is disenfranchised and there is room and opportunity to heal the Division that occurs. And for Duckworth, her comments are for being willing to having a dialogue. Do we not want open discussion and debate? Are we so closed minded? Cultural Marxism is a new-con wet- dream to encourage right wing conservative government, not an engaged government willing to talk to the people, and understand their concerns. what are you listening to?
  7. No, the politicians get it, they understand. But maybe they are trying to approach this more as an enagagement to address the underlying conditions ina an effort to stop more protest, looting, etc. but again, protesting is not the same as looting and rioting. And when peaceful protestors are treated like looters or rioter like some heavy handed politicians have done, then nothing moves forward, nothing changes, and we are stuck in the death spiral of ineffectiveness. And simp,Ed protesting is seen as the same as looting or rioting.
  8. There is a huge difference between whose who loot/riot and those who protest. And why are the riots occurring? And for the monuments, specifically the ones honoring confederate leaders or soldiers, do you not understand why they want them removed? Is it too much to ask they they want a statue of a person or representation that honors, or remembers, or celebrates the subjugation is a single person due to the color of their skin removed.
  9. This is why we rarely use BSA campsite anyway. Would rather use a state park - other than summer camp.
  10. I have done the same and I am astonished at what is still occurring in the Navy, a microcosm of society. As a senior in the navy, talking to other senior black officers and sailors about the racism they encounter. To hear their sides of the story of an event I was actually involved in. Totally unaware of some of the behind the scenes actions of others. I too assumed the best of people. Totally agree, is listening too much to ask? Is it too hard to try to understand what others have gone through, what they are currently still experiencing. Don’t make it political, make it personal. We cannot wish is away, with vague stereotypes or cherry-picking of statistics. It’s hard, it’s an uncomfortable conversation to have. But it’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable. DuctTApe, you put it more eloquently than I can.
  11. What was his departure from the other two troops like. Was it amicable?
  12. If you are accusing me of being intolerant about people who refuse to admit that there are race issues in this nation and staying the course, doing what we have always been doing is enough - guilty as charged. I support the BSA's effort to shape the minds and develop today's youth to lead tomorrow. Tolerance, diversity, and inclusions are concepts that I wholeheartedly support. I also wholeheartedly support an organization that is willing to take an honest look at itself and admit it can do better. That is part of an organization I want to be part of. I'll leave this last note because I feel as if I am trying to push back against the wind. I find the comments of others to be very revealing, but I am not going to try to change anyone's mind. We get from our scouts what we put in, what we teach and show by example.
  13. Yep. Intolerance is nothing more than unwillingness to accepts views, beliefs or behaviors different than ones own.
  14. I did not imply anything. I am not black, never have been. But what I did do was try to understand the challenges my peers have undergone. Men and women who I know well and respect. It was eye opening what they have gone through. Is there something wrong with that concept, something we don’t want to teach our scouts about understanding and empathy? It’s far easier to just think there are no problems, to think there is nothing more you can learn, to say “don’t have that problem here”.
  15. it is a meritocracy. However, as every service chief has clearly stated, there is still racism in the military, and an order or regulation cannot erase it. And much like the statement and purpose of the BSA statement, there is much that needs to be done, and that everyone need to take a look, have a conversation with those experiencing racism to better understand it, and be brave confront it when you see it. there is no room for intolerance - be it due to color of skin, religion or political belief.
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