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    new here in KS!

    The cat is because I''m a cat lover lol... I went to Fort Hays, home of the FHSU Tigers, instead of K-State Wildcats, even though my favorite color is purple! Right now our mailbox we inherited from the previous owners is a K-State purple one!
  2. mamacatKS

    son has JRA and ADHD

    My son has ADHD, which I don''t see causing him to need adaptations in the scouting requirements, and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which MIGHT cause him some trouble later on. I have JRA, too, so I know where he''s coming from when it comes to pain and limitations when things get too bad. What do I need to do, when do I say something to his leader?
  3. mamacatKS

    new here in KS!

    Hi! We began our adventures in scouting 5 years ago when our oldest son became a tiger and his little brothers tagged along with us to every meeting. By the time he became a Webelos, he decided it was time to drop scouting. Our youngest boy did his Tiger year but then was burned out since he''d "been there done that" for 4 years already going to all his brothers'' meetings. Our middle son is still going strong! He''s a Webelos 2nd year this year and really excited that soon he''ll cross over.