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  1. @swilliams - I've worked with many Eagle Scouts over the years. Your Scout is in an important window of time with only 3 months before their 18th Birthday. The Eagle Service project in itself typically takes several months including all of the documentation and final submission paperwork. It would be a good idea for your Scout to hand deliver items and get receipts for paperwork turned-in (our Council provides receipts for paperwork items turned in). But in parallel they should start reviewing their Eagle Scout Application (not filling out the final copy), but reviewing all ra
  2. @George - in the BSA Guidebook to advancement (Section it states that : The Scout Is Tested The unit leader authorizes those who may test and pass the Scout on rank requirements. They might include the patrol leader, the senior patrol leader, the unit leader, an assistant unit leader, or another Scout. Merit badge counselors teach and test Scouts on requirements for merit badges. As a SM, I authorized the Patrol Leaders, Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader to sign-off on Scout through 1st Class Requirements. Star through Eagle were signed off by the S
  3. @Armymutt - You can join a new unit, if there are too many challenges with your existing one. Go to Be A Scout website, enter your zip code and see all of the units in your area. Visit some to see how other units operate. From your posts, you are going above and beyond trying to address the shortcomings in your pack versus being able to enjoy the Scouting experience with your child.
  4. Sea Scouts does not use BSA national and Scout stores for their uniforms. The shirt and pants are Dickies® work shirts (or equivalent) and work pants available from many retailers (including Walmart). https://seascout.org/uniforming/ Where can we obtain a uniform? The garments are commercially available work clothing similar to Dickies® work shirts and work pants. The garments can be purchased at local retailers or online at SG Trading Post or Dickies.com. History of the Sea Scout Uniform (including the changes in 2010 to move to more readily available uniforms:
  5. I’d also recommend going to an REI store if you have one in your area. They have knowledgeable staff that can give you advice. I’ve found that they are a great resource for camping and hiking equipment. They also have an online store.
  6. Scouting provides many great adventures but I agree to understand total costs you need to factor in all of the costs : - BSA National fees - Council fees - Troop fees including events - Uniforms and patches - Summer camp - High Adventure - including separate transportation fees - Equipment (backpacks, boots, clothes, sleeping bags) I can see the concern on rising costs. A Scout that actively participates can be funding thousands of dollars a year. Multiple family members can double or triple this expense. Yes, to just attend meetings would
  7. Have you considered just using ScoutBook? This would keep his advancement and requirement completions right in the BSA system. TroopMaster is not owned by the BSA. Good luck on his Scouting journey!
  8. This may definitely decrease the # of merit badge counselors and push more of the responsibility to existing volunteers within the Council and units. So instead of a unit volunteer just being a SM/ASM/Committee member - we may begin to see the volunteers registering to become MB counselors at the Council level. One of the positives of this change may be the virtual merit badge sessions may start to decrease.
  9. @5thGenTexan - it sounds like your CO hasn't read the annual rechartering agreement they signed up for and doesn't understand their responsibilities. https://www.scouting.org/resources/internet-rechartering/ II. The Charter Organization agrees to: A. Generally 1. Conduct the Scouting program consistent with BSA rules, regulations, and policies located on the My.Scouting website and online at: www.scouting.org/about/membership-standards/. 2. Coordinate with the Local Council to provide annual recruitment opportunities to grow the BSA movement as well as publicize BSA thro
  10. @5thGenTexan - Your posts are very thoughtful and you care about the Scouting program a lot, but it seems like you have a Troop that has many challenges, my advice follows others and look for a different unit, even if it means a drive. Also, it seems like based posts and how involved you want to be, you are also in the wrong volunteer role - as a Committee Chairman/Chairwoman your role is not to setup camp outs/events, structure meetings, help the PLC during meetings, etc The Committee is there to support the program that the PLC plans (logistics, fundraising, equipment, etc). You may
  11. The OA seems to operate on a lot of nostalgia and adults who cite the way things used to be. My sons, who both completed their Ordeal, both said it seemed like a clique, and both opted not to do brotherhood - preferring to focus their time with their friends in the Troop. With the limited funding and volunteers the BSA has, it needs to simplify itself and focus on its core priority - the Scouts in the Troops. As the survey questions listed there are many areas in the OA that need to be reviewed to ensure respect and honor. A significant revamp is needed, or starting new.
  12. I’d recommend you have your Leaders (SM/ASM) attend Wilderness First Aid and CPR/AED training. This training helps prepare you when situations happen during BSA events. The high adventure camps require it as a prerequisite, but the skills are important for many activities.
  13. Mncaa, We found that renting two vehicles (1 minivan, 1 car) was less expensive than a 12 passenger van. You wouldn’t need to worry about the supplemental insurance then. You may want to compare your options.
  14. We have an adult volunteer at our Council that hosts a “Life to Eagle” session with all new Life Scouts. He reviews the Eagle service project objective and the Eagle Service project workbook section by section with the Scouts. I always thought it was a great way to orient the Life Scouts to the service project purpose, process and how to correctly fill out the workbook. It then becomes their responsibility to fill it out properly. As they go for Committee and SM signatures these are opportunities for coaching and mentoring of the Eagle candidate. The workbook’s purpose is to help
  15. We had an Eagle application sent back from National because the Scout had a merit badge earned before their BSA join date (when he was a AOL/Cub Scout). His parents explained a SM/ASM told them it was OK (it was not). We had to invalidate the merit badge and resubmit his application. Luckily he had more than the minimum #, as he was 18. I would recommend waiting to ensure everything is 100%.
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