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  1. Fall/Winter months ideas: - snowshoeing (check with local parks, most only charge $5 or so) - sledding - hikes - fishing including fly fishing - astronomy - check for local locations, many are free. I was at an event last summer and the astronomy place had a telescope that were giving away to a Troop that would use it - biking - community service / clean-ups - we have one camp that provides us free camping if the Scouts help them with Fall/winter readiness (stacking wood, clearing trails, etc) - bird identification during a hike
  2. I’d recommend purchasing the MB pamphlets for the Eagle required merit badges for your library at a minimum. They have a lot of good material and our MB Counselors use them during the sessions - especially the Citizenship in the Community/Nation/World, Personal Management, Personal Fitness, Family Life, Cooking and Camping. With Swimming/First Aid/Life Saving typically being summer camp MBs the Scouts pursue, I haven’t seen many Scouts purchasing these. One of our MB Counselors (Personal Fitness) purchased 10 MB books during the last time he offered the badge for the Scouts taking t
  3. We went to the Florida Sea Base and did the Coral Reef Adventure. It was a great adventure, everyone had a lot of fun snorkeling in the coral reefs, exploring islands and living on the sailboat.
  4. Krishof - they are only ~$20, if you need more feedback from others they can weigh in. We just returned from Sea Base and I gave you my experience. They were worth the $20.
  5. The islands we visited and toured did not have Coral Reefs near their shores, they were just rock and sand. For all of the adventures, your Captain will be able to identify the coral reefs and protected areas, most are marked with buoys. No one should walk on coral reefs with fins or dive socks - that is definitely not allowed. Also, reach out to the US National Marine Sanctuary before your adventure, I had them teach our Crew about the coral reefs. It was a great overview for them.
  6. Coral Reef Adventure. It was a lot of fun! The Scouts did a great job, and enjoyed snorkeling, fishing and exploring historical sites. I’d definitely recommend attending Sea Base if your Troop hasn’t been there!
  7. Our Troop just returned from Sea Base and everyone used the neoprene dive socks. The flippers they provide are made of rubber and if you are snorkeling/scuba a lot can cause blisters. The dive socks are not too expensive. We also made swims out to islands and when you take the flippers off, it was an added benefit not to be on the rocks barefoot.
  8. Camp Schoellkopf Cowlesville, NY Wyoming County https://www.thedailynewsonline.com/top_story/scout-council-plans-on-selling-camp-schoellkopf/article_8ccecc7b-12d7-5b2c-952e-8543756485ce.html https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/local/boy-scouts-camp-sold-in-wyoming-county-buffalo-business-first/71-0c209370-7a0b-4e70-a25a-a1275c391096 https://www.landsofamerica.com/property/1373-Burroughs-Road-Cowlesville-New-York-14037/12915544/
  9. Our Troop just went to Philmont last summer. Duty rosters are an essential part of the experience. We practiced the use of duty rosters during our 2 years of training and it really improves camp setup, clean-up, cooking and tear down. Every Scout (and Scouter) knows their role for the day. If you haven’t used them, Google a template and try them at an upcoming camp.
  10. Jon - Our old process - no interaction with the chartered org, no one ever met the Chartered org Executive Officer, our COR was not familiar with responsibilities a chartered organization had, new adult volunteers were not signed off by Chartered organization or COR. Our new process (much improved!) - we followed the BSA process. I asked for an active Executive Officer; made the COR aware of their responsibilities to review and approve all adult volunteers, met for the first time with our new Executive Officer (he is an Eagle Scout from 1970's and happy he was asked to help out) ..
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