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  1. As I have stated before - in GSUSA, as in BSA, it is ALL about the leader. If the leader is comfortable taking her girls out to do sports, camping, horseback riding, canoeing, etc, then the girls will experience those things. If the leaders are comfortable with only "inside" activities, then that is what the girls will be doing. UNLESS - the GIRLS demand more from their adult leaders. If that is the case, then good leaders will try to make what the GIRLS want happen for them. My daughter was in GSUSA from 1st thru 12th grades. As high school Seniors the girls decided to use the last of
  2. We DIG having fun - Gooooooo Dozers!!!!
  3. Where, when, how often, was pretty much left up to the individual den leaders. Most generally did the 4 meetings per month route. That was 1 pack meeting, and 3 den meetings. Sometimes, a den would hold a den meeting the week of the Pack meeting which increased their den meetings to 4. Sometimes, one of the den meetings would be an outing, Sometimes a den would have their 3 den meetings - plus - an outing. It all depended on what was going on in the individual den each month.
  4. Ahhh, those "teachable" moments. I say the next time you misplace your keys, your "better" half drags you outside, gathers all of your neighbors, and makes you sing and dance while they all point and laugh at you. or You leave something on your desk at work. When you go back to retrieve it your boss makes you do a silly song and dance number in front of all of your co-workers. Having "fun" yet? What "life lessons" have you learned? Other than - 1) to never trust anyone enough to tell them when you have lost/misplaced something 2) to lie when asked questions about los
  5. The position of BSA is VERY CLEAR. The ONLY dens that can camp alone as a den are Webelos. Tigers MUST do EVERYTHING with a parent partner present. Tiger / Wolf / Bear dens can ONLY - camp with the PACK as a WHOLE - OR - camp at a council run camp. Period. Obviously, it is just me, but my feeling is - what are you teaching these brand new to Scouting families by doing this? How does bending/ignoring the rules teach good citizenship, or develop good character? Right off the bat you are teaching these boys, and their families that rules are for everyone else, not y
  6. We had our annual Christmas decorating/cocoa drinking/cookie eating/carol singing get together for the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts of our church/CO. Ornaments were all made by the Scouts and used to decorate the bushes around the church. After decorating the bushes we went into the gym/hall for refreshments and carol singing. Cub Pack and Girl Scouts alternated years to host event.
  7. This is all a load of horse excrement ! The Guide to Advancement is NOT open to "interpretation". The requirements for Star Scout do NOT "vary" by boy. They are set in stone by BSA. As for the POR nonsense - The BSA states in the requirements for Star - While a First Class Scout, serve actively in your unit for four months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility (or carry out a Scoutmaster-assigned leadership project to help the unit): Boy Scout troop. Patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, senior patrol leader, Venture patrol leader, troop guid
  8. As the others have said - just call. You will not get into trouble, arrested, or anything scary at all. Simply tell them what you want, and you will be transferred to the correct person to help. Just like with any other outing. I suggest contacting small, local, stations. You can also contact local high schools, and colleges. Many will have their own newspaper/newsletter, radio/tv station. The plus with this is that the boys might end up attending the school, and this might spark an interest that will lead to their own involvement.
  9. Our Pack never mandated/required the place/time/frequency of it's dens meetings. That was left up to the individual den. Generally we all met weekly for 1 hour. That would be 3 den meetings of some kind (reg/outing), and 1 Pack meeting, per month. Sometimes the Webelos would meet for 1.5 to 2 hours less times monthly, but again, that was up to the specific den. I never was bothered with weekly meetings. You get to know your boys, and their families. They are less likely to forget what day to show up (do we meet this week or next week or ?). They stay connected to Scouting as an integ
  10. First of all - to Sidney - the OP did NOT state she would "finish the coloring so it looked like he did it". What she DID say was she would "doctor those coloring pictures to work for him (add puff paint along the lines.)". Puff paint on the lines allows her son to "see" the lines, and be able to color within them - on his own. Now, to Christineka - First of all, you will need to sit your son down and have a conversation about his disability. He has to acknowledge that yes, he DOES have a disability, and it WILL affect how he interacts with others. Yes, he CAN do pretty much what ever he
  11. Yep, Cub Scouting is just the start. It is about getting the families who have never camped, have no experience, and no equipment, outside. If you can hook them, or at least their Scouts, on camping during the Cub years you will have done well. As they say - ages and stages. Camping for Tiger - Bear Cubs is basically intro camping. Webelos can camp on their own, and get a bit more adventurous. Boy Scouts are much more independent, and older Scouts can do high adventure stuff. Make sure your Pack families have FUN camping. Take your family out on your own FUN adventure
  12. The end of the Pack year is for graduating to the next Cub level. Awards that have been earned should NEVER be held back. Present the boys their awards when they have earned them. Do not hold them hostage for months until the Pack decides THEY want to give them out!
  13. What Blue & Gold was - originally - was simply the birthday party for Cub Scouting. Which is why it is traditionally held in February, the birthday month for BSA. It was/is the "target for obtaining rank" because February is a good time frame to use for completing rank award requirements when planning out your Cub year. A February completion date should not be written in stone, however, it is very doable, and gives procrastinating parents/Scouts a goal date to shoot for. What better time to celebrate your Scouts achievements than at a birthday party! BSA encourages a Februar
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