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  1. Has anyone ever found an audio recording of John Wayne reciting the Scout Law? We have seen the text, but would love to find a recording.
  2. Totally agree about teasing. I've had many a disagreement with my husband about the difference between "teasing" and "just fooling around". Boys sure seem to be able to act nasty towards each other during the middle school years. However, this is more about the other scouts avoiding him (that's what I meant about making him miserable) -- they're really avoiding his mom, I suppose. Her singleminded devotion is rather uncomfortable to watch. And no one in the troop wants to get in the middle of their battles. We may have to give him a position because the other scouts don't think about ele
  3. The topic about ODD scouts was very helpful. I would like to gather information on how to help a 14-year old scout with receptive/expressive disorder advance. This is a language disorder in which the young person is unable to understand much of what he is told and then of course, unable to organize and express his thoughts later. In our particular situation, the parent IS very involved and attends all meetings, all campouts and all events with him. He only meets merit badge requirements when she "facilitates" him. It would appear that she is actually doing the work for him, but she does s
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