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    • You can do pretty much whatever you want that is scout appropriate and follows TM's and such.  Having the activity shirts "Class B is a company" is a great idea.  Makes it easy to identify your scouts in a crowded place.  Now, if you have a troop also wearing your colors, will that make it difficult for you?  If not, then go for it.
    • Hi!  So, I am trying to work on building up our cub and boy scout program and I can see a great many things in the future.  I think part of that is visibility, what are our scouts doing and what are they doing within our community.  To aid in my quest, I am trying to get some Class B shirts done and I know a very talented graphics designer that is willing to design a shirt for us.  We are a pretty small group so shirts tend to be more expensive.   We want something "cool" that the kids will want to wear not only for our events as deemed appropriate but also just because they are cool.  So, onto the politics/issue.  We had 1 troop in our area and due to politics, had another troop be created.  The new troop and pack share a chartered organization and a pack/troop number.  Could I create a single shirt for both the new pack and troop?  Just incorporate the number and not tack pack or troop onto it?  We could increase our number of shirts to help decrease the cost.  Our designer knows all about trademarks/copyrights and how to not get in trouble.  I hope that makes sense.  Thank you!
    • If we had something like this happen in our troop, this is what we'd do too. Someone would pull together a short presentation - perhaps a few slides or a one page summary.  It would generally capture: the problem the BSA rules and guidance on the subject a recommendation of how we proceed Then we'd walk the group through it.  In our case, most leaders would say "interesting... never realized that. Guess we need to do something different."  We'd discuss the recommendation - make a change or two and then pretty much go with it. One thing I have learned along the way is that in these meetings it's generally easier to get agreement when I describe the problem as something "we're doing wrong" as opposed to the "Scoutmaster is doing wrong."  It's a subtle difference, but it does make it easier for the SM to support it. As for the content of the presentation, it pretty much matches what you wrote and have been discussed here.  
    • I'm not sure I like the words "redundant or dumb" but there are just a lot of words in these policies. No slight to the lawyers among us but when things start getting into that much detail it sounds like there's just no trust between the SM and the scouts. Much of it is already in the GTA so maybe that's what DuctTape means by redundant. Also, so much of it just begs for more complex answers. It says there will be a uniform inspection at least once a month. What if there isn't? So what if there is? If a scout shows up in blue jeans then what? Is this really a policy or is it what the troop usually does? If it's not policy then remove it. The scoutmaster can remove a scout from a POR if he doesn't fulfill his position's requirements and there have been two meetings. And those requirements are specified where? It says the scout should ask for a conference at the start of the meeting for the lower ranks. Does this imply he'll get one? What if it's the week before a COH right after summer camp and 10 scouts ask for a conference? The SM is going to do all of them? What if the meeting is a bike ride to DQ? Is the SM still going to do all of them? Rather, I'd suggest writing a document that just describes how things work. Don't call it policy. Explain how the scout or a parent can get things clarified. As long as the SM and committee treat all the scouts the same and there are no surprises then nobody will complain. My troop has been around for 20 years and we have few policies. We do have a document that describes how things are done. To me it sounds like the real problem here is a lack of trust.
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