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  1. Scouter community, My young Scout is very interested in the Order of the Arrow and apparently wants to join. The troop leadership doesn't know much about it and I know even less. Apparently, they can arrange an election(?) where scouts can join and may do so soon. So we may be going down that path. My question is; what exactly does the OA do? All the info online just speaks like a mission statement but it doesn't really help a parent know what they are getting into. Is it like a title the kids earn or is there more involvement? Are the kids still in the old troop or do they "gradu
  2. Hello, Has anyone heard if there is/ will be a patch or program for the upcoming astronomical event, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (next Monday)? In 2017 we did an event for the Solar Eclipse and the boys got nice BSA patches commemorating it. This is a rare event (planets haven't appeared this close since 1623) and I think it would be fitting for a patch. But, thus far, I haven't heard or read anything about it. Thanks!
  3. Thank you all for your replies. I think I'll tell the parents that we'll follow the '84 - '18 guidance and that either uniform (blue or tan) will be acceptable. Individual scouts/ parents can switch uniforms at their own convenience. I knew there was no "uniform police", perhaps was just looking for some assurance that this (not following the latest uniform standards) was somewhat justified and had a measure of support. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I’m a den leader who’s boys are now transitioning into Webelos. My understanding is that they are supposed to wear only the green and tan uniform and that the blue on blue one is no longer allowed for Webelos. This is a problem for some of the parents who can ill afford a new uniform right now. Also, when we started in the Cub Scouts, the uniform for Webelos was optional and many of us (including me) specifically bought ones large enough to wear until they transitioned to Boy Scouts. It seems unfair and wasteful to change the rules midway through their tenure.
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