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  1. to be a BSA lifeguard, yes, I understand that. I'm talking about if the boy was a already a certified lifeguard, signing off on lifesaving MB requirements that are the same
  2. I realize it is up to the MBC, I was more looking for what you would do (you being the grand and over-all "you"). I am a merit badge counselor for multiple topics, and as such, if a scout came to me with a recognized certification - especially recent - I would sign off on tasks that were part of that certification that were at least the same skill level.
  3. If a scout has recently earned the ARC lifeguard certification, should the scout have to demonstrate (in person) those same skills to a merit badge counselor in order to earn the lifesaving merit badge? For the requirements that don't line up, or are not in the ARC lifeguard certification requirements, of course the scout would have to complete those with a counselor. Especially with COVID, would it make sense that if a scout has an accredited certification of skills that the MBC could sign off on those requirements?
  4. Hello, I'm looking to find different hiking patches for scouts and their requirements. Any info you have is great (requirements, where the patches can be purchased, etc). Such as the Gettysburg 5 part patch requires a visit to the visitors center and the Eisenhower farm. Then hike the Johnny Reb, Billy Yank and historic Gettysburg trails. Available from the cradle of liberty council. I've also found that there is one for the C&O Just wondering how many others are out there that I've missed. Might help the scouts planning trips they'd like to do.
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