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    • Welcome to liability underwriter attorneys having the only voice that counts, he says cynically. 
    • Wow, the anti-WB thing is interesting. I understand where many of you are coming from, seeing scouters who feel superior because of 2 or 3 or 4 wooden beads.  Going through the course means information has been presented to you, not that you USE that knowledge. I too know a number of Wood Badgers who have no clue about scouting aims or methods, but that does not mean it is a bad course. I have taken the course and found it very useful in my life and interaction with scouts.   Wood Badge is NOT a Silver Bullet, nor will it make any adult a "super scouter" .  I do encourage scouters to attend Wood Badge for what they can bring back to their youth, and for leadership skills it teaches. It is not about "hanging out with other adults" or avoiding youth. It is training how to better assist youth on their scouting trail and in life.  It is a shame that some people have lost focus on what Wood Badge, and all of scouting is really about. And worse that their attitudes have caused others to view WB and other activities and groups with disdain or suspicion. I do understand your feelings and have had similar ones on certain groups in my own council. Don't let them keep you from a program that can help you better mentor youth.
    • Years ago scouts could no longer camp by themselves.  Today it appears they can no longer have meetings or day activities without adults. "Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings." "Patrol Activities—A Scout patrol may participate in patrol activities. Two-deep adult leadership is required."
    • I am not saying Wood Badge is not good- I am saying that it is no guarantee that all who go through it become Super Scouters.  I was reacting to @gblotter that folks seem incredulous that anyone who has been in an adult leader position for some time hasn't gone through Wood Badge.  And, to the point from @perdidochas it isn't any guarantee that anyone who goes through it truly know more the those who have not.   I'll give a pertinent example to my position- I sat through a bead presentation, and the course director read off the list of items from the recipients ticket.  The ticket items seemed fairly basic compared to the tickets I have heard read before.  I made a legitimate inquiry to one of the rose necker folks present on whom actually verifies that the objectives of the ticket were achieved (one of the items in particular was that the person was "going to grow Scouting in their community"- seemed pretty straight forward to me, did the pack or troop in that community see any new membership that could be traced to this person?).  What I got was a "well, you know, we instruct the participant to choose items that are personal and meaningful to them, but to be realistic that the item can be achieved".  Never actually answered my question.  I went to another rose necker, and his comment was that the person I was just speaking to was the participants Troop Guide, and the Troop Guide is who signs off.  So, basically, to me, that meant that effort was all that counted, not completeness or results.  Just seemed to me it was more about getting the participants $$$ rather than ensuring that the program is truly being followed.  That very well may be 100% different elsewhere.
    • It will change over time. For me it was once  all about the den and pack. I've moved on to all about the troop. Still focusing on the troop.  But my current Scouting goal is to drink coffee in my chair and not have to get up for anything. Although after watching Shug Emery on youtube, and hammocking, I may just change that to drinking coffee from the hammock.
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