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  1. I am not sure what the purpose of this inspection was, but I would assume looking for "contraband", the Den Chief had already inspected for cleanliness earlier when the cub scouts were present. Neither the Den Leader or Den Chief have confirmed that the belongings were gone through, but they also have not been asked yet. My son and his tent mate approached my spouse saying they thought someone had gone through their stuff, and then later reported the younger sibling of the Den Chief confirmed to them that he went through their stuff while out of camp. I realize this is hardly concrete evide
  2. I am looking for some information about the role of a Den Chief. The kiddo just ranked up to Webelos and a Den Chief joined the den before they went to webelos camp. The Den Chief is the older child of the Den Leader. While at webelos camp, it appears that the Den Chief may have "inspected" the cub scouts tents, including going through their footlockers/bags, while the cubs were out of camp at programming. I have not been able to confirm this yet, but I wanted to inform myself first. Is this a normal Den Chief responsibility? For background, most cubs had a parent staying at camp as
  3. We are decorating for a cub scout event and we are using a theme of Adventure and want to highlight the 4 high adventure camps in Scouts BSA. I am looking for any ideas to help with this theme. My oldest is still in cubs, so we have not been to any yet, but I know about the shoe tradition at Philmont base camp sign. Is there anything else similar that we can use to help decorate/highlight the high adventure camps? TIA
  4. So we are trying to get my spouses uniform up to snuff, which means we need to add either a neckerchief or bolo tie. This is at the cub level, and he is a committee member, so he is leaning towards the bolo. He has old BSA, Eagle, and OA bolos leftover from his youth, but he is no longer 16 and they look comically small on him. To be fair, he has a very thick neck, size 19 in dress shirts. Are there any "big and tall" BSA bolo ties?
  5. Formed a new Pack last summer. We had to get an EIN for our Pack, but the EIN was "applied for" by our CO (I had to get a signed form from the IH allowing me to apply on their behalf). Therefore our CO still had ownership. Having our own EIN also allowed us to apply for our own sales tax-exempt certificate, as packs and troops can apply on their own in our state vs. needing to do so through the CO. For the bank, had to provide a signed letter from the IH/CO on who was who on the committee, and who was to be on the account. Each person had to provide personal info, Picture ID, and com
  6. This is kind of off topic for where this thread has gone, but bearess, you can fill out and sign a temporary guardianship form for your BF, and I believe this should get you around some of the problems with Scout regulations, such as the tent and one-on-one issues. You can google "temporary guardianship form" and your state and can probably come up with one.
  7. Oh, he is definitely socially awkward. It is an area he has always struggled. This, along with some other personality traits, are likely always going to make him a target for bullies. It is one of the reasons I expect school to only get harder as he gets older. It is also the reason I really hoped scouting would be an oasis for him. I guess I am mostly wondering if anybody has had a similar situation that started as rocky as this, but ended up being positive.
  8. Trying to decide if we should find a new Pack or give the one we are at some more time, would appreciate some advice Moved to anew pack mid-year (DEC) due to a job move. Old pack is hours away, so not an option. We were very involved in our old pack (CC DL), and were hoping to be involved here. However, the reception we have received has given us the impression our help is not wanted. We have volunteered several times, but are generally dismissed as thank you not needed. The one project they did include us on was extremely frustrating, with no direction on what they wanted that left
  9. Ok, desertrat, is this kind of what you were thinking: I am thinking about pitching an idea to committee that we recognize specific scouts if they go above and beyond in respect to living the scout law. No limit on how many kids get it, or how many times you can earn it--If you earn it, you earn it. And if nobody earns it, so be it For the reward, I found these mini (1 inch) fleur de lis dog tags for cheap. I want to use an engraving pen to write the point of the Scout law they are being recognized for on the back. Probably attach a lanyard hook or the like so they can hand it off backpa
  10. Does anyone else's pack have a "scout of the month" or something similar to recognize individual boys. Our old pack had "Scout of the Month" that was given to 1-3 boys from the pack each month that was nominated by DLs or the Committee. There really was no specific criteria, just who the leaders wanted to recognize for any particular reason. Was not the biggest fan of it since a large number of the "winners" just seemed to be the favorites of the CC and one particular DL. But I do kind of like the idea of recognizing the boys if they go above and beyond or set a good example of living
  11. Last year it was about 30. Our only official communication from the pack was a once a month email newsletter. Pretty much nothing else other than the occasional right before the event email with details. Led to a lot of confused parents asking what was going on, esp. if they accidentally deleted the email. Further more, the pack did not have a dedicated email list serve or similar for the parents or leadership, so people were frequently left off emails. It was disorganized enough the one den was actually left behind when we went on a pack field trip b/c no one told them the pack was going
  12. Been researching, but wanted some opinions. What does you pack do for an online presence for your pack. I know there are several advancement software options (e.g. Scoutbook) but I am less concerned about tracking advancement and more interested in a one-stop shop for parents to see the schedule, contact the leadership, find forms, and maybe even pay online. Communication and organization were a huge issue last year, and we are wondering if some online site might work better than what we have been doing.
  13. So we are exploring the option of starting a pack, and as it turns out, we have 2 groups in town that are potentially interested in being the CO. Both are civic organizations, both serve veterans, and both meet in the same building. After researching, it appears to me that it is possible to have 2 COs, assuming this is the most recent registration manual http://www.scouting.org/filestore/mission/pdf/524-901_WB.pdf pg. 33. Dual Chartered Organizations A unit can be sponsored by more than one chartered organization. Two chartered organizations may want to organize a Scouting unit. Dup
  14. I never understood that reaction. Unless the suggestion is just truly dumb (hey, mix bleach & ammonia to get a great cleaning agent!) why not at least find out why a person suggested it. I am not saying I would always take it, but why not at least find out the reasoning. Respect for those leaders apologizing though, I have unfortunately met some who would not, no matter how wrong they were proven. We bought 3 new tents so that all our boys could go on this camp. Ended up getting tarps to go under them that are exactly 1 foot shorter in each direction to avoid said problem. I kn
  15. Yes, this is what I meant. Not the time to bring your old pool mattress. We do not have den chiefs, unfortunately. We have a pop up shelter we could bring and 2 10x20 tarps, hopefully that will give enough extra coverage. There is a picnic shelter, but it is small enough it would be tough to fit everybody under and keep dry in anything but a drizzle. Thanks you for the foot sandwich advice, I have never heard that before. Our pack is not exactly in an affluent area, and finances are an issue for some of our families. So while we know some will be well outfitted, others are
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