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  1. Streamlined Cub Scout Adventure Plans

    Exactly what I was looking for, thank you! We do weekend den meetings, as that's when myself and other leaders are available. So these work great.
  2. The Joy of a Used Uniform Item

    It may not be me wearing them, but my boys are wearing my Cub scout neckers and my webelos colors from when i was a kid.
  3. Would you wear unique council patches?

    I would wear the "fun" ones. Everyone has the standard CSP, why not wear the unique ones?
  4. Hello from Wisconsin!

    Yay! Another scouter from Wisconsin!
  5. 1. We don't sell popcorn (unit), so that always makes me happy! 2. Last year took 5 kids to CS Resident Camp, this year taking 11!
  6. 3 night Cub Scout Resident Camp
  7. Just got word that our council summer camp sign up has been pushed back to revamp the registration to accommodate girls at Camp in the 2018 season which starts June 1. So my council has recognized June 1 as the start date per their email.
  8. Girls in Cub Scouts - Actions taken to date

    I plan to be honest with parents on join night next fall, and let them know "This is only a success with your involvement, if you don't help, this wont work." I do not think it will be an issue at the Lion or Tiger level, but for any girl who joins above that. I have a small pack, and generally we do not have mixed den mtgs. I plan to keep it that way, no matter if I have girls or not.
  9. Girls in Cub Scouts - Actions taken to date

    I didn't clarify, but that was my intent. Thanks for bringing that up
  10. Burnt Out

    Gotta walk away sometimes. I got burned out just before summer this past year. I had to take a breather and let some other people do things for a change. It worked, and you know what, that stuff ran just fine without me. I think it's a control thing, at least for me. We have spent the last 2 years building our pack up from utter collapse and I was afraid it I was not there for EVERYTHING it would happen. At the time I was the only one with scouting experience so everyone turned to me for how to run things. It was overwhelming. But now I have good adults that want to help, and are in it for the long term. I have said no to things I have wanted to do (camporee, district stuff, Woodbadge, etc) because I want to focus on my unit.
  11. Girls in Cub Scouts - Actions taken to date

    What does everyone else say about discussing with other packs? As mentioned earlier, there are 3 packs in our town. Long story short we are smaller because of school redistricting, and the former school we drew from closed 10 years ago or so, but we are building back and I have decent parent involvement. All my parents knew this was coming. So we have some room to grow and already have interest from some girls. So if one of them stayed boy only, I would take girls. Permitted that I would have parent involvement to run the dens. I think a lot the negative comments have been from the mistrust from National, rather than the girls being admitted. Not 100%, but some of it.
  12. Girls in Cub Scouts - Actions taken to date

    No they do not. There are 3 packs and 3 troops that draw from an area of about 10,000 ppl. I have only heard of one GS troop in the same area. There is also 4H (surrounding area around town is pretty rural)
  13. Girls in Cub Scouts - Actions taken to date

    The thread was about what actions have been taken to date, so let's all move on..... My parents have all known for the last year this may happen. I have been very honest with them. They are not fazed or running off, at least not yet. We have set no meetings about it, and it's business as usual. This month we will have a q and a about it, and I have discussed this with the troop we feed into. CC and we agreed that we need to meet with our CO. We don't expect much dissent from them.
  14. Boy Dens - Girl Dens

    Agreed. Change is scary, and I see both sides of this issue. I think most of the negativity is because its human nature to resist change, and thats ok. There will be those who refuse to change, and with a local option they can go that route. Some will decide to leave. So be it. Thanks for your input Snow. Glad to see one who is making it work with good results.
  15. I am the Committee and Cubmaster

    I was in this same spot a year ago. Was no real committee, except on paper,. CM was in name only, treasurer was running the pack, etc..... I recruited adults, aggressively. And it worked! Give them a general overview, that you need help at a committee level. Explain that this is NOT a leadership (Den Leader, ACM, etc) type position. Let prospective members know that it is help making decisions you need, and not being a den leader. I had much more success going that route. Then specific tasks come later. We have a small pack, and sometimes have to wear a lot of hats. But we make it work.