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  1. Cubmaster Pete

    Class B Question

    Why not use a neat logo with "Anytown Scouts" on it? Use the BSA logo and that would cover both the pack and troop and use the number...
  2. Cubmaster Pete

    Fees? What are packs charging?

    We do $75 a year flat rate. If we do activities outside of a pack meeting that's an additional cost (sleepover at a museum, monster truck show, etc) Nobody has ever balked at the cost. I run a used uniform package to keep costs down so it's about $36 for a shirt with all patches and a belt, rather than $60 retail. We don't require a hat.
  3. Cubmaster Pete

    Scout Talks

    Look at you, lol. Got sucked in! Good luck, I love doing scout talks!
  4. Cubmaster Pete

    New Wolf Neckerchief /hats now what?

    We are doing yellow and will for the forseeable future. Who cares if they went to red, do what you can do to be cost effective.
  5. Cubmaster Pete

    Tigers Can No Longer Shoot BB Guns.

    "Age Appropriate Guidelines" Is a guideline a rule? See "The pirates code is more like guidelines than actual rules" - Capt. Barbossa
  6. Cubmaster Pete

    Tigers Can No Longer Shoot BB Guns.

    Wow. So they can go to summer camp, but not shoot. Unreal.
  7. Cubmaster Pete

    Would you say anything

    My guess is, if you made a YPT report to the council, something will happen. The SE would have to act. What the outcome will be is anyones guess.
  8. Cubmaster Pete

    Scout camping near EAA Airventure/Oshkosh

    Are you looking for a scout camp nearby? Most of them would be participating in summer camp activities and would not be able to have space for you. Explorer Posts and Venturing Crews volunteer at the show, and they should fall under YPT regarding the showering questions (I do not know exactly) It appears they have their own camp they occupy during the show so that may solve the separate facility issue. I do not know if they could accommodate you or not but worth a shot. http://www.aviationexplorerbase.org/
  9. Cubmaster Pete


    Been reading this thread for awhile, will pipe up now... I work for a railroad, and we have rules upon rules, they contradict each other, make it impossible to do your job. Make you angry even. In the end, we end up breaking some of them anyways just to get stuff accomplished. This seems like a similar situation.....
  10. Cubmaster Pete

    Family Scouting

    I think i got it but have to watched it yet. Can you elaborate whats different, or provide a link?
  11. Cubmaster Pete

    Teaching Basic Compass Skills

    Seems to be some YPT violations here...
  12. Cubmaster Pete

    Amtrak ending Southwest Chief through service?

    I used to work for Amtrak, and it has always been the under funded barely-making-it-by railroad. Especially the long distance routes outside the Northeast that seem to always be in the red. That being said, I am confident that something can be worked out. BNSF does not operate freight trains over that portion of track, only operating it for Amtrak out of the "goodness of their heart" and because they were obligated to do so. Some state money will probably come into play to keep it open.
  13. Cubmaster Pete

    Suspected Bullying, wwyd?

    Oh it happens. Seen it as both a scout and a scouter. I'm not saying this is the case in your situation, but do not rule out intimidation as a reason why he was elected....
  14. Cubmaster Pete

    Suspected Bullying, wwyd?

    YPT states that you have to take it at Face Value. So have any kids reported it, at any time? YPT also states that something must be done, and if you have parents (even if one said something, they all know) then there is an issue that needs to be dealt with NOW. Nobody wants to be accused of doing nothing about correcting a problem. If the CC, SM, this scout and his father sat down and had a neutral conversation (Have you seen anything, do you know of anyone, etc...) maybe that would work better than accusing him of bullying, given lack of evidence. Or, get the whole troop together and have a conversation about it. Then he will know that troop leadership is watching behavior, and it may stop. If nothing is done, he may see this as a free pass to continue.
  15. Cubmaster Pete

    Sloooooow advancement

    He is doing fine. No real shock there, and if he enjoys scouts and is having fun, that's all you really want. I turned in all my Eagle paperwork and had my EBOR just a week before my 18th birthday. It's not because I was unmotivated, I was just having too much fun and enjoying scouting in the interim. Each scout chooses his own path.....