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  1. Cubmaster Pete

    How does your unit stay "thrifty"

    How do you keep costs down in your unit? Other than fundraising, how are you good stewards of the money you do have? We do several things. For new families, we offer a used uniform program. This year, we kept the cost at $30. It included all insignia, belt and shirt. New this cost would have been just under $60 brand new. In years past I was able to offer neckers too, not this time around though. Also, we purchase a uniform (used) for all den leaders. This saves the den leader money from their own pocket. During neckercheif ceremonies, I use donated or used neckers. What about you?
  2. Cubmaster Pete

    Summer Camp Staff

    Did you ask? This was 20 years ago when we had them. Never hurts to ask....
  3. Cubmaster Pete

    Summer Camp Staff

    Platform tent at all? Fan is a good item. A big box one. And you asked, so here goes..... Television, video games, alarm clock (not your phone) milk crates to stack stuff on and make shelves, laundry detergent, something to drink other than water (cuz you will get sick of water) About the tv and video games, you will teach kids (and know it all adults) all day. You will get stressed, you need something to unwind. That's your outlet. That's what we did when I was on staff. We had wood platform frames with a canvas tent over it. Not sure what you have....
  4. Cubmaster Pete

    Summer Camp Staff

    Does the facility you are staying in have electricity?
  5. Oh ya? If something official comes down, then thats one thing. I don't trust anything from up top. That guy in the video probably has no idea what he's talking about (heard his BS before) Paper ACM if I have to... but I will try to resist. Not that I am sexist because my wife is a DL, but the policy is asinine (if it comes to pass)
  6. Cubmaster Pete

    Advancement Charts

  7. Cubmaster Pete

    Cub Scout Uniform Changes

    One of my son's just became a Webelos I last night, and he will be in blues probably until he crosses over to a troop. If we gets too big for his blue then we will get a tan. My Webelos den parents are doing the same.... just a marketing ploy I won't follow along with, no matter what National says.
  8. Cubmaster Pete

    Advancement Charts

    I can use a clippers, and what music do you like?
  9. Cubmaster Pete

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    I think there are too many troops that do not do this, and that's the biggest problem.
  10. Cubmaster Pete

    Advancement Charts

    I would think kids visualize better when they can see on a big poster, rather than on a small Scoutbook screen.
  11. Cubmaster Pete

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    We are in state. Last time was $8, must have gone up. Still, $10 is a steal.
  12. Cubmaster Pete

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    Peninsula, Point Beach, Kohler-Andrae, Blue Mounds, Kettle Moraine North and South. If you can get into Peninsula you would not be dissappointed. Not sure how far you are willing to drive or where u are coming from.
  13. Cubmaster Pete

    Advancement Charts

    Good to know that they work. Thanks!
  14. Cubmaster Pete

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    Ouch. Well, did anyone ever ask if there was a scout rate? I had to ask for it.
  15. Cubmaster Pete

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    I'm biased, but I suggest camping in Wisconsin 😁 Seriously, the State Parks and Forest Group sites are around $8 a night if u are a scout group, and they are nice large sites. Just have to ask when making a rez.