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  1. EagleonFire

    Adding Girls to Pack

    So i am still confused on how this is going to and is working. I keep getting different information. Do girls join the existing pack and work side by side with the boys? Or do Girls join the pack and still have to work separately from the boys? Or do girls form their own packs? Will the same be for Troops? How are overnight campouts to be run? Sorry for all the questions, but I still cant find 1 definite answer.
  2. EagleonFire

    Give me your Cold & Wet camping tips

    I fight this with my co Leaders every time we go to a council camp. I leave to check everyone in and they take our group cloths and not only don't tuck them under but they shove a stake through them wher they hang over. It pisses me off since they have been told that that is basically defeating the purpose of the ground cloth. And ruining them in the process. The kids have been trained to do it right if the adults would just listen
  3. EagleonFire

    I'm so tired

    I find that crazy, I can say my parents were very helpful making sure I had every opportunity I could get during scouting but that is where the support stopped. It was there, now you have to do it. And I never remember a parent signing off on anything. I sure could have used them helicoptering me when I had to restart the personal management merit badge 4 different times because I couldn't remember to track my finances for more than a couple of weeks
  4. EagleonFire

    United Way

    Just to give an update on the united way meeting. It seemed to go well, I was able to touch on why we chose to start a campfire club, how it related to what most would consider traditional scouting. Some of the things we have done over this past year, and how I have seen the kids grow. I was able to speak very briefly on my scouting background as to give a reference point that I did know what I was speaking of as well. It was nice that at least one of the committee members had turned out to be an eagle as well and could relate to what I was speaking on. It was also a bit of a confidence builder that the committee chair asked for my speech so he could present it to the people he reported to.
  5. EagleonFire

    Camping By the River - LNT Toilet

    Kitty litter is terrible. We tried it, we hated it. After a bunch of research we do a 2 bucket system with a 50/50 mix of peat moss and cedar shavings. It is lighter to transport and doesn't have the issues we experienced with humans urinating too much for the kitty litter to be effective. We start the trip with a bag in one bucket and in the bottom of the bag is about 2 inches of material. The second bucket just has material in it and after each use the person just throws a scoop of material onto their waste this really keeps the smell down as well. BTW I learned this by researching composting toilets for off grid use as well as getting info from horse stable owners.
  6. EagleonFire

    Transgender policy change

    Some of the people being antagonists on here just for the sake of doing so makes this place get old pretty fast
  7. EagleonFire

    Transgender policy change

    If you haven't figured that out by now I don't see how I can help you
  8. EagleonFire

    Transgender policy change

    I don't think it said married couples can't tent together. It said don't get frisky on a scouting event
  9. EagleonFire

    Transgender policy change

    And see we eat donuts at many campouts, as a side treat. And they are fried over a campfire. We don't just open a box of crispy cremes. The 4 pack of biscuits for 1.25 at Walmart make 40 small donuts and donut holes. Mix up a simple glaze and there is a deliciously unhealthy treat.
  10. EagleonFire

    Pumped up

    That sounds pretty interesting. I am gonna try that some time! I think next time I am going to give them their paces, simple coordinates and just see where everyone ends up after 3 short points. Maybe a small something for the one that lands closest to the final point.
  11. EagleonFire

    Running a Frontier Girls program concurrent with a Cub Scout Pack

    Just so you know there is a coed scouting organization. It's not BSA so your kids will never earn an eagle rank but you dan run a successful group without having to cobble two groups together.
  12. EagleonFire

    Pumped up

    You speak the truth. I am trying to work towards no leader works with their own kid on something that is going to be too far out there. We all seem to do well with each other's kids and the group as a whole but struggle to not get frustrated with our own. It is a constant battle that we are all working on
  13. EagleonFire

    Transgender policy change

    No tone was intended but after rereading my first posts I can see where it could be interpreted that way. I do feel strongly about the no alcohol on a scouting function. As a person that wants to be a positive influence on these kids I wouldn't want to let them down by repeating any bad habits they may see elsewhere. The alcohol was a battle I had to fight with a couple of parents and a former assistant leader early on. They were under the impression we were just a bunch of friends taking our families camping together. The.comment about sodas was a poorly separated thought that was to be to the side of the alcohol thing. It was meant as a this is what I do with my group. The parents didn't like it at first but I found so long as we keep a 5 gal jug filled with water that has had some of those crystal light (generic version) packs around they don't mind too much. I just push with the kiddos it is a 1 to 1 mix to keep us good. For every 1 glass of flavored water drink 1 glass of regular water. I should probably also tell on myself for my one bad habit I do have is that about 30 minutes after the kids go to bed I break out a nice cigar as a bit of a victory dance for another good weekend with the scouts
  14. EagleonFire

    Pumped up

    These kids are to young to do one on their own yet, they need help converting feet into their steps. In all honesty I probably push them to do things that are several years over their head but I don't want them to be the typical Camp Fire group. I want them to be able to go toe to toe with any Boy Scout group 2years older than them. They will have a tough row to climb since there isn't as many training and high adventure opportunities as a Boy Scout troop would have so they gotta be tougher and ready to do it on their own
  15. EagleonFire

    Transgender policy change

    They do focus on healthy living skills quite a bit but the no sodas on campout scones from my years as a Boy Scout. During the summer in Oklahoma a kid drinking sodas all day and not having water can get dangerous. It can easily reach 105 degrees here ona summer day and in fact was in the low to mid 80s here this weekend. That with physical exertion requires water. We still do flavored waters to go along with regular though