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  1. I will say the even though I am no longer a scout or scouter my eagle necker is on proud display in my house
  2. My kids favorite breakfast food by far is just simple donuts. We make these as a side item to the real breakfast. 4 pack can of refrigerated biscuits, 1 tub of shortening soda bottle cap. powdered sugar a splash of vanilla a splash of milk heat the shortening in your pan/dutch oven. Lay out your biscuits and have use the bottle cap to cut out the centers. the centers become the donut holes. mix the powdered sugar, milk and vanilla to make a glaze. It takes very very very little milk vs the powdered sugar. Fry the donuts being sure to flip them fairly quick
  3. we did this last year and it was great!. what we found is in the fresh bakery section of Wal-Mart there were loaves of italian bread for $1. cut it in 1/2 and you get 2 very large pizzas per loaf. We even picked most of the dough out of the bread and to have a thinner crust. It was a very easy and inexpensive meal for a large group. Plus dishes were minimal!
  4. I feel your pain. but just keep calm and do the best you can, We have an autistic boy in our group. without a doubt it can be difficult and frustrating to keep him on task and with the rest of the group but you will find somewhere in your group is a kid with a servants heart that is capable of befriending him and helping him grow himself. Just encourage that. And when you see the others pull away remind the SPL and ASPL that they live or die as a group. if they leave him out then they died.
  5. Im a Camp Fire Leader so ours is a little different. But to stay thrifty some of the things we do are to not shop from the council store on uniform shirts. Our Logo is free use for most screen printers so we do a bulk purchase of our shirts from a local screen printer and get them at less than 1/2 what national charges. second thing is taking good inventory of our camp trailer and policing our campsite well. last thing is just implementing a strong understanding of how we treat our equipment. Equipment has been our #1 cost (other than food) and by teaching the kids how to properly care fo
  6. 2 reloads, flashlight, multitool, knife, FAK, gum, cigar punch, single cigar humidor, matches, lighter. zipties. electical tape, probably a dozen ink pens/sharpies, wet ones, hair ties, and a small brush.
  7. Eagle Scout, Former Brotherhood OA member, Former JASM. Current Camp Fire Leader. If they would truly make a Co-Ed scouting program I would seriously consider converting my group over to BSA. (but the freedom of Camp Fire sure is nice)
  8. When I was in scouts the Neckercheif and belt were part of your first aid kit. I never did understand why they would go away.
  9. This weekend we are making a simple dump cobler in the Dutch oven, and going to try out my new Ice Cream Balls from the scout store! In the past we have done lots of cobblers, Adult Mac and Cheese and my favorite so far is a pineapple upside down cake.
  10. I have 1 mother pushing really hard for us to drop the Camp Fire Club we started 3 years ago and transition to Cub Scouts. It really sounds like 1. We wouldn't have the manpower to do so. 2.even though it is allowing girls in it really inst set up to be an inclusive environment.
  11. So i am still confused on how this is going to and is working. I keep getting different information. Do girls join the existing pack and work side by side with the boys? Or do Girls join the pack and still have to work separately from the boys? Or do girls form their own packs? Will the same be for Troops? How are overnight campouts to be run? Sorry for all the questions, but I still cant find 1 definite answer.
  12. I fight this with my co Leaders every time we go to a council camp. I leave to check everyone in and they take our group cloths and not only don't tuck them under but they shove a stake through them wher they hang over. It pisses me off since they have been told that that is basically defeating the purpose of the ground cloth. And ruining them in the process. The kids have been trained to do it right if the adults would just listen
  13. I find that crazy, I can say my parents were very helpful making sure I had every opportunity I could get during scouting but that is where the support stopped. It was there, now you have to do it. And I never remember a parent signing off on anything. I sure could have used them helicoptering me when I had to restart the personal management merit badge 4 different times because I couldn't remember to track my finances for more than a couple of weeks
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