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    • how bout call your local church and see if the pastor needs help calling elderly shut ins? Just to check on them, say hi, ask if they need anything. make a list and give back to the pastor so they can follow up. yeah you probably need to already have a relationship in your church. You could probably go around and wash cars sitting in driveways, or sweep front porches. with the owners permission of course. You'd have to figure out how to ask who needs this service, without getting face to face Make your own mini food bank with any extra food you can gather, and put it out by your mailbox with a sign. advertise on your neighborhood facebook or next door.  Although a lady in my neighborhood did that and someone took everything.  
    • FYI, they made it easier for merit badge counselors to connect to a scouts record in scoutbook.  This was always very difficult in the past so I think this is helpful.  I believe once connected it sends a notification to the scoutmaster or committee chair.  Before it was almost impossible to get connected to a merit badge councilor in Scoutbook this seems to resolve that issue. The merit badge councilor needs the scouts last name and BSA ID #.   https://discussions.scouting.org/t/new-mbc-connect-instructions/165971    
    • Removing earwax to cure memory loss, nostalgic photos (I wish I could remember THAT!),  close to retirement?  No original americans.....
    • *sigh*  Let's go back to that old saw, the Scout Law.   "  Thrifty:   A Scout is Thrifty. A Scout works to pay his way and to help others. He/she saves for the future. She/he conserves natural resources.  He/she carefully uses time and property."" The idea is the Scout, by themselves, thru their Patrol and Troop/Crew/Ship  EARNS their way.  Sell things.  Do things.  Get pay for effort . This is not the "Good Turn"  or "Service Project (which is at base a REALLY Big good turn)".    If the local Council , thru it's efforts, provides campgrounds and recognitions, all to the good.  That's  where the "gimmes"  should be.    It is all too easy to find a Scout friendly hardware store or landscape company or even a uncle Jake  to donate a Troop Trailer or dozen tents or even just a twenty dollar bill when asked.  Can't do that.  The rule is there for a purpose.  Not just because the Council doesn't want to hear that the Deep Pocket has already been tapped by Venture Crew PDQ. It is deeper than that.   The Scout unit MUST NOT go out and ask for a handout.  That's Council's job.  The Scout Unit's responsibility is to show the Scout HOW to be responsible for their activities. You want to go to Seabase? (okay, next year,....)  Can't/shouldn't just assume a grant from the Bank of Momanddad.  The crew going to Seabase can do carwashes, hold pancake/Dutch oven/hotdog dinners. Rake leaves.  Plan ahead.   Give VALUE for the fee.   Scouting as such must not be a charity. Not on the Scout level.  This is not to say that there may be charity involved ( TheMuddy Lions comes to mind) if the reality requires, but it should not be the usual way. Not the "official" way.   It also helps prevent personal abuse.  "I'm a Scout. give me money so I can go to camp" ?   Nah.  Doesn't sound good.   ".... and they (council, national) don't give it back to the unit..."   well not directly, sure. But those funds operate Philmont,  and other things. Jamborees need a little start up capital. Council camps are there for your Troop to visit any time, yes?  And think of this:   If you sell popcorn or campcards or meatsticks, the Council will receive a piece of that action, right?   BUT . . .If YOU hold a spaghetti dinner and make boocoo bucks from that, will your unit send some bucks to Council?  Ummmm . . . . .  Those are my reasons.  I hope that helps, ANEagle20.    
    • I agree.    How was Scouting begun?   With a bunch of kids that read a book about outdoor adventure written by a British army hero who made his fame by being a ""Scout"". He decided the best way to improve the type of recruits the army was getting was to encourage the youth to do adventurous stuff while they were young.  Now , granted, alot of the stuff he espoused can't be easily accomplished today, and some of it is downright too dangerous or not really socially acceptable (and rightly so).  But that is the idea, virus not withstanding.  We should think about that.   The promise of FUTURE outdoor adventure is about all we have right now, and that is what we need to concentrate on.   Virtual knots, lashings, Patrol competition over ZOOM,  compare my indoor CUB campout with yours , but plan the future Camporee,  plan the camps as best we can with the promise that it will be possible LATER . Can't get together physically to DO stuff ? Every youth organization,  name any... 4H, Royal Rangers,  AHG,  BP Scouts, GSUSA,  Vanguard Scouts (!), are going to have alot of the same problems, it's just that BSA is out front with problems because of the poor handling (40 years ago !) of youth abuse and the inherent present bankruptcy.  I was recently asked by a friend about BSA's decline (he was never a Scout) and I had to delineate the leaving of the CoJCoLDS in their desire to have more  control over that program, the old "secret files" from the sexual abuse scandals , the loss of other charter orgs over the admission of any young human that is breathing, the defensive fiscal posture necessitated by the salivating lawyers, the proliferation of paid Scouters (compared to other youth organizations),  the change in BSA's traditional stance  vis a vis the Scout Promise and Law  and the world today,  Oh we had a good discussion until he decided he really wanted to talk about his own family troubles.....  Sell off camps?   Last resort, but is often seen by Council pro's as the BEST resort to a short term solution.   The time of Troops "owning" their own campsites is just about gone, unless you are way out in flyover land (I hate that term).  I refer you to the post I wrote about the Troop doing it's own summer camp program.   To re-quote Billie Holiday,  "God Bless the Scout that's got his or her own."  See you (I hope) on the trail....
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