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Bob White's Disappearence

Guest OldGreyEagle

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Guest OldGreyEagle

What evil lurks in the heart of man ?


Lamont Cranston knows...


Ok, everybody, we havent had a sing along in a long time, actually I dont think we have ever had a sing along and I am not gonna take but I dont know this one, every body knows this one:


Jingle Bells

Batman Smells

Robin Laid an Egg

The Batmobile

Lost a Wheel

And the Joker got Away


and the key is, you keep singing it until you drop from exhaustion or drive one family member screaming out into the night

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Although I don't post as much as others here, I read often, and have learned a bit. Bob White was/is one of the more useful contributors.

I find his by-the-book approach very refreshing, after seeing many examples over the years of poor application and downright ignorance of the Scouting program. Following his advice could actually make life easier sometimes. I wish him well!!

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John D,


I have to respectfully but vehemently disagree with part of your premise.


First, I agree that Bob's style made it difficult for some to see his intent. I have said publicly before, and privately to Bob, that his written style causes him to come off as very arrogant. Sometimes it became so arrogant that some folks here, even some who otherwise are level - headed, wanted to take Bob behind the woodshed. Bob would do well, in my opinion, to work hard at sounding more benevolent should he begin posting again, which I hope he does.


Second, no one can know what truly is in Bob's heart and mind except Bob. So I will admit that I am doing nothing more than you by assuming I can see inside him. But I am convinced, despite his difficulty articulating it well, that Bob's intentions were admirable. I sincerely doubt Bob got anything from the time he spent on this forum. I don't believe he really got enjoyment from the controversies in which he became involved. And it should have been obvious to all of us that he is adamant that the only way to run a program is the Scout way, so he learned very little from any of us. So why does someone like Bob spend so much time (I seem to remember seeing he was at like 3500 posts a while back. I think I spend too much time on here and I'm less than a third of that!)? I honestly believe it is from an obligation Bob feels to "spread the good news of Scouting" (it is not my intent to offend anyone with that line). I truly feel Bob's intentions are magnamamous, and I think he derserves credit for that.


As I said, I can no more know what is in Bob's heart than anyone else. but I am convinced, despite his sometimes offensive writing style, he is a good man, and a good Scouter, at heart.


To all, I wish everyone a very Merry and Blessed Christmas, as well as a joyous holiday season. You all have truly become virtual friends, and a cherish the relationships I have with each of you. May the new year find you all in good health and increasing happiness.



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Well said, Mark. I couldn't have written it better myself. Bob and I have butted heads on more than one occasion, and I agree it is much more do to style than anything else. If he comes back, I certainly hope we see a "kinder, gentler Bob".


BTW, he is alive, I saw him in the chat room last night.

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Wow! Controversey and vehemence. Everyone else seems to be weighing so I will too.

For the most part BW's posts were informative and helpfull. If one was too lazy to look up what "the Program" stipulates, Bob would. (Though I don't think he really ever had to look for anything any further than his own head)

With such knowledge does come a bit of arrogance, SO WHAT!. If he offends you tell him so and leave it at that instead of engaging in a running battle of words.


I will leave you with a riddle:

"Why is arguing with a parts man (insert your own profession here eg. lawyer, doctor etc.) like wrestling with a pig in the mud?"


"After a while, you realise, the pig likes it!" :) :) :) :)


BTW I too have been known to start arguements just for the fun of it. (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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I also miss Bob and his offerings. I do not miss the bantering back and forth that sometimes came out of it. He had a lot to offer and hope he comes back. There are others I wouldn't mind seeing the last of.....



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