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Moderators/Listowner , real or "plants".

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Moderators/List owner

I have posted on this forum for a few years and have enjoyed the conversation and information that goes on here. Lately, I have been wondering if some of the "members" are not really actual people who are here for their own personal enrichment or to contribute something of value.

They are actually just agitators keeping the "stew" well stirred. They are the ones saying really "out there" comments. Definitely not main stream, kind of from outer space. Mostly VERY anti-scouting. If they had there way the courts would have closed down BSA a long time ago.

One thing these people are not involved in scouting. They in no way shape or form abide by anything remotely close to the values of scouting.

So that being said, why do you as list owner and/or moderator allow this? Other than keeping everyone "stirred up", or playing the "free speech" card (everyone is entitled to their own opinion...) why do you put up with this garbage. It seeps into every part of the forum. It is the main reason that I "lurk" most of the time or frequent the other more "Scout like" forums/lists (as do many others).

The name(s) do not need mentioning, it's obvious.

So fess up. Are they "on the take" as secret agitators or are they just whack jobs that are convenient to have around and you don't want to be bothered by banning them from the forums? (even though by doing so goes WAY beyond following the Scout Law)

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Hey Trevorum, I'm with you on that book burning thing. I bet I can even expand the list a bit. (Heh, heh, did I say 'bet'? I meant 'wager'...no, that's a problem too...hmmm)

Maybe we can ban some content from movies or television as well, maybe restrict business hours to conform to religious beliefs. Gotta squash those 'bad' ideas, you know. Make those 'bad' people keep to themselves...we wouldn't want to make people, you know...think.

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I understand were he's coming from, but I believe that's why were here to go out of the comfort zone to learn differnet methods and ideas. Most of the post's are excellent and work within the ideas of scouting a very few cause unscoutlike comments and bickering internally. I belief we all have the right to express ourselfs in this forum, just wish some were not so agenda driven.




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Yah, captainron, yeh clearly have been spendin' too much time in da Issues and Politics forum, eh? :)


I'll confess, though. I'm just a whack job ;). Mrs. Beavah sometimes thinks I'm convenient to have around. Then again, sometimes I reckon she wishes I'd go jump in a pond!





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" maybe restrict business hours to conform to religious beliefs."


I, for one, liked the blue laws. Having most stores closed on Sundays made for a nice quiet day. Instead of rushing to Costco or the mall, you had a day in which you could do little else but relax. It was nice.

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