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Another New Feature: Ability to Ignore Users

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Now you can squelch out any user on the board so that you can ignore their posts.


If someone is predominantly just an agitator to you personally, you can simply set the system to never display posts made by that person. Their posts will just not appear in any threads you read.


To squelch out one or more people (you can always "squelch" a person, and your squelch list is private only to you), you should login (use the "Site Members Login" link in the right column). Once you log in, you'll see a "Ignore this User" link in next to each person's posts.


You can manage your squelched list by clicking on the "Ignored User List" link at the top of the forums (below the "New Post" button).



Additional features we're still building but relating to this will be a Member Rating, that will allow you to vote on the quality of a member's posts, which will also be tied eventually to squelching.




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Dear Program Manager,


I successfully squelched several bad end users but they kept coming back. Do I have a virus? If so, can you patch over these bad tastes in my mouth?


I thought for sure your program would do the trick but now I may have to resort to having ranting attacks all over again. Please help.


I don't want to die a constant death of total ignorance as my detractors have so eloquently stated in so many blunt terms. My teeth and hair have been falling out and I am on anti-depressants because of the low self-esteem since coming here. I come close to barfing my guts each time I turn on the computer and click on "my favorites". What is meant by that term anyway? It should say kamikaze anyone? Or click here for self-mutilation.


Well, enough about me, how are you doing? Thanks for the new assist. By the way, do you wear your fatigues and helmet when you come here like I do? Just a question. It doesn't really mean anything.



An interested by-passer


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If you still see posts from people you have squelched, then can you please verify that you are in fact "logged in" to the site? If you are, then there will be a "Welcome Back XXXXXX!" message above the Active User Count. If you are not logged in on return visits, perhaps you have Cookies disabled (this feature requires you have enabled Cookies on our site, in order to remember you on return visits).






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O Canada!

Our home and native land!

True patriot love in all thy sons command.


With glowing hearts we see thee rise,

The True North strong and free!


From far and wide,

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.


God keep our land glorious and free!

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.


O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

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Hello Terry,


I think there is a bug in the system. I'm currently logged on but I have yet to activate the "Ignore User feature". There are times when certain posters would or not appear on previous threads in the archives or current threads.


Example: on one thread FOG's post are no where to be seen. Then on another BW's post are missing. And I haven't even turned it on. Maybe there cancelling each other out.


Matua(This message has been edited by matuawarrior)

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Is it possible to compile a list of good answers found here into a FAQ site?


For sometime, I have noticed Bob White's replies as being accurate and according to the book(s). He is like having a hipocket Scouting lawyer. There are others like Dsteele that make it a habit of being on target with other issues. I have also seen many others come across with great insights and knowledge; too many to mention but these are the examples that readily come to mind.


It is a shame to waste these electronic bits by not cataloging some of the good answers for easy reference. I also realize that sometimes it is not a book answer that resolves a question but files could be divided for both book answers and experiential answers.


This type of system would help manage conflicts by simply referencing specific files. When some issue sticks its ugly head up after so many weeks, just site the file and go on to the next thread. It would reduce the verbiage and the agitation. It would save time in looking this stuff up. It would serve as a quick reference guide instead of waiting on a host of sporadic replies that may not approximate an answer.


I am not trying to prevent or reduce any of the constant repetition or the ranting but this might help the occasional user in resolving an issue and keep them from stepping into a large pile of ballyhoo that we are so capable of generating.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Well now you've gone and done it Terry. You went and got me in trouble!


I decided to try this new feature that you put in place, which you suggested was a good thing to add to your web-site. I thought that by squelching the messages from two posters, who seemed to frequently enjoy personally insulting me in their posts, that I was implementing the feature in the way you had intended.


I thought that this would help bring harmony to my life, and peace to the forum.


So what did I get for my effort? This e-mail from one of the two posters.


"I know you blocked my posts that's why you don't respond to them when they are

addressed to you. This is very ignorant & un-Scoutlike which for you is normal

behavior. Your true colors shine as always."


So I can't win either way I suppose. I get criticized for my hopefully helpful responses, I get criticized if I defend myself against personal attacks. I now I get criticized if I ignore them.


It was a good try Terry, and one I'm sure was done with the best of intentions. Neither you nor I expected such a rabid response. I cannot imagine living a life where I could get angry at someone because they won't listen to me insult them.


In the future please try to create more scout-like features for your website.



Thanks for trying,

Bob White


(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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  • 2 weeks later...

BW - You've got to be kidding! It is very sad. Keep your armour on mate.


Personally I find the ignore has much improved my presence here. A bit like burying your head in the sand or like wearing intergalactic gargo blasters but works for those as weak willed as myself.


Thanks Terry



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