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  1. not being a parent, imo, is a HUGE negative against him when it's an organization dedicated to youth that's trying specifically trying to roll out "family scouting". You cannot even begin to relate to the family unit if you don't have one of your own. It's just one more ding against him coupled with a bevy of decisions he's been at the helm of... and honestly even with all that, it's the lying more than anything else that's at the heart of the problem!
  2. the media, our councils? I know I'm dropping the Boys' Life subscription for my son. I'm sure Bryan Wendell was all in favor of this name change.
  3. Voice the displeasure. We have to be vocal about these changes. If Scouting could revert some of it's changes in the 70s, it can do so now.
  4. I laugh every time I hear the "thousands" line being thrown around. 2,000 whole girls joined! whoa! Wait.. how many girls are in America? millions? oh... shh, don't say that part.
  5. Gwaihir

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    No one disagrees with that. But there is a difference between children, adolescences and adults. The proof is in the pudding, boys are being forgotten, left behind, called toxic, they're failing out of school, they're not bothering with college, they're using drugs at a higher rate, they're shooting schools at a higher rate, they're killing themselves at a much higher rate and at a much younger age. As we've done all this transitioning to gender neutrality, the statistics on failing boys has climbed ever higher. Yes, correlation does not equal causation, but there are is an abundance of evidence that this is a large part of the problem. Your kids might be good leaders, but their kids aren't going to be good leaders, they're going to be lucky to just survive. This is something we need to address as a society... our boys' lives literally depend on it.
  6. They have to change the program so that they'll love the program. It reminds me of we have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it.
  7. Gwaihir

    Breaking Point

    I still think it matters today. I'm speaking of 10-15 years down the road. Since inception, it's 2%, but the number annually is up to 6% and climbing. The "since inception" number will stay low for a very long time since that's how percentages work, but the annual numbers are relevant to the living, and when Eagle scout is the chief marketing tool, you'll see that number continue to climb and the requirements to earn it diminish. I want to be proven wrong and in 15 years, I'll return here and see if I am.
  8. "we'd have to kill you" I'm shocked Bryan didn't admonish him for such an unkind statement. Far worse than pointing a water gun at another scout.
  9. We have Mike Rowe. I'll take Mike Rowe over Bear Grylls any day of the week.
  10. Gwaihir

    Breaking Point

    Nope, it's not. Maybe it was 20 years ago... it's not any longer. The BSA marketing it as a resume item was and is a colossal misstep. The amount of paper eagles has grown and will continue to grow to the point earning the badge really doesn't mean a thing.
  11. So so dumb. Everything CSE said about the BSA understanding and embracing the differences of the genders and supporting single gender instruction is a bald faced lie. Actions speak louder than words. Spinning off a brand new magazine for girls, have some overlap in articles but also showcase things outside of scouts that interest girls should have been the obvious direction. I wonder how we can get a petition started to voice no confidence in Michael Surbaugh and petition National to elect Mike Rowe as Chief Scout Exec?
  12. Gwaihir

    Condom Distribution at World Jamboree

    The one thing I was thinking of as I was driving, and I wager many an exec at National is fretting over this since the MeToo movement started, but with World Jambo+MeToo+Girls In Scouting+Condoms distributed at Jambo.... if there's one even slightly reasonable allegation of rape that comes out of Jambo (God forbid)... Scouting in America will be over. The national stage, the media pouncing over any thing remotely related to scouts and girls... I don't see the organization recovering. I hope that doesn't happen, but I have to imagine National has concerns that have been elevated since MeToo became a national movement.
  13. Gwaihir

    Condom Distribution at World Jamboree

    ................... it's the only question I've been asking, and one I think is worth discussion.
  14. Gwaihir

    BSA Executive Salaries

    Seems to me, the volunteers are more hard put to it, since they actually have to lose money to do this, essentially taking a pay cut from their normal careers as opposed to getting money to do it. I'm not getting your argument, or youre presenting it poorly. The difference is that the volunteers are doing this for passion alone, the professionals are doing it for a paycheck... some may have passion, others may not, just like every single other job out there. As for work hours... this is 2018, since the advent of the internet and VPN, there's almost no job out there that doesn't work M-F 8-6, plus overnights and weekends. Calling it a hobby or calling it a passion matter. "Theres a difference." and THAT is where your condescension comes clearly into view.