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  1. What did you take for a sleeping bag? For space/weight reason I am thinking of sending the boy with two poly fleece blankets instead of a sleeping bag. you thoughts please.
  2. Foil cooking is great!!! For burgers use onions or cheap zucchini squash inside the foil, it provides moisture. The kids don't have to eat it, but it keeps the burger from burning and gives one a safety factor on cook time. Try ice cream in two plastic ZIPLOCK bags. A sandwich bag contains 1/2 &1/2 , sugar, and a bit of vanilla. You can find the recipe on line. the second bag is a one gallon bag and contains crushed ice and table salt. Hold the bag in your gloved hands(the boys did bring some cotton gloves? gathering wood, holding the bottom of a mess kit containing hot food, ha
  3. One of the best Scouts I ever met gave a posthumous mentor award, I told him to. His thoughts were how can I do this the man is dead? Well the military gives awards like that all the time. The Eagle did improvements to a NY State Park. The Park Manager had a negligent discharge with a handgun after hunting on Thanksgiving day. He died immediately. We contacted the Park staff told them what the boy Eagle wanted. The Park Staff contacted the wife. The Eagle had his ceremony and when the time came he asked Mrs. Parkmanager to come up. He read something to her and pinned the mentor
  4. Nobody said what the boy did. I would want to know: IS this boy a DANGER to the boys who play by the rules? What "leadership challenges" is he going to give me(a volunteer part time person who is not a child shrink)? What "leadersip challenges" is he going to give one of my 15 year old young PL and my SPL's if he tries his crap again? What kids am I liable to lose? This kid and his parents have to realize that your reputation follows you where ever you go. Reading some of the answers here is is easy to see how Catholic Priests are shuffled from town
  5. Wouldn't it be great if that was on the news instead of Lindsay Lohan!
  6. Wing, Mr S. lives on in every boy you mentor. The boys are in a way his "Scouting Grandsons". His legacy is far greater than men who's names will go down in history, the men he makes through you will never know his name yet Mr. S. made boys better than they would have been. The Christmas movie with Jimmy Stewart comes to mind...imagine if 20 years from now Mr S. had never been alive...would a boy know CPR, would a boy save a drowning victim by swimming out to a victim and extend a tree limb and towing some child to safety.... more simply would a boy who is a grown man offer to carry
  7. Personal Experience as Den Leader and father of DC: Once a camping trip mixed between Troop and Pack to go to FT Ticonderoga. Youngest boy scouts in troop attending. Pack is doing family camping to go to FT next day. Boy Scouts are acting nuts for the most part, one comes up to me and says,"Excuse me Mr UZ... Can you show me how to orient this map with the compass?" Holy cow who is this kid, watched him the rest of the weekend...I WANT THIS KID AS THE DC. 1. Kid was only second class. 2. Kid had never been a Cub Scout. As jblake says this may have ended it right there. This isn
  8. Thank you Eagle. I'm going bow out of the rest of the comments here. PISC 1981 To the men of the 3rd BN 8th Marine Reg't I'll lift a glass to you and others Wednesday. Semper Fi!
  9. Welcome What other positions have you heldin Scouting?
  10. I was in an infantry BN at Camp Swampy (Camp Lejeune). I did not have a child/was not married then. I would agree with getting a mix of adults on your committee I cannot imagine being a Dad/ Adult leader/ Marine Gunny or Major and serving the demands of being in the weeds learning and doing work ups to deploy. You can expect those Marines in infantry regiments to be in the field 3 weeks out of the month. Some other Marines can work a 9 to 5 type job,I never saw it but it can happen. Liberty is a privilege not a right. A Marine will give you all he's got but he serves anothe
  11. I think we also teach boys to use the rescources they have available. That said there is not a HS english teacher in America that would not help a student make the Eagle paperwork the best it can be. Advise him to get with Mrs SOANDSO to help him complete the app , it is important. You let this go by and the kid thinks filling in the college app is the same way. WE all need the Cub motto when it comes to the Eagle process
  12. no app required here either. My son was a DC for years and no app. I had a DC for 2 never heard of such a thing Compiled a book of activities for DC and this is the first mention of this I have heard in 9 years of being an adult in scouting. Call a neighboring council and ask a DE for the application.
  13. Some low brow, bi racial, near sighted,hair thinning, overweight, Christian, hetero,Father, conservative,gun owning, Marine vet(Kuwait and Beirut),Committee Member wonders why they lawsuits just don't stop. So we are off AP Hill and a little village near me can't be our CO. Does that make America better? Do they feel like big winners? Then not a dime of the $15 would be spent on frivolous, whiney lawsuits. Could probably get more boys with the saved money. Cut Mazzuca's pay, pay him what the POTUS makes along with a house near Irving not a dime more. Sounds pretty easy to m
  14. Our town only has a Memorial Day parade. Both Cubs and the Troop participate. Very few Boys Scouts participate because they are required to play in the HS band and march with them for their band grade.
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