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Moderators/Listowner , real or "plants".

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and sometimes, It's Me, I feel like a plant underneath a bird...


But that would be getting way too close to identifying recta - which leads to methane, which leads to fire and burning books and Blazing Saddles! Wheee....



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You all thought I was crazy or trying to start burning books.

Well I think some of you understand what I was saying.

Check out:


You be the judge. Is this guy for real or what?

First you get the "Antichrist" (pun)Meryln.

Then you get the "Brown Shirt" Pappy.

Sorry if I have offended anyone, but both keep things stirred up on the list.

Are they for real? Plants (not the potted variety) or harmless "wackjobs"?

And if someone has to ask, I'm none of the above.;o)

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Merlyn is real, he is an Atheist activist who helps keep us on our toes. I cant say I always agree with what he says, then again I agree with him alot as well. He brings alternative views to the table that we would not have without him.


Pappy? Well that remains to be seen. He has his views and runs his unit the way he and his community wishes. Is he for real? He says so and until we have proof otherwise, I dont see any reason to doubt him

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What Eolesen said, although it can get a little old after a while.


I am/was a member of an ancient coin forgery detection forum (havent been back in while) that had this one particular bomb-thrower who spent his time accusing established coin dealers of selling forgeries and disparaging well-known experts in the field. He was constantly getting into verbal battles with the regulars and was periodically censured. The forum owner was somewhat controversial himself. It was fun at first but began to wear after a time and actually reached a point where it began to sour me on a hobby I had been pursuing for almost four decades.


I have been following some of the postings of Meryln and Pappy myself. In Merylns case, while he may have some valid positions, I think, in my humble opinion, its not what you say but how you say it (quoted from my wife, one of the prime reasons how I get in trouble). Maybe he does it on purpose?


Neither struck me as plants, just some folks with viewpoints that make some of us uncomfortable, but thats just my impression.


Yes, you can choose to avoid these posts but sometimes its like passing a car wreck on the road Im horrified but I cant turn away.





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Posts regarding Hitler, sadistic minions of Nazism, Christian soldiers, the Lords Prayer, and the like are best discussed in the Issues & Politics forum. You may spin-off or start a new thread there.


FScouter (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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There are some forums out there that actually keep score and place wagers on how long before a thread has to be stopped by the moderators.


So far this forum hasn't gotten that far, but there are some standard dynamics going on that seem to be evident in most forums. Keep it in mind that when this many people have access to a public forum, one will lure in both those that add value and those that don't.


Those that have the better moderators do last longer than those that don't.



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Again, moderators and paid the same as Scoutmasters. Most of us have other jobs as well. I spend maybe 20 minutes/day on average on this forum so I'm sure lots and lots of posts don't even pass my filter (wideband as it is).


Like most forums, I feel I know some of the frequent posters and have sort of a built in bias due to past postings (both good and bad). Almost all are adults (chronologically, not maybe by maturity!) and my downfall is I sometimes forget that this forum is often frequented by Scouts. Because of that, I think we should have slightly higher standards (follow the Scout Oath and Law perhaps) than most forums. But yes, it does get difficult sometimes.



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Not sure what the storm in the tea cup is all about. Been around awhile and it seems to me IMHO that things are a bit calm these days.


There will always be the exteme and there will always be the not extreme. Not sure I put that right but there is always a place around the campfire for ideas and opinions.


These opinions are not always agreeded upon but if we do not discuss them (with a not always good cup of joe) we will never learn what is out there that is not what we perceive.


If a campfire is dull, we all go to bed. If the discussion is anti-scouting, I for one wish to hear the anti side of the discussion and if worthy, welcome the chance to respond. On the reverse side if there are questions, asking for help, etc,etc, this is what this campfire is all about.


Remember the three monkeys, I hope I will never get that way.




red feather


trick question, What is the most important word of the Scout Law?

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I can be courteous and not be helpful "I'm sorry but I can't help you now."


I can be courteous and not be friendly, "Please go away." That's courteous and not friendly.


I can be very discourteous and brave, "Come on, you freaking tiger, I'm not afraid of you!"


I can be very courteous and very unclean.


Courteous and disloyal? Does the name Borgia ring a bell?




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