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    • I worked with statistics through most of my professional life, and looking at the numbers given my main impression is that they are not very useful for any kind of analysis.   The numbers are too general for any valid comparisons to be made with previous years.  The numbers for each group needs to be broken down to show more specific details.  Once again examples have already been brought up by other forum members:                                                                                             Cubs:  What percentage of the total numbers is composed of the new "Lion" program.                                    Scouts:  How much of the 12K increase was do to LDS Venturing Crews reverting to Scout troops.              Venturing:  How much of the decline was caused by LDS crews leaving the program, and will be a one time loss. From a strictly financial standpoint the question arises, how much membership is required to support the BSA's current infrastructure and fixed costs.   In future reports, it would be interesting to see what the number of girls who join the various programs will be.  The current report seems to me to be more for PR than for analysis and management. Thank you PS Being a "Numbers Geek" is not easy.    
    • Zuse describes the BSA program (LDS or not) as I always understood it should work.  Thanks for upholding standards!
    • Yea, about that Venturing growth ... 2008 was about when we insistedd that our DE stop feeding us numbers from paper crews whose youh hardly even knew they were registered with the BSA. I wouldn't be surprised if the number of Venturers who actually ever read their oath/code never exceeded 1/4 million. Registration fees, adult applications for 18-20 year olds, and YPT demands didn't help. But, I was surprised last year when my crew couldn't drum up even five youth who wanted to engage the program.
    • Same here. The older boys are too distracted with other pursuits (sports, cars, girls, homework). If they are too busy for Scouting, then I am too busy for them. I’d rather spend my time working with the younger boys who have a real desire and enthusiasm for Scouting.
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