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    • I'm sure Sea Scouts/Venturing cost money at National.  There is some amount of insurance, some attention form leadership, etc.  If numbers keep dropping there will be a risk vs return point where BSA feels it is no longer worth the risk/cost of supporting the programs.  BSA gets about $1M of revenue a year from them (from fees)... much of that probably goes to insurance. So in terms of fees., the number of members left provide little revenue to offset any cost.  If they get a lot of donations backing these programs, they will last. If donors don't care much about these programs... My guess they are at risk.  So donations will really be key to keep them around long term. I really think the future of the BSA will be based on donors.  What do individual and corporate donors want to see in a scouting program.  Looking forward to our new AI offerings ...
    • BSA should never be interpreted as BABY SITTERS OF AMERICA. Our pack inducted the parents with the Cubs and that sent the message that they were a part of the pack and important to the success of their child's experience. I actually knew a Cubmaster that would not accept a child unless the parents agreed to some degree of active involvement with the pack program. I don't advocate that but I do feel that without parent support and participation the program won't be as good as it could be and retention will suffer. 
    • Sea Scouts does not use BSA national and Scout stores for their uniforms. The shirt and pants are Dickies® work shirts (or equivalent) and work pants available from many retailers (including Walmart). https://seascout.org/uniforming/   Where can we obtain a uniform?   The garments are commercially available work clothing similar to Dickies® work shirts and work pants. The garments can be purchased at local retailers or   online at SG Trading Post or Dickies.com. History of the Sea Scout Uniform (including the changes in 2010 to move to more readily available uniforms: https://seascout.org/download/the-history-of-the-official-sea-scout-uniform/?wpdmdl=22315  
    • Retention, recruitment and overall growth and transition is not easy but can be accomplished. Your experience in recruiting and expanding the Webelos den shows that it can be done and actually should be happening all along the way. Packs that know their local resources and utilize them to enrich their programs and strive to make each level meet the needs and wants of both kids and parents retain and grow. The ultimate goal of a pack should be to retain and transition their cubs from grade k through 5 and on into Scouts BSA. BSA is and has been a FAMILY VALUES PROGRAM delivered while having fun and adventure. Thanks for your response.   
    • All too often the COR of a unit is a ‘placeholder’ to meet the requirements of getting a charter issued. In reality the COR is a powerful position within the unit, district and council. The duties and responsibilities can be found here: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/511-421(16)_WEB.pdf and few volunteers, even at the district and council level really understand or appreciate the power of this position. The Chartered Organization Representative is an automatic member of the district committee and also a voting member of the Council Executive Board. While it is rare, a group of COR’s could alter and/or impact the direction of a council or certain council policies. An active COR can insure that a unit receives the support from the district and council that it needs to flourish. Technically the institutional head and/or the governing body of the partnering organization selects the COR but the reality is that generally the COR comes from among the units leadership and parents and oftentimes only is called upon to approve adult registrations and to sign off at recharter time. Smart units will work at getting a COR that will understand and accept this important role and represent the units interests and bring light to those issues that impact unit recruiting, retention, fundraising and program. Congratulations to those units that have solid, functioning COR’s and good luck to those that need to find the appropriate person for the position.
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