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Comm Chr Harry

Jamboree 2005 staff needed

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I am the Archer Camp manager at AP Hill for Jamboree 2005. Archer Camp is the RV park on the army base. The residents there during Jamboree are primarily vendors and a few Jamboree Staff. I'm in need of an assistant.

The requirements are that:

- You must be a registered Scouter.

- You will need confirmation from your home Council before you can apply for Jamboree staff.

- You must be prepared to pay the $595 fee for Jamboree Staff.

- you will need to be at AP Hill at minimum from 7/15/05 thru 8/4/05. There will likely be a few additional days before and/or after these dates.

- You must be familiar with RVs of all types.

- You must be ready to deal with people who might have RV and/or parking and/or accomodation problems.

- You will need an RV of your own to live in while at Jamboree.


If you are interested, please contact Harry via email at Sandersha@aol.com.

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