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  1. This is pretty sloppy if you ask me. Does anyone from National read these postings??? There is no way that a volunteer organization that needs hundreds of people to fill positions shouldn't jump on every application and at LEAST send out a "thank you for volunteering.....we'll get back to you soon" letter. You know, in our Troop if someone comes in and fills out a leader app we're all over that person to get them onboard, involved in doing something, going to meetings, outings, etc. What does everyone else think? Am I just too demanding? Mike
  2. Eamonn, the Jamboree jackets are first class all the way. If you fit the sizes they have left you'll love it, especially at that price. I'm glad they took me up on my suggestion for a Jamboree forum, don't know why it's under another forum and not up front on it's own, but at least it's here! Mike
  3. I submitted a staff app to council which was approved and sent to national about 3 weeks ago and haven't heard or received anything yet. Does anyone know how long this process takes? I'm used to the "hurry up and wait" of scouting so am not surprised by the amount of time it would take!
  4. Guys, thanks for the replies. What I was suggesting was to create a separate forum for Jamboree discussion so we don't have to search through "High Adventure", "New to the Forum", "Summer Camp", or wherever else someone might post Jamboree questions or comments. Is there a way to request this of the person who has the ability to create a new forum? Thanks again, Mike
  5. I'd like to suggest a separate forum for Jamboree 2005 topics. I was looking for info on the web but can't find any dedicated area for Jamboree discussion. How about it?
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