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  1. I'm doing some research on the commemorative rifles Winchester issued in 1985 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Scouting. If you have one of these rifles and would like to share any information, I'd appreciate it. I have BSA #13879 out of 15000.
  2. For those Jamboree Troops that were considering hiking The Monuments Of Our Nation's Capital Trail but were waiting until it was reviewed by the BSA, on 5/9/2005 the trail was added to the list of BSA Nationally Approved Historic Trails. Further infomation is available at tmoonct@yahoo.com
  3. calumetz

    Atheist leader

    Is this how all posts on this forum go? What a change in topics. I believe the question was whether she should resign. The answer of course is yes. You can talk of any number of topics related or unrelated but the answer still is she should resign. If the official policy of the organization is no atheist's and she is an atheist, there seems to be little question. You all seem to be arguing whether the policy is just and whether it should be changed. Well, if it's ever changed, she can come back. Until then, goodbye. Doesn't seem all that complicated to me.
  4. calumetz

    Atheist leader

    If you have ever read the newspapers, how can anyone involved in Scouting not know there is something about religion in the rules. To sign up to be a leader as an atheist without questioning this shows me that you are 1) not aware of current events or 2) do not care enough about the policies of the organization. Either way, you now know and quite simply, should resign from the organization. The "incompetent leader" will survive without you. I've been involved in Scouting for over 35 years, have never had religion shoved down my throat but know its a part of Scouting. I've also seen incompetent leaders come and go yet somehow the program continues, other leaders step up, and boys grow into young men. You may be missed but the program will be be better without you in the long run. Sorry to be so blunt and I hope you find an organization that will conform to your beliefs rather than one that requires you to conform to rules of the organization.
  5. If your contingent is going to visit Washington, DC before the Jamboree, you may be interested in the new Monuments of our Nation's Capital Trail. Contact Tmoonct@yahoo.com for information.