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  1. Buffalo, Forgive my long post... The encouragement to go through your CC is due to the fact that technically speaking the CC is the "hire-fire" person for the troop...its what "he" does...that said, after many, many years we have found very poor results from family meetings and "please help us/help the boys" missives... What has worked for us has been simple nose to nose asking. But this is part of a long term effort. Current committee and SM/ASMs spend over a year trying to get to know leaders of the packs and who will/might be crossing over...We have been accused (occaisiona
  2. Beav...they "got" Dingle yesterday...he lost his committee chair. There seems to be a lot of hostility towards the US auto makers (both for the big shots and for labor)...There are also a lot of "bad product"- "bad car" comments...that I find interesting...personally speaking remember when "made in Japan" equaled "a piece of trash" ... On the home front, I have had pretty good luck with detroit's "iron". Personally speaking, I am a truck guy...my last truck was a chevy half ton, extended cab 4X4 with a 3/4 ton suspension and towing package and a 350 cc engine...1987...I got 360,000 m
  3. Gosh we are willing to have a major negative impact on ten percent of the american work force over a little 25 billion but we give AIG 150 billion and watch as they give their excecs two large parties and $503,000,000 in deferred income. lets say if GM goes chapter 11...how many cars buyers are willing to look at a car made by a company that might not be here next year...already poor sales results will flat line sales... at least car makers produce something...what does AIG produce...paper? We are sitting back letting Paulson hand out 700 billion to his chronie banking friends with n
  4. Kahits, Though not a difficult "trek" as high adventure goes... your crew might want to do some distance kayaking/canoeing just to build up a few skills and some endurance. long term-Light exercise is needed to build endurance...not for the "struggle" of the trek but to have enough energy to keep the crew participating rather than wimping out cause "they are too tired!" I would also recommend spending a good bit of time learning to snorkle and really getting comfortable in the water. SWIMMING is important...If you have weak swimmers-start this week on skill improvement! Rent time i
  5. Adult leaders with no kids in scouting is creepy, wow! I did some research a couple of years ago as our troop was approaching what we thought was it's 50 year mark...Council had lost (in a fire) most of the old records but I did find a few bits and pieces including some "original" membership lists and several advancement forms from various years etc. What I found interesting was it appear that the same name appeared on the SM line over quite a long time. Seeing as how the troop was in a rapidly gentrifying rural area many old family farms still existed and I was able to locate many o
  6. cheffy, ouch why the hostility? These folks might not have given you what you wanted (we rarely do) but they tried to help you solve your scout's issue. First, legal route is a lost cause...do you really want to try to enforce an unwritten (no signatures) contract? lesson to Eagle should be "when given a lemon...try to make lemonaid" ...not stomp the lemon to mush. I am not a lawyer no do I play one on TV but I do engage them frequently, in my line of work, and even when I win...I really do not win...just spend more money than it was truly worth. Depending on the fire regulati
  7. Dustincoc, Any troop should have a good inventory system and update it regularly. It is not rocket science. Anyone with a couple of folders and a few sheets of paper can do it- a laptop spread sheet is even nicer. "tonight" is not the way to do it if you have any sizable set of gear. This should be a whole troop endeaver. A call should go out to troop leaders and all scout families to search home, basement, sheds and garages for "misplaced" troop gear and bring it to the "Inventory day". It is a Good Saturday project. The boys pull out everything....everything and set up tents
  8. Wingnut, Developed camp grounds that are "pay to stay" do generally stipulate adults be present...however, millions of acres of national parks, wildlife management areas, state parks and private lands have no such restrictions. 'course bathrooms, outhouses and running water are also not usually available so the boys will have to know what they are doing. Much of this type of camping is "hike in" rather than "drive in" camping. Private ground is usually available if you look around enough and are willing to ask...and then be ready to leave nothing but foot prints. Issac Walto
  9. cookiemonster, forgive the long post. congrats on a swell sounding young man... over a rootbeer with the SM (your son should buy) have him chat about what the troop goals are, in what he perceives as discouragement of middle aged scouts attaining eagle. perhaps he will get some troop insite and perhaps he will also get a so called "green light". Personally speaking, I would rather keep a boy active and in scouting until he ages out (without an eagle), than have him push for eagle and leave at 15 or 16... More to the point, we tell most of our boys that they should
  10. long live white gas...off with the heads of well meaning, but sadly misinformed urban myth spreaders (like manure spreaders...but not a nice smelling)...get a new ASM! send the one you have back to district with a note to train the person before dumping him on a troop again... anarchist
  11. hi all, just a (sorta) bomb throwing question here... If LDS troops do not follow the BSA program to the letter...why should this troop? I go back to a question I asked these forums years ago...If a troop is successful, and if the families are supporting the troop and it has a long string of successes...what is wrong with a tougher than usual program? Maybe that's what the CO wants! afterall the BSA says the CO can taylor the program and the LDS certainly does... When most of us look in the mirror we understand that BSA has watered down the program trying to be everyt
  12. shortridge these are no cook meals our treking scouts really love: summer sausage and/or pepperoni and/or hard salami and/ hard cheeses crackers/or pitas/soft tortillas, thin sliced onion small packs of mustard... virtually no clean up...(a knife, cutting board, some small plastic packages, and cracker boxes) or dried fruit, (LOTS OF DRIED FRUIT! apples, rasins, pinapple, mangos, appricots, cranberries, prunes you name it!) hard cheese, nuts, crackers pitas, chicken (pouches- just like tuna) onion, diced small pouches of Mayo small pouches of rel
  13. just a question in passing... Have the CO's started hanging board members heads on pikes yet? Just interested in seeing if the folks who wasted all this time and effort will pay for their malfiesance? anarchist
  14. Jtanner, Fly recommendations - depends on what you consider "light weight" and how you are going to use them. for car camping our troop uses a really cheap ($12.98) roughly ten by ten poly fly we get at K-mart (other big box store have them also) the poles and "ropes" are garbage and we discard and make poles (five) out of 2X2s with threaded studs epoxied into the ends. We love these things 'cause if one "accidently" comes down on a hot lantern...we can duct tape the damage (hole) a couple of times then simply replace the fly with out major damage to the troop budget. For hiking
  15. This is why we have our own boats... hey OGE...$1,000 is peanuts for a good modern canoe...many of my friends plunk down $1,800-$2,400 for fancy touring canoes or solo semi-ultra lights. $1,000 is a "so so" royalex 16/17 ft boat in todays market. and almost no boat likes to be wrapped around a rock with a couple of tons of water pressure doing the wrapping! and as was said above ...don't borrow what you can't replace...don't lend what you can't afford to lose! Troop owes nothing...They didn't borrow the boat, and the CO certainly did not borrow the boat. It seems to be a $500 p
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