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    Earned Eagle in 1954 in Culver City, CA, T48. Currently Comm Member, after Comm Chr for several years, Wood Badge Staff, going as staff to Jambo 2005, and previously Jambo 2001 & 1997.
  2. I am the Archer Camp manager at AP Hill for Jamboree 2005. Archer Camp is the RV park on the army base. The residents there during Jamboree are primarily vendors and a few Jamboree Staff. I'm in need of an assistant. The requirements are that: - You must be a registered Scouter. - You will need confirmation from your home Council before you can apply for Jamboree staff. - You must be prepared to pay the $595 fee for Jamboree Staff. - you will need to be at AP Hill at minimum from 7/15/05 thru 8/4/05. There will likely be a few additional days before and/or after these dates. - You must be familiar with RVs of all types. - You must be ready to deal with people who might have RV and/or parking and/or accomodation problems. - You will need an RV of your own to live in while at Jamboree. If you are interested, please contact Harry via email at Sandersha@aol.com.
  3. I am looking for someone to assist me at AP Hill, for Jamboree 2005, at Archer Camp. Archer is a 50 site RV park on the Army base. You must have an RV of some type to live in while at Jambo. You must have some RV experience so we can help Jambo campers with problems that occur. Your work station would be Archer camp, and travel into the main camp for meals. There is adequate time to visit Jamboree features while there. I will need you to arrive about July 20 and stay through about August 4. If interested, please email at Sandersha@aol.com.