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Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

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We were coming back from an outing last week, stopped for lunch, saw the Girl Scouts were selling cookies nearby so we wandered over and bought some cookies, talked about our recent outing, heard abou

As a DL for a female den, I try to never use gender terms. My girls are "scouts." If I start to say, "hey girls" I quickly correct myself and call them "scouts." Using gender terms is a crutch I, as a

What we have here is a great opportunity for BSA to correct a bad branding decision.  Who are Scouts BSA?  The public doesn't know.  It has no history, no identity.  You have to explain it, and it goe

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So surprising that the Momoa thing happened at all....after all, the newspaper article said mom was "a marketing professional".  Most professionals I know have heard of ethics and intellectual property. Professionals know you don't use images that aren't your own.

On the other hand, I would definitely buy that Sofia Vergara Hot Hot popcorn...

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We not longer have a legal snipe season.  Snipe hunting is hazing and we simply cannot have what might actually be a fun and growing experience, even if it is well supervised and all participants are protected from actual danger.  Modern emotional membranes have become too flimsy it seems.


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5 hours ago, mrkstvns said:

You must not be a hunter or you would know that it comes right after snipe season.

We usually concentrate on getting our limit during the elusive "Camp Card Season".  Honestly we do neither (popcorn or camp cards) but enjoy issuing tags to hunters, we're busy camping and letting the Boy Scouts go out and do stuff

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On 11/8/2018 at 11:00 PM, Eagle1993 said:

Found this to be interesting 

“Girl Scouts of the USA prohibits events co-sponsored or co- branded with the Boy Scouts.”

“Do not participate in, allow, or promote any co-sponsored or co-branded events or programs that use either Girl Scouts’ name, logo, colors, or likenesses together with Boy Scouts.
This includes long-standing events like Scouting for Food and Pine Car Derbies.”

It appears there are several spring Scouting for Food events that may involve Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts:

"Members of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts will pick up the items to be delivered to the Salvation Army Food Pantry."

"Davis Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are hosting a food drive..."

"Be on the lookout for a Scouting for Food “hang tag” at your home requesting food donations. Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Venturing Crew members and Girl Scouts will return..."

It may be possible that "Girl Scouts" is used to refer to girls in Scouts BSA.  If they are Girl Scouts, will they be participating while in GSUSA uniform?

By the way, Scouting for Food is a registered BSA trademark:

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On 2/22/2019 at 11:07 AM, MattR said:

And ruthless efficiency. I knew it had to be a Monty Python quote. It took a while.

Well, could it be that cookies are an easier sale than popcorn? If the BSA really wants to cross a line they should start selling cookies. Give the rack a turn.

I thought this would be hilarious myself. Better yet, they could buy GS cookies by the truckload, then sell them in the "off season" for $8/box.

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21 minutes ago, elitts said:

I thought this would be hilarious myself. Better yet, they could buy GS cookies by the truckload, then sell them in the "off season" for $8/box.

Don't go there, the Cookie Mafia will get you. ;)  Seriously though, BSA tried to come out with an energy bar in the early 1990s. They were made, packaged, and distributed when national got a cease and desist letter from GSUSA for copyright infringement. GSUSA said the energy bars too closely resembled their cookies. As a result, BSA could not sell them, but Scout Shop staff had free food. :)


They were delicious.


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Case Number:



New York Southern

Nature of Suit:



Alvin K. Hellerstein


  • Dorsey & Whitney   <---  Girl Scouts of the United States of America (plaintiff)
  • Quinn Emanuel     <---- Boy Scouts of America (defendent)



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