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  1. I gave the idea some serious thought. But I really have too little BSA experience. And I am simply not that interested in the district level. I have also now seen that @Eagledad has advised in a different thread: https://www.scouter.com/topic/32568-ticket-help/?tab=comments#comment-524199 It is currently looking like I will not complete a ticket. I am interested in a great all-girls troop for the girls. Unfortunately there are those in the local troop(s) who are pulling hard to (in effect) run our CO's two troops as a single coed troop. I see advancement as
  2. This seems to address the issue of tag-a-longs. For example the boy (who is a scout in a different troop) who tags along to his sister's troop's camping trip because (a) his parent is going on the trip, (b) the boy is not old enough to be left at home overnight by himself, and (c) there is no other parent at home or relative living nearby that he can be left with. Inviting experienced scouts from a different troop (same or different gender) to a meeting or outing, because of their skills or experience, in order to help or assist in some way, seems quite a different kettle of fish.
  3. I'm glad BSA spelled this out. The coed buddy pair question came up at summer camp pre-covid. I do not like coed buddy pairs.
  4. I am happy for her accomplishment in earning both awards. What the paper labelled "Girl Scout uniform" is not a very standard GSUSA look. Especially with the WOSM patch and the lack of a Girl Scout pin and WAGGGS pin. Any chance it is the uniform of a different scout association? When I was a kid, my (GSUSA TOFS) troop had scouts wearing GSUSA insignia and badges on uniforms of other countries . . . Japan, U.K. etc. Fortunately we did not have any uniform police.
  5. And the Scouts BSA program isn't supposed to be coed, even now. It's supposed to have girl troops and separate boy troops, not coed troops. On the otherhand, the Girl Scouts might have found the prospect of BSA running all-girl troops even more threatening.
  6. And unit admins can approve any rank advancement stuff, too. This is a design flaw of scoutbook.com This makes it imposible to tell whether the person who marked it "Leader Approved" was the person who actually approved the work., or merely the person who is transcribing the information from the scout's properly signed (paper) blue card or (paper) scout handbook. Sometimes you can tell if you know the troop: Mrs. AAA and Mr. BBB are the paperwork lteam and never actually approve scouts work, but have been given permission so they can transcribe stuff into scoutbook. But what
  7. Did any of you do woodbadge while your primary position was "Unit Scouter Reserve" or "Merit Badge Counselor"? Or are you familiar with people who have done so? What sort of ticket items? I attended the woodbadge course last year. But prior to completing all my ticket items I resigned from my troop position. (I'd rather not go into details, but unresolved disputes between troop adults - disputes exacerbated by covid - were a major factor.) I am glad I attended woodbadge, whether or not I complete my ticket. I am wondering whether to attempt completing my ticket, despite the change
  8. Similar here. Scouts is still happening in-person (as least for outdoor meetings and day outings, a state curfew has prevented overnight camping). Many other local extra-curriculars have gone online. We've gotten as many new scouts this school year as last, particuarly friends of current scouts.
  9. I just redid YPT, and noticed a detail I had missed before: On YPT final quiz questions there are explanations about the correct answers. The explanation to Q8 said (emphasis mine) "When sleeping in the same tent, youth must not be more than two years apart in age unless they are relatives." I'd been thinking that I'd rather see a new fifth grade scout share a tent with her eight grade sister, rather than needing to be in a tent by herself, and now I see that that is allowed.
  10. Do I understand correctly that your CO is considering not rechartering your troop? https://www.scouter.com/topic/31928-chapter-11-announced/page/45/?tab=comments#comment-517955 If that happens, will your troop look for a different CO, or will they disband? If your troop looks for (and finds) a new CO, is your old CO happy for you to take your camping gear with you to the new CO? (I've heard of troops around here switching CO's.)
  11. I'm seeing a similar dynamic in our troop at present. Any good advice?
  12. @BAJ, maybe you already saw the post, but @5thGenTexan posted what his council is doing for managing covid risk while camping:
  13. A rule of thumb for girls: (I used this for Girl Scout badge sashes/vests). The mom can estimate the daughter's eventual size based on the mom's size. Girls will typically reach full height about the same age the mom did, by about age 13 or 14, but will continue to fill out a little width-size. So, as a mother, if you wear the same size you did as a college student, try on the sash, and pick the size that fits you for your daughter. If you are a little larger than when you were a college student, then consider sizing down for your daughter. If you are really petite and your husband
  14. Some things we have done since our state and council permitted the troops to start camping again: 1) Prior resuming in-person activities the troop had a mandatory scout-and-parent-must-participate zoom presentation about the covid precautions being implemented. Not once per trip, but once per scout. I think it was helpful. At least the scouts are doing a much better job of social-distancing at scout events that the church-youth-group kids are doing at church events. 2) No carpooling to or from camping trips. Parents must drive their own kids to the camp location. 3) Every s
  15. My take: Yes it is worthwhile, even if you don't fully complete your ticket. The "like minded Scouters" and "enthusiam for Scouting" part was very worthwhile to me. I found it very encouraging to be among other people who were enthusiastic about the program. And who were aiming at the goals of scouting "Citizenship, Character, . . ." with confidence in the methods of scoutings ("Patrol Method, Ideals, etc, etc") as a means to get there. This was especially true for me, since it seemed that in my own unit (and in the boys' troop linked with my unit) the adults have been
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