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  1. Treflienne

    GSUSA Near Drowning

    Each council sets its own policies. Of the two councils nearest me: one prohibits alcohol at all girl scout events. The other permits alcohol at adult-only events (think wine-and-cheese fundraiser). So this mom supposedly wasn't actually part of the girl scout troop campout. Not such a great way to get around the rules.
  2. Treflienne

    GSUSA Near Drowning

    I don't know what council that was, and whether or not they were following its rules. But in my GSUSA council we are required to have a lifeguard on duty for any time we take the girl scouts swimming.
  3. It's only six months till girls in Scouts BSA. Will you be ready to start up a girls' troop in February? I know that @AVTech is planning to be scoutmaster for his daughter's troop. I know the @Hawkin's daughter is already planning her patrol name and patch. @Hedgehog was talking about a linked troop. My daughter is eager to start as well. So, for any of you planning to be associated with a girls' Scouts BSA troop, how close are you to ready? Do you have the necessary five girls already planning to join as soon as possible? How are you planning to recruit more girls? Do you have a scoutmaster and an ASM, at least one of which is a female-over-twenty-one-who-is-willing-to-go-camping? (Willing to go backcountry camping as well as frontcountry camping? ) Do you have a chartered organization lined up? Is the CO of the local boy's troop willing to sponsor a girls troop? opposed? undecided? Or have you found a different institution willing to be CO of the girls troop? Is the local boy's troop willing to share a troop committee with the girls troop? opposed? undecided? If being a linked troop is not an option for you, do you have several troop committee members lined up?
  4. Treflienne

    Thinking I am Going to Step Down

    I'm new to BSA. But in other organizations I have volunteered in (church children's programs, stuff at the school, girl scouts, etc) volunteers typically sign up for the school year, not in perpetuity. Middle of the summer is the natural time to re-evaluate one's involvement. Does one want to do the same thing? Switch to a new role (more or less intense)? Volunteer with a different organizaton? Even scale back on volunteering to devote more time to other aspects of life? Don't be embarassed by changing roles. People do it all the time. And don't think of changing roles as quitting, think of it as finding the place you fit best.
  5. Treflienne

    Badge Magic is THE DEVIL!!!

    My experience has been with GUSUA badges/patches. I always told the girls to sew on the patches. If you iron them on they very quickly fall off, even when the girls wear the vests/sashes infrequently.
  6. Treflienne

    Badge Magic is THE DEVIL!!!

    Hand sew any patch that you think you might someday move or remove. Comes off without leaving all the marks that machine-sewing does. (Looks better, too.) Best way to hold the patch in place while sewing is with masking tape -- since straight pins don't do well with the thick plastic-backed patches.
  7. Treflienne

    Is this the new normal?

    So how common is this at boy scout camp? I've always viewed (girl) scout camp as a good chance for kids to get away from technology for a week. Back in my childhood it was transistor radios that were the banned item. These days our local girl scout camp says "The following items are not allowed at camp and should be left at home: cell phones, radios, CD players, iPods or other MP3 players, handheld gaming devices, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices, candy, gum, food, alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, pets and animals. If found at camp, they will be confiscated."
  8. Treflienne

    Is this the new normal?

    But who wants a water gun anyway? They are so wimpy. At my daughter's school's annual park outing the kids much prefer the water tubes (like a giant syringe) that send a large stream of water. And the kids who don't have those find it effective to fill a bucket with lake water and simply dump it over the other kids' heads.
  9. Treflienne

    potentially the stupidest GTSS rule?

    Just dropped my daughter off at girl scout camp yesterday. The camp has a number of two-wheel carts that the girls (who are grade 2 and up) use to haul their luggage from the parking lot up the hill to their units.
  10. Treflienne

    Ideas needed for younger siblings...

    My experience is in GSUSA where tagalongs are strictly discouraged. But still, sometimes the only way a mom can volunteer is if she can bring her younger child along. (And if she does not volunteer then there is no troop.) So if the only way you can get enough volunteers for a GSUSA troop (or perhaps for a cub scout den) is to have tagalongs, then you cope the best you can. As far as who to recruit for being the tagalong watcher: If there is a parent who always has a younger sibling with them at drop off and pick up, especially if the family lives far enough away that the parent doesn't go home during the meeting but instead hangs out at a nearby playground, then that parent would be a good one to recruit.
  11. Treflienne

    Ideas needed for younger siblings...

    My kindergarten Daisy Girl Scout troop had a similar issue. The other leader had a preschool daughter (too young to participate with the 5-6-year-olds) and our meetings were at a time of day when the dads were still at work. Our solution: recruit a third mom, who had a Daisy daughter and a 2-year-old daughter. This third mom came to every meeting and looked after the two younger siblings. (She typically brought somthing crafty for them to do. And they only occasionally joined in with the older girls when it was something they could do without being disruptive.) And after a couple of years, when the younger siblings were old enough not to need so much extra attention, this mom was willing to become a troop leader also. Of course, it may depend on the personalities of the particular preschoolers.
  12. Treflienne

    potentially the stupidest GTSS rule?

    Surely some of you in your childhood must have done what I did: Drag your radio-flyer wagon to the top of the hill. Climb in. Let gravity take you to the bottom. Hopefully you picked an appropriate hill. But used as a tool, rather than as a gravity-powered car, wagons seem quite harmless.
  13. According to the nbcnews article "Trained “playworkers” monitor the children, though they step in only if absolutely necessary — much like lifeguards." And according to https://govisland.com/things-to-do/activities/2018-playgroundnycs-yard "There are play:groundNYC playworkers in the Yard at all times." Not exactly free range.
  14. Treflienne

    Business Insider interview - Sylvia Acevedo, CEO GUSA

    Correlation is not causation. Causation could flow in a different direction. The same families and communities that had the resources to provide ample educational opportunities for their girls may also have been the ones who had the resources (in money but especially in time) to get the girl scout troops organized.
  15. Treflienne

    Linked troops won't work

    That's my concern. So far my daughter doesn't know of any other girls in our town wanting to join Scouts BSA. Maybe some will appear before February. Or maybe we'll need to join with nearby towns.