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  1. elitts

    Real estate donation

    One of the issues that will be relevant is the payment of property taxes. If the property isn't held for exempt purposes, the annual taxes will have to come out of someone's pocket. It would probably be worth speaking with a tax lawyer to figure out how to get around that part, then decide where to go from there.
  2. elitts

    Country Meats

    Let me re-write that for you more accurately. Our Pack of 38 Cubs will sell $65k in popcorn solicit $65,000 in donations. My son is on pace to sell $8k in popcorn collect $8,000 in donations, and will barely crack top 10 in our council of 60,000 scouts. Do people reach those levels selling meat sticks? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The core of the problem people have with popcorn is that calling it a "product sale" is so disingenuous it's practically lying. The popcorn is SO overpriced that it's no longer a product sale, it's merely a conversation opening for scouts to solicit a donation. In fact, if a troop approached most councils with a different yet equivalently priced product, it wouldn't meet the requirements for an appropriate fundraiser.
  3. elitts

    How much water?

    If you have no access to ANY water, I'd plan on 1 gallon per person per day just for drinking. So for 2 nights, I'd go with 1.5 gallons per person. Plus another 4-5 gallons at least for cooking and washing. But if you have some access to water, it's just not potable, then you don't need to bring nearly as much water because you can boil much of what you'd need.
  4. I mean, I get that it's not inconceivable, but I've never even heard of a boy's camp-out where there wasn't at least one person who was a parent of a scout. And while I suppose that might possibly mean someone in their mid-twenties if they knocked someone up at 15-16, in most cases that's going to be at least someone in their 30s. Anywhere around me, the average parent of an 11+ year old would be closer to 40 than to 30. So while I don't necessarily object to your concern conceptually, is it really a potentiality that we should be creating rules around? Plus, I know for a fact there are plenty of parents willing to send their teenager girls to sports events and practice with no one along but male coaches.
  5. elitts

    Country Meats

    We make a half-hearted attempt at popcorn, but most of the funds just get credited to the scouts. We sell Christmas wreaths for our primary fundraiser for troop money. We are still building this fundraiser up, but we sold 450 last year with a $6 profit on each one. My former Cub pack sells about 1100 per year. The really nice thing about them is that they are priced at slightly under what they cost at the store so the only issue is catching people before they buy one somewhere else. If a council person ever actually demanded or even requested a portion of those sale funds within my hearing, they wouldn't enjoy the response. Phrases like "Astounding level of incompetance", "dismal communication", "complete failure at follow through" and a few others would all be mixed in there somewhere.
  6. elitts

    The Frugal Camp Menu

    I'm not sure why those even exist. Unless there are people who like to dip them in frosting or something. Gah!! We had a similar offense committed in our troop at the last camp-out. The scouts planned "Oatmeal" (which usually tends to be Apples n Cinnamon, Maple & Brown Sugar, Cinnamon & spice) but the food buyer showed up with a couple boxes of the "Peaches/Strawberries/Blueberries n Cream". Most of the boys ended up eating either Ramen or just fruit.
  7. elitts

    The Frugal Camp Menu

    If having bread-sticks on the tables as decorations is enough potential gluten to require avoiding the table, wouldn't just eating things that came out of the same kitchen pose the same risk? I mean, I've worked around kitchens before, and even when the staff are making an effort to avoid cross contamination, the best you are going to get is a quick brushing off of the surface before they start pulling the next food item out of its container and the likelihood of the staff washing their hands between handling the gluten rich and gluten free items isn't going to be anywhere near 100%. Even if the kitchen staff has been told to do so.
  8. elitts

    Webelos insignia on tan uniform

    If you attache the 4 diamond awards with a basting stitch, it won't leave any marks. On the off chance that a few of the holes don't seem to want to close on their own, if you scrub the stitch lines with stiff bristle tooth or laundry brush, it'll push the fibers back into shape. I've resewn patches onto the same shirt many times that way. The only time you really end up with a problem is when you use a very tight stitch to apply the patches. P.S. When you get to the point of applying "Position of Responsibilty" patches on the shoulder, I strongly suggest just sewing a 2"x2" chunk of velcro on there, then using velcro on any position patches your kid gets. Sewing a new patch onto the sleeve every 3-6 months gets old really fast.
  9. Personally, I hate seeing these on camp-outs and tell the parents not to even buy them for the scouts. Invariably what happens with these is the kids use them for short term comfortable hands rather than actually dressing appropriately for the weather. They don't put them inside gloves or shoes or pockets, they just sit there or walk around holding them and refusing to do anything else because "my hands are cold so I have to keep holding these little packs". And so of course after 30-45 minutes when they are no longer warm enough to keep hands warm outside of an enclosed space, they open a new package, or start whining about being cold again. Personally, if I ever see a scout walking around holding those things, I go find a PL or the SPL and recommend that scout for any laborious activities that need doing since some hard work will warm them up. I don't mind nearly as much the to warmer sort that you actually stick on the inside of your boots.
  10. elitts

    possible fee increase coming

    This is actually something that usually gets reported on grant applications and donation solicitations so it's pretty common in charitable institutions.
  11. elitts

    possible fee increase coming

    This is one of my personal irritations with the way they run these programs. If you ask the Council popcorn reps how we are supposed to sell popcorn that is priced at 4-6 times retail value for the product, they'll say something like "You don't try and sell them popcorn, you sell them the program and ask them to help support the program by buying popcorn". But at the same time, scouts are forbidden to solicit donations directly. So... it's against the rules to overtly solicit a donation, but tacitly soliciting donations via popcorn is just fine.
  12. Oh, I agree that the various "email exchanges" are certainly at least on sketchy legal ground when it comes to the "Open Meetings" act. Most of the places I've worked that do a "Committee of the whole" or "Executive Committee" skate around the laws by publishing that meeting as well, but what they'll do is put out a notice that reads like: ______________________________________________________________________________________ City of Awesome Council meeting at 7pm on 1/2/19 in Council chambers Agenda includes: Formal hearing on Ordinance XYZ, Monthly bills and expenditures, Presentation on new wastewater facility Simulcast in "viewing room" for overflow seating Council Executive Committee meeting prior to the public meeting at 6:00pm in Conference Room 1 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Usually they aren't really trying to have private discussions, they are just trying to have the actual debate somewhere slightly less formal with less potential for disruption.
  13. Unfortunately, a quite common practice with lots of boards is to have a "Committee of the Whole" or "Executive Committee" type meeting ahead of a contentious issue where they actually do most of the discussing and arguing between actual board members. Or it will happen via email and phone calls. Then at the formal meeting "for the consideration of" you'll get any comment someone wants to be officially part of the record stated, but other than that they stay fairly quiet. What you DO get at meetings like that is a "Public Comment" section where the opposing sides of an issue have a few minutes to present their view on the issue. Or formal For and Against presentations from NGOs and advocacy groups.
  14. I wouldn't accept a HOA meeting, but I would accept a meeting of a public "Neighborhood Association". I also just told someone no last week when asked about going to a Religious discussion/debate meeting at their church. When scouts come to me with complaints about getting to a City Council or School Board meeting, I usually suggest they look for Zoning Board meetings for variances or Planning Board meetings. Those are often contentious enough to get the "several points of view".
  15. elitts

    Youth Protection - Parent Unwelcome

    I won't argue that in some places it's considered "Child Abuse", though it isn't everywhere. (I didn't go through every state, but the federal law makes no mention of it) Though I think this is another one of those circumstances where people are expanding terms past the point where there is a useful connection. The whole point of "child abuse" laws was to seriously criminalize patterns of behavior where a single instance might not be criminal as well as to make clear the fact that child abusers are not "one-off offenders" because the factors that lead to child abuse are personality based, not situational. And while FGM is clearly horrible, it doesn't meet any definition of "sexual abuse" that I've ever seen. All of that is not the issue though, because we aren't talking about whether or not this doctor can be registered as an "Scouter". (I have no problem at all with denying the guy the right to be an adult leader) What the OP was talking about was denying the doctor the right to attend meetings or outings as a parent and given the fact that we don't run a background check on every person who attends a meeting or weekend camp-out if they aren't functioning as an "authority figure"; I can't see a justification for this since there's no one arguing that the guy is an actual risk to anyone.