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  1. elitts

    Committee voting

    I just wanted to be clear so that DuctTape wouldn't think I was offering to work towards the goal of "scouts doing it themselves" with his QM. I have enough on my plate, I don't want any more commitments.
  2. elitts

    Committee voting

    Yes, I agree. I'm hoping that with my newest group of QMs, I can start working towards that process.
  3. elitts

    Committee voting

    I'm the Equipment Coordinator for my troop and I can tell you that we handle things in a variety of ways depending on the item. For most equipment, I wait for the SM to tell me there is a need, then I go find whatever the need is at the lowest possible price. If I happen to see something we could really use, but maybe don't absolutely need, I'll send a quick email to the SM, CC and Treasurer to see if anyone wants to veto and if not, I'll buy it. If I happen across a fantastic "till the end of the day" price, I'd probably just buy it on my own "authority" and hope no one pitches a fit. If there is a major purchase to be considered, it will get discussed at the committee meeting, but it's typically not a "What should we buy" discussion, it will be a discussion of "The EQ. Coord. is recommending we do X. How does everyone feel about that?". If I'm weighing a couple of options with pros and cons to be considered, I'll discuss that as well for input, but mostly, I just tell them why I've made the selection I have. The two most aggravating discussions we've had about gear/equipment over the last couple of years have been when "What kind of trailer do we need" and "What kind of tarps/canopies do we need" were brought up for discussion in committee. The trailer issue is going on it's second year of consideration at this point. I know that my primary qualifications for being the equipment buyer are the fact that I'm good at internet research, I have accounts on dozens of discussion forums and I get a positive joy out of finding the cheapest way to buy things. (this doesn't mean buying the cheapest thing) So if you can find that parent in your troop who is constantly talking about "buying the best value car/shoes/outerwear" and is always recommending sales and whatnot to people, I'd see if I could dragoon that person into the job. Tents are a tricky issue in general though. There are often serious considerations to be made regarding quality vs price. If I had unlimited funds, we'd be using entirely Timberline 4 Outfitters with the vestibules because they will last decades if properly maintained and I just like the quality and footprint. However, in my troop most of the people using the tents are the 10-12 year olds and "proper maintenance and care" is a tough battle to fight, not to mention the $300+ price tag on the outfitters. So what has tended to win the argument instead are the Taurus 4 from Alps Mountaineering because if you buy them on sale, you can get them for around $50-$75. And while I KNOW they won't last as long as the Timberlines, I only need them to last 4-6 years at that price to be the better value. I will say, I'd never go back to buying tents without a vestibule. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Hawkwin Check out Hikerdirect.com Basically you can buy anything that Alps Mountaineering, Browning, Cedar Ridge at 45% off or more.
  4. Ugh, that stinks. I think that the CC keeping his nose out of the day-to-day operations of the troop would probably have been one of my conditions for accepting the role. My son just got elected SPL and I've been regularly reminding him that "it's his troop" for the next 6 months and if he needs all the adults to leave the room so they can get things done, (whether it's PLC or troop meeting) he's got every right to request that they leave.
  5. There's nothing I've ever seen about "2 Deep Leadership" that specifies a physical adult presence actually with every gathering of scouts. The adults merely need to be present "at the activity" so that they can be reached to deal with emergencies. I realize there have been opinions (Bryan on Scouting for example) given that indicate that scouts should actually be accompanied by adults, but that's not what the GSS specifically says. So if you are at a meeting of any sort, two adults need to be on the premises to respond to emergencies, they don't need to be in the actual presence of the scouts. If you are on a camp-out, there needs to be at least two adults hanging out in camp, but if the kids decide to go a short hike around the lake, they don't need to be accompanied by adults because "The Camp-out" is the activity, not each specific thing that happens during the camp-out.
  6. Well, I think the organization could survive if it's not somehow toppled by public perception. The biggest issue the BSA faces right now on the perception standpoint is that the attorneys for the accusers are doing everything they can to make it appear that the BSA acted similarly to the Catholic Church in actively hiding and protecting abusers. And unfortunately, with the advent of the #Metoo movement, BSA can barely even argue to defend itself because those arguments are immediately called "gas-lighting" or "re-writing the past" or "blaming the victim". The public outlook on the situation is just not really rational at this point. I mean, in most of the news articles I've seen written, you get the attorney talking about how the BSA covered up abuse, followed by a list of litigants talking about how they never filed a complaint or told anyone. Then the lawyer reiterates that BSA "didn't do enough to protect kids".
  7. elitts

    Troop t-shirts for summer camp

    If you are ordering 100+ shirts, you can get printing done at around $5. But as someone said, you're going to get some seriously cheap shirts at that price. $2 more per shirt ups the quality significantly. But I'll add that ClassB.com isn't necessarily cheaper than your local printing company. I know that I've priced out at least one local company around me that was cheaper than ClassB by almost $2 on the shirts we bought and that was if we only bought 15 shirts. If we'd been ready to order 50 or more the savings went up to almost $3 per shirt.
  8. elitts

    Advice for a new wood badger

    I know that once upon a time the nature preservationist theory was "keep the human impact contained to one space that just gets destroyed and leave the rest untouched". I guess the ones in scouting organizations haven't figured out that the new theory is "spread everyone out thinly so the impact is light enough that nothing gets destroyed".
  9. elitts

    Country Meats

    I wasn't trying to say that you or your kids are lying or that people buying it are being lied to. I was only saying that calling it a "product sale" really isn't accurate anymore (it was once) and that it's ironic for an organization with written rules mandating that troop fundraisers must sell products in line with their value to exempt itself from it's own rules. (I'm also not arguing that they don't have the right to exempt themselves from their own rule) That's why when National Public Radio does it's seasonal fundraiser it doesn't talk about how people can "Call now to purchase this NPR Coffee mug for $120"; they solicit a $120 donation and offer the coffee mug as a gift.
  10. elitts

    Real estate donation

    One of the issues that will be relevant is the payment of property taxes. If the property isn't held for exempt purposes, the annual taxes will have to come out of someone's pocket. It would probably be worth speaking with a tax lawyer to figure out how to get around that part, then decide where to go from there.
  11. elitts

    Country Meats

    Let me re-write that for you more accurately. Our Pack of 38 Cubs will sell $65k in popcorn solicit $65,000 in donations. My son is on pace to sell $8k in popcorn collect $8,000 in donations, and will barely crack top 10 in our council of 60,000 scouts. Do people reach those levels selling meat sticks? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The core of the problem people have with popcorn is that calling it a "product sale" is so disingenuous it's practically lying. The popcorn is SO overpriced that it's no longer a product sale, it's merely a conversation opening for scouts to solicit a donation. In fact, if a troop approached most councils with a different yet equivalently priced product, it wouldn't meet the requirements for an appropriate fundraiser.
  12. elitts

    How much water?

    If you have no access to ANY water, I'd plan on 1 gallon per person per day just for drinking. So for 2 nights, I'd go with 1.5 gallons per person. Plus another 4-5 gallons at least for cooking and washing. But if you have some access to water, it's just not potable, then you don't need to bring nearly as much water because you can boil much of what you'd need.
  13. I mean, I get that it's not inconceivable, but I've never even heard of a boy's camp-out where there wasn't at least one person who was a parent of a scout. And while I suppose that might possibly mean someone in their mid-twenties if they knocked someone up at 15-16, in most cases that's going to be at least someone in their 30s. Anywhere around me, the average parent of an 11+ year old would be closer to 40 than to 30. So while I don't necessarily object to your concern conceptually, is it really a potentiality that we should be creating rules around? Plus, I know for a fact there are plenty of parents willing to send their teenager girls to sports events and practice with no one along but male coaches.
  14. elitts

    Country Meats

    We make a half-hearted attempt at popcorn, but most of the funds just get credited to the scouts. We sell Christmas wreaths for our primary fundraiser for troop money. We are still building this fundraiser up, but we sold 450 last year with a $6 profit on each one. My former Cub pack sells about 1100 per year. The really nice thing about them is that they are priced at slightly under what they cost at the store so the only issue is catching people before they buy one somewhere else. If a council person ever actually demanded or even requested a portion of those sale funds within my hearing, they wouldn't enjoy the response. Phrases like "Astounding level of incompetance", "dismal communication", "complete failure at follow through" and a few others would all be mixed in there somewhere.
  15. elitts

    The Frugal Camp Menu

    I'm not sure why those even exist. Unless there are people who like to dip them in frosting or something. Gah!! We had a similar offense committed in our troop at the last camp-out. The scouts planned "Oatmeal" (which usually tends to be Apples n Cinnamon, Maple & Brown Sugar, Cinnamon & spice) but the food buyer showed up with a couple boxes of the "Peaches/Strawberries/Blueberries n Cream". Most of the boys ended up eating either Ramen or just fruit.