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  1. That's not how bankruptcy works. When a bankruptcy is final, that entity is essentially dead and it's replaced by a new entity of the same name but with no liability for anything that happened before the bankruptcy. So even if other states remove the time limits on suits, they would have no recourse against the post-bankruptcy BSA. (the Councils might be a different matter) The only way I've ever heard of to get money out of a post-bankruptcy entity is to argue that they did something fraudulent during the processing of their bankruptcy that means the bankruptcy proceedings should be re
  2. My parents are still close friends with 3 or 4 of the adults who were my Scoutmaster and ASMs as a kid. I'm in my 40s now and I still have to make a conscious effort to address them as anything other than Mr. XXX when I run into them at my parent's functions. In fact, I sometimes find myself just doing the "Catch his eye and start talking" trick to avoid having to use their names.
  3. Well, I only meant a "valid" number, not necessarily an "un-expired" number. And mostly just so that you need to be registered to be an MBC. I wouldn't suggest actually trying to match up registration dates with MBC signature dates and all of that. The only things I'd throw out would be people who put down 8675309 or 3141592 or something.
  4. What WOULD stop that, would be a requirement that a MBC include a valid BSA registration number along with their signature on a blue card in order for it to be effective.
  5. I suppose it depends on the proposal and the scout sometimes. I've sat on a few project review boards where I'm sure the scout thought we were being unfair and mean. Every once and a while you get a scout that has a proposal SO rough that there's just no help possible besides a little "hard truth" and the suggestion to come back again after a little more thinking goes into it. I usually try and handle situations like that with questions that point out all the areas the scout hasn't even considered. Most of the time they just say "Can I just go think about that and come back later tonight?"
  6. Not necessarily. Personally, I favor using a fairly strict application of definitions because I think maintaining gradations is important for understanding problems. Neighborhood red-lining against minorities and 25% down-payment requirements for mortgages will both have the effect of keeping minorities out of suburban neighborhoods, but one policy is based upon racism and the other is de facto discrimination from lack of forethought. The distinction is important because the approaches to solving the problems are completely different. However, I can understand why the perspective of a
  7. Well, I have to preface my point by saying I despise the overuse of the term "racism" as it is often used incorrectly simply to make someone's argument sound more important/persuasive/dramatic. (and I'm not pinning that on InquisitiveScouter) A more appropriate phrase for what is actually being discussed is "Systemic Discrimination or Bias". That said, while there are certainly people who believe the systemic racism in our society was built in on purpose, "intent" isn't actually a necessary component for an overall system to be considered discriminatory. Take for example; states where t
  8. I really don't think you can use the raw numbers from 2020 to evaluate the effectiveness of the decision to admit girls. COVID and the LDS exit are massively significant variables that ended up getting thrown in this year. And I don't think there's much argument about the idea that the LDS were on their way out regardless of the decision to admit girls since the BSA decided to stop discriminating against homosexual folks. Uh, they are almost all either 18 already or very close to it, so I'm going to take a wild guess that the number who will remain with the program will be qu
  9. I would just like to see the clothing be cut appropriately for real people. The last 10-20 years at least whoever is designing these things has done a terrible job of outfitting anyone outside the "not-so-standard" bean-pole body shape. My son wasn't able to fit into the right size youth scout pants after age 9 because he actually had leg muscles and couldn't get the pants up past his thighs. And clearly the designers took the approach of just using a straight percentage size increase for adult sizes over large resulting in shirts for overweight people that made them look like flying squirr
  10. LOL! That's a man after my own heart. When my Cub Pack got the "Cough with a hand out" over our wreath fundraiser (we didn't sell popcorn) I proposed talking to our local council camp director and asking for a wish list we could dump $1500 on rather than giving it to council. I pretty much had my committee convinced too, except then I couldn't get the Camp director to actually respond to me (I tried for a couple months too) so the check got sent to council instead.
  11. Well... maybe not "free". The problem with "free" is that people tend to automatically infer that if something is free it is of little value. So you get lots of "maybe" signups because you aren't out anything if you just don't show up and people who show up, but only to check a box while they surf on their phone the whole time. A very minimal $5-$10 fee (that can be waived upon written request) does a lot to eliminate those sorts of issues. IMO, almost nothing should ever actually be totally free outside of emergency services.
  12. Try taking some scrap 2x4s and gluing them together "butcher block" style to about 24" wide then cut them to 24"-30" long. Then glue one 2x4 flat against the length of the back and extend it down about 3'-4'. Then drill a hole through the top of the 2x4 backing strip and attach a 2x2 on each side of the 2x4 using a threaded bolt to make it stand like a tripod.
  13. Is that a local council rule or from your CO? That's just nutty.
  14. Lets just be clear here, for the most part, the scouters who are taking kids out into the woods are parents. It's not like there are there is this large cohort of unmarried childless people serving as scout leaders who are trying to keep the annoying parents away. When you see scouters (like me) on here talking about getting rid of the parents on camp-outs all they are really saying is "We don't want people uninformed about the program interfering with the program". After all, the only difference between a parent and a scouter is training and a piece of paper sent in with a registration fee
  15. Fortunately, BSA doesn't necessarily NEED the approval of the plaintiffs in order to get the Chapter 11 bankruptcy approved. If they come up with an offer that is fair and equitable, and the plaintiff attorneys reject it and insist upon liquidation, the judge can simply overrule their objection and approve the plan anyway. Particularly if it seems like the plaintiff attorneys aren't really bargaining in good faith. (ie: their mission is liquidation, not finding a deal that works)
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