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  1. No, that's not scout led, that's "scout figure-head puppet" and I promise the scouts can see the difference. Even in a brand new troop, the counseling and advice should be coming from adults either before or after the meeting or activity in the form of a "what worked, what didn't" style conversation, unless something is going seriously off the rails of course.
  2. I think that's part of what's really tripping me up here too. I've seen too many instances of parents going to battle for their kids only to find out what the kid told the parent in the first place wasn't exactly or entirely what happened. I don't know if that's the case here or not, but some parts of the story as laid out certainly trip some warning bells saying SOMETHING is missing here.
  3. I just want to make it clear that I never said, nor do I think, that the behavior the OP has described is acceptable. If I were the CC or COR and I became aware of an incident like this it would take an other-wise sterling record, a completely repentant attitude and some serious consideration before I considered anything besides booting the SM from his/her position if not the troop. I just Bullying is certainly reportable, all I said is that not all instances of someone being mean is "bullying", regardless of whether or not there is a power imbalance. It really
  4. I'm going to agree that, on it's face, this wasn't really a YP violation. It may well have been a "Bad Scoutmaster " situation, but not a Youth Protection violation. A single incidence of being mean or rude or unkind isn't "Bullying", it's just being unpleasant. Telling your son "that shirt isn't appropriate for the activity and you need to change" is likewise not bullying. If the Scoutmaster encouraged the other boys to then be unkind to your son, that WOULD be bullying, but if the other boys were just pissed at your son for taking up 45 minutes of their time over not changing
  5. This is correct. Doing that allows you to provide an explaination or comment on the post. You can even create your own reply and then report it with a comment to draw the Moderator's attention to an ongoing problem. Alternately, you can click on a moderator's name and message them directly, though that doesn't go to everyone the way "Report" does.
  6. I've hidden a few posts here because we were moving from arguing on issues to just arguing with each other. Not all of the posts were un-scoutlike, but I also removed those that were responding directly to the offending posts. Let's all just take a breath or two before continuing. If you disagree with the hiding of these posts, please message the moderators in general and if the collective disagrees with me, the posts can be un-hidden.
  7. This isn't a fringe view, you just aren't reading what he wrote in context. He's not saying women are "Neurotic" he's talking about the "Big Five Dimensions of Personality". Neuroticism is a trait, not a mental illness or criticism. Another phrase for Neuroticism is "Emotional Stability". But everyone should alsways keep in mind that not all the moderators read everything every day. If anyone thinks a post is contrary to the forum rules, they should "Report" the post rather than assuming a moderator will be along soon and notice it.
  8. You are mixing up statistical and non-statistical terminology. In the context of a statistical study if something bad happens frequently then it's a "high risk". But a negative occurrence being a "high risk" has nothing to do with the severity of the potential outcome. Elementary Teachers, particularly in their first few years, are at "high risk" of contracting all manner of infections from snotty, unhygienic children. (then after a few years they are often relatively healthier, illness-wise, than the average adult) But the likelihood of a serious outcome from all those illnesses is extrem
  9. That's a great idea; and in many ways I agree with it in principle. The problem is that the US government spent 80 odd years (after slavery was abolished) keeping their thumb on the scale (via redlining) when it comes to minority populations. So we aren't talking about some new kid "coming lately to the game getting to take a swing". What we have here is something more like a kid who's been on the baseball team since 1st grade, but wasn't allowed to do anything in practice but chase stray balls. Now it's High School and he/she is told, "Congratulations, we've decided to give you a shot at
  10. Look, it's another sweeping generalization based upon some headline somewhere. Not to diminish the mental and physical sacrifice people in the Health Care industry made during the first 12-18 months of COVID, but again, you just aren't relating the actual data accurately. The way statistics works is that when data is being unusually impacted by some specific factor that isn't likely to be ongoing, that data gets excluded the study as an "Outlier". When it comes to industry related mortality rates, that's what all of the COVID related deaths would be considered because world-wide pandem
  11. I would NEVER willingly put "troop" monies into an account our local council had access to. I have no problem at all imagining a SE deciding "un-designated bank funds at the end of the fiscal year get shifted to the Council general fund". If I was forced into a situation where a Council chartered troop was my only option, I'd probably establish a new charity with the sole function of acting as our "banker". We would "volunteer" for a fundraiser and the "Troopfund X" organization would simply hold our funds until needed and then they would cut a check for whatever needed paying. Kind of
  12. Just to be clear though, drug companies don't have warning labels based upon past history of old drug formulations, they post warnings of known risks of the current drug. So any BSA risks and warnings pamphlet should be based upon the BSA's more recent history rather than the pre-1980s.
  13. I don't know what Catholic church you attend(ed), but your concept of what priests are personally involved with is drastically different than anything I've seen in my last 40 years of being Catholic (including attending Catholic school). The precipitous decline in the priesthood since the 1970s has resulted in priests having little if anything to do with any of the non-liturgical or sacramental functions of Catholic functions. I'm not saying there aren't any priests still in the schools or running youth community outreach programs, but they are few and far between. The first time I saw a pri
  14. Again I'll say, the total number of Catholics is not relevant for this discussion since the vast majority of Catholic youth have ZERO contact with any priest or deacon. (unless you can find some study identifying what proportion of that youth act as Alter Servers) I know that I attended 3 different Catholic churches as a child (in a fairly large metropolitan area) and not a single one of those churches had more than a dozen or so Altar Servers at any one time. So with roughly 17,000 churches you have a sample population of maybe 200,000 per year.
  15. Another possibility is that your troop has a whole new leadership team that is still trying to figure out how to actually plan meetings. A 60-90 minute long game for 2+ months is a bit excessive, but we've seen multiple weeks in a row in our troop where the PLC kind of falls flat on getting an actual meeting planned so the SPL will pinch hit with a long game. It's part of the Scouting program of being "youth-led" to allow the troop leaders to fumble their way to success with these sorts of things while the SM throws out occasional suggestions as opposed to taking over the programming him/her
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