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  1. For a decade or so my sons had a friendly competition for the highest mountain climbed. Mostly though I think they wanted to beat their Dads best of 11,711. A few years ago I got an photo of a smiling scoutson #1 standing in the snow, next to a sign proclaiming 18,500 ft. He was somewhere in Nepal.
  2. " And you ain't seen nothin yet"
  3. In the interest of accuracy, here is the statement to which I believe you refer. @yknot I'm just not seeing what you seem to see. If anything It's the opposite.
  4. Welcome! I hear ya brother, when I was an SPL many was the time that I wished I could go back to the simple life of the Quartermaster. I suspect that you are making the same mistake I did in the beginning. Trying to do it all. That's what makes patrols and patrol leaders essential in a larger troop. Properly done the PLs do 90% of the work. First question Where does the SM stand on this? Your're going to have to work together on this.. Does he, or any of the other adults have experience in a multi patrol troop? I'm not saying he should do your job for you, but a wise lead
  5. The biggest difference in working with Richlite or Micarta is that you're basically cutting hardened glue. Chisels dull very quickly, normal hand saws are useless. I usually work it with carbide tipped blades, hacksaws. files, and silicon carbide sandpaper. 220-320-400 grit. 600-800 if I'm going for a high gloss finish. The stuff is nearly indestructible, but as for me give me highly figured Cocobolo or Desert Ironwood every time.
  6. While I am quite certain that Qwazse doesn't require any help in this "debate", I find I cannot let your final sentence pass without comment. It's one that gets used a lot and frankly, It's insulting. The implication being that unless someone is in favor of your solution to a problem, then they are supporting the problem. The idea that Qwazse, or any of us on this forum, is supporting or complacent with child abuse of any description goes way beyond the pale. Edit: FYI I have no need whatsoever to list any qualifications (survivor, recovering alcoholic, etc) in order to give voice
  7. They didn't need to abandon the cooler. For a small percentage I would have given it a good home. Unless of course the three sixes were Iron City!
  8. It was quite common to see the adults smoking a pipe or having a beer after dinner, when I was a tenderfoot but that was over 50 years ago. The word went around in the early '80s that we needed to set the best example we possibly could for the scouts. So no drinking and if you absolutely have to have a smoke, kindly take a hike over the hill a quarter mile away. I knew a few SMs who ignored these rules and were quietly relieved from duty as a result. One event I'll never forget happened in '79 I had to forcibly take a large knife away from a very drunk 14 year old, who was staggering arou
  9. A recent National Chief came from my lodge. He wouldn't or more likely couldn't talk either. I've always wondered exactly what goes on at such high and exulted levels, guess I'll never know. Oh well, I'm much happier in the woods than in a boardroom
  10. I feel obliged to point out that mathematically if you cut a corner off a totin chip card, which is a rectangle, the resulting irregular pentagon now has five corners. As you keep cutting off corner after corner you eventually arrive at a circle which has either no corners or infinite corners.
  11. A hawk is a bird and it's feeding at the bird feeder. Seems appropriate.
  12. which sadly, is what a lot of really great scouters have actually done. It is also worth repeating that among the older scouts a lot of the best backpackers, canoeists, shooters, etc. end up quitting as well. Because they view a lot of the GSS rules as overly restrictive at best, completely idiotic at worst.
  13. Just trying to figure out how to split kindling with loppers...
  14. Having spent over four decades in woodshops I've seen worse. But pictures like this still make me cringe, just imagining what's underneath.
  15. Apologies if this comes across as snarky, but I would expect engineers to report on Engineering, accountants on financial situations, what are the aforementioned racially and sexually defined affinity groups supposed to report on?
  16. Sounds like an organization that my mother, sisters, wife and daughter belonged to once upon a time. Squirrel Gouts? Something like that anyway.
  17. Maybe it did build inclusion and acceptance at the chiefs council. I wasn't there so I can't say yea or nay. But if it did it would be utterly unique in my experience. Every time I've witnessed people separated into exclusionary groups, at work, at church, at scouts, it always seems to create a rift or deepen a pre-existing one. "Welcome to attend"? Well they were scouts so it's possible I guess. Certainly wouldn't fit the pattern of the last few years.
  18. I think you're on the mark here. The boys, save one, are not willing to step up. They're just starting to figure out how this boy/ girl relationship thing works. They don't want to be embarrassed in front of their peers. A fate worse than death when you're 12. So they play it safe. Act cool. Don't put yourself in a situation that might become awkward. Head down and mouth shut is the order of the day. When the ladies aren't around; totally different story.
  19. I guess we must live in different worlds. I've been watching the girls take charge of our mixed troop for the last year and a half.. Or maybe the boys have just abdicated. Yes, I know that mixed troops are still verboten. So on paper we have two troops. In reality...
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