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    Irwindale (CA) Girls abused in Police Explorers Unit

    I'd like to know that answer too. I bet it's the common failure mode with safety procedures where the individuals executing the procedure don't think it applies to them because of their extra skill or capability or position.
  2. fred johnson

    Starting a new troop: Budget items

    Ya know ... troops just don't need to build up that much stuff. Usually troops have way way way more stuff then they need for a camp out. If you are asking "budget" ... part of the budget is who pays for what. Who pays camping fees? Are scouts paying per camp out or does troop cover from general fund part of the camping fee Who pays food? Does a scout collect and then spend from that? Or does a patrol member submit a receipt for food to the troop treasurer? How is the troop funded? I ask as it majorly affects your budget plans? In one troop, the troop charges $20 to $25 for each camp out. Then they tack on another $5 for materials. Fuel. Stove. Etc. The goal is the troop should come out ahead by a few days per person per camp out. That money builds up to be how they pay for tents and other equipment. But you can do it other ways too. Fundraisers. Or have scouts bring the equipment. Or .... It really is a double sided budget. Not just what do you need to spend, but how do you raise those funds too.
  3. fred johnson

    Starting a new troop: Budget items

    I've been in multiple troops that do it differently. Scouts bringing their own tent makes life easier for the adults. BUT, there are lots of benefits to the troop owning the tents. It gives the QM something meaningful to do. It gives the troop things to do at meetings (setup, clean, put away, etc). It's also a great leveling aspect as everyone has the same stuff. It doesn't become a competition for who has the best tent. Also, you can avoid scouts bringing party tents. I swear half the trouble at night is when you have five or six scouts sharing one tent. There is something about two in a tent that causes them to fall asleep faster. Most importantly, everyone having matching tents makes for a sharp looking camp site. Our troop had matching tents for ten plus years. We replace one every other year or so. Now, I'd say we are at about one new tent a year and we have 15+ in our trailer. For a new troop, I'd avoid big cost items. Heck, I'd think it might be cool to have a patrol go to a second hand shop (goodwill, savers, ...) and have them pick out what they need. Silverware. Plates. Cups. Skillets. Etc. It would be a cool way to stock a patrol. Plus, when the patrol crashes, donate that patrol's stuff and let the new patrol go shopping again. I bet you could get most of the cook stuff for under $20 from a second hand shop. Except lanterns and stove.
  4. fred johnson

    Targeting Boy with False Allegations

    I pray that incidents like your daughter experienced NEVER cause people to avoid reporting. Did your daughter report this follow-on incident? Did her friends? I'd hope he was expelled, was charged and faced juvenile court punishments. Reporting is critical. I fully believe future victims are created by not reporting. The most visible example of this is Harvey Weinstein's 87 victims over 30+ years. If early victims would have spoke up, perhaps 50 or 60 or 70 fewer victims would have been created.
  5. fred johnson

    Adult Supervision for Online Communications

    What is social media? This is not clear cut. It's a general rule to apply based on intent. Our scouts have a large group text message "chat". We don't monitor it. Heck if we tried, another communication channel would creep in and relatively soon grow to encompass all the scouts again. IMHO, damage would be done by our trying to insert ourselves too much. We'd lose the scout's trust and they would start fearing and hiding things from us. Plus for our troop, I'm not exactly sure what technology they use, but I think it's basically very similar to texting. Maybe a bit more persistent, but texting is relatively persistent too. But, I just don't consider it "social media" any more than I consider a phone call or an email as social media. I consider "Social media" as facebook, instagram, youtube, etc. Tools that help form a community. I don't consider email or texting or basic message relay as "social media". Funny comment ... I've listened in on our scouts at times. Several use snapchat to talk with their girl friends. It's not because of trying to hide things. It's because they don't want their girlfriends to have long term records of what they said. They don't want their past communication over analyzed, relayed or being used against them in the future. So they use snapchat to avoid a long term trail. I find that funny that the boys were already thinking about that. I flip back and forth whether snapchat is a social media channel.
  6. fred johnson

    Parent in need of advice

    Your statement sounds about right. Let your husband be there for your son. Your husband can read books, relax, go for walks, etc. But at the same time he can be there for your son to support and provide a safety net. Often kids just want sympathy and empathize and to know they are important. Your husband being there would probably help. Also, your husband can help the troop without taking on an official role. There are always dozens of ways to help at any camp. Just walking over to help with adult dishes. Or cook an adult meal. Or help the SM / ASM setup / tear down their own stuff. A friendly hand is always welcome.
  7. fred johnson

    Parent in need of advice

    A few general points. "Special needs" are not all one and the same. ADD, ADHD can be very different than obstinate defiant behavior disorders. I'm not sure the scout in this situation, but some challenges need more than others. It's more about finding that magical mix where your son fits in right. It's less about one troop being more accommodating than another. Over the years, I can count a dozen plus scouts that had ADHD and some with relatively severe developmental issues. Most worked out fine. One we had to effectively ask to try another troop as we could not find that magical mix. Another left before of their own accord. We think of ourselves as accommodating, but it's hard to get that right mix. Independence ... I think a key part that makes scouting work is the boys need to some degree be able to function on their own. Walk down the trail. Go to bed. Use a stove. Follow general instructions. Adults can't be at every location at every moment. The exact right leader can be at the right spot every time. Teasing and bullying ... Teasing and bullying can be every bit as much of a character flaw that needs help as ADD, ADHD, etc. We can help teach and we can correct incidents, but it's not a light switch that we can flip and make it go away. Even worse, kids often tease and bully kids they see as vulnerable to it. Once it's started, it's hard to stop. And, after an incident, even small actions can be seen as teasing and bullying. IMHO, having a parent there ... in the shadows ... may be the best fallback. The parent shouldn't inject themselves in every aspect of the troop, but the parent can be there in case their son reaches that edge. You can't expect leaders to be there at every moment. You can't expect the right youth leader to be there at every moment. If your son needs a bit more help or a safety margin, you might need to help a bit more.
  8. fred johnson

    Transferring From LDS to Non LDS Unit

    Yes. I've had some experience here. There are no requirement differences. The advancement program is the same. LDS troop can do things differently, but it's not a formal published difference. For example, we've had scouts from LDS troops come for an EBOR who are absolutely great kids, great scouts, done cool things, but they might not have a shirt or might not have done patrols or ... The program can vary greatly. But this is really true for non-LDS units too. The simple fact is troops often implement the program very differently. I'd focus on helping the scout have a positive, smooth, welcoming transition from the other troop. No matter how good each troop is, there is often an adjustment. Only worry about cleaning up advancement requirements or getting them current.
  9. This happens to scouts, adults and professionals. Anyone worth their mustard will help solve this issue. Ask your troop. Issues like this happen all through life. The skill is learning to handle them and realizing its just a small bump. Next time put the receipt in your wallet or take a picture of it with your phone.
  10. fred johnson

    Targeting Boy with False Allegations

    Sadly, I've heard your view from scouts too. Add also discussions from them on why many different types of laws need to change. Laws on everything from liability to the oldest profession laws. ... I've always been amazed what we can overhear as adult leaders when you are good at blending into the background.
  11. fred johnson

    Targeting Boy with False Allegations

    I've wondered how this affects young men. I know many young men right now that are just not interested in dating. It's very strange and alien to me. I always thought it was internet and online gaming. I suspect this is a strong contributor.
  12. I'm not insulting at all. I'm stating. I'm saying you are ignorant of everything I've done for 15 years for all scouts; my faith, other faiths or no faith. I've never used scouting as an evangelical tool and I've never stood in the way or blocked or insulted anyone of other faiths or those of no faith. If anything, I've helped numerous scouts that are not practicing or that do not have a faith. My volunteering has been about enabling them to camp and develop friendships and have adventures. You are ignorant of who I am and what I've done. You are insulting without cause. My question. What have you done to support the scouts, both those that are atheist and those that have a faith. Where have you given back your time?
  13. You are so so so ignorant and not knowing what you are really saying.
  14. Well ... I hope you create accounts on Arabic forums, Jewish forums, Hindu forums, fellowship of Christian Athlete sites, Alcoholics Anonymous and badger them too. I feel like I'm dealing with Donald Trump. Someone who needs to pick a fight and bring people down to lift his position.
  15. I've read articles like that before. It's an academic exercise to create a morality based on love, beauty, fairness and enlightenment. The challenge is that these are not necessarily universals. And, people may not have the resources to live at that enlightened level. Or, they could have so many resources they do not need to live at that level. Resources are not just money, but also health, youth, their own beauty, physical ability, intellectual ability, environment, family, society, etc. It's why I'd strongly argue there is no "morality" outside the laws of the state ... that you will be caught violating ... and that have ramifications.
  16. Fascinating controversy. I found the original article. I had no idea of this Linux controversy.
  17. Agreed. On a personal note, I really fully believe that morality is not self-evident. Without faith, morality is an academic exercise at best. At worst, an imposition by the state leaving decisions to personal benefit or avoiding punishment. Example: Everyone knows, but no one can me so I'll hand in thousands of pages of email, but claim I reformatted my email server.
  18. This is NOT about BSA. This is about your using this blog for a personal agenda outside BSA and being willing to bring everyone down with you. I just don't understand what is going on in your life to cause you to post in this board as you do.
  19. Where is there anything at all scouting related in this discussion. Merlyn LeRoy has long represented anti anything that he feels is bad and often at the cost of other people's beliefs and personal values. Sadly, it often degrades into ugly name calling and insults. This discussion chain should end. It lifts up no one.
  20. Stop with the Christianity bashing. You may not value it, but many of us do. Stop with the history lessons. They are incomplete and just bashing others. It's just the latest populist form of hate speech.
  21. fred johnson

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    My experience with cub scouts was that the youngest (1st and 2nd) grades did not initially know it was boy only. They had to "learn" that.
  22. fred johnson

    Council Merger

    The new model is large councils. The power of size is really hard to argue against. Plus, add online training. Add online advancement / scoutbook. Add reduced corporate and family fundraising. Scouts need less hand holding from councils. The power of a larger council is hard to argue against. The only sad sad part is the council leaders will know proportionately fewer of the actual scouts.
  23. The scout can write his own statement of spiritual beliefs. Sometimes the other parent can write the statement too.
  24. I did find this. It was our one page "flyer" version for recruitment. It has a similar one page parent info sheet of about the same length. Forgive the formatting. The original version has multiple columns, quotes and nice formatting and pictures. <big image> Boy Scout Troop ### <city>, <state> http://<web site> WHAT IS SCOUTING: Boy Scouts is a boy led program of fun outdoor activities, peer group leadership opportunities, and a personal exploration of career, hobby and special interests, all designed to achieve BSA's objectives of developing character, citizenship and personal fitness. WHAT DO WE DO: Troop ### offers a traditional scouting program of learning through fun and adventure. At troop meetings, scouts work on skills and advancements; plan camp outs and special activities; make life long friendships; and most importantly, have fun! The following are recent Troop ### camp outs. Jan – <camp and/or activity> Feb – <camp and/or activity> Mar – <camp and/or activity> Apr – <camp and/or activity> May – <camp and/or activity> Jun – <camp and/or activity> Jul – <camp and/or activity> Aug – <camp and/or activity> Sep – <camp and/or activity> Oct – <camp and/or activity> Nov – <camp and/or activity> Dec – <camp and/or activity> The troop has at least one high adventure trip every year. Past adventures have included the following. Philmont (120,000 acres in New Mexico) Florida Sea Base (near Key West) <regional high adventure> <regional high adventure> National Jamborees MEMBERSHIP: Troop ### is open to all boys ages 11 to 17. We welcome transition cub scouts, existing scouts and all boys new to scouting. Some of our scouts are home schooled. Others attend a wide variety of schools in <city>, <city>, <city>, <city>, <city> and <city>. LEADERS: Our Scoutmaster ###### started scouting in YYYY with his son ##### (Eagle Scout YYYY) and has been Scoutmaster since YYYY. Mr. ##### is an active member of the community and is a very positive influence on the scouts. Our high adventure coordinator ####### joined in YYYY with his son ###### (Eagle Scout YYYY). Mr. ####### was raised by his own father in scouting, earned his Eagle as a youth and has served Troop ### in many positions including Scoutmaster. ADVANCEMENT: Advancement has many forms. Skills, rank, leadership, independence, etc. As Troop ### wants every scout to earn the Eagle Scout rank, our program teaches skills, responsibility, leadership and supports advancement. But the real control of advancement is in the hands of each individual scout. Another form of advancement has to do with developing character, citizenship and physical fitness. Troop ### is committed to the goals as expressed in the Boy Scouts of America “mission statement”. “The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.” SCHOOL? CHURCH? SPORTS? Scouting won’t always be the highest priority. That’s fine. Troop ### encourages scouts to explore life and all opportunities. Scouts participate as they can and have no mandatory minimum attendance requirements. Scouts participate because it is fun and rewarding. COST: Scouts are encouraged to pay their own way using the funds they earn through the annual fall popcorn and wreath fundraisers. Annual troop dues are $##. Average weekend camp out is $##. SCHEDULE: Troop meets on Mondays at 6:45pm with the 4th Monday being a PLC meeting where the scouts in leadership positions update their plans.
  25. Wow. I've been looking, but I can't find it. We used to hand it out on nights people visited the troop. We switched scoutmasters years ago and we've not used it since. And, I can't find it. I'll hunt it down.