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  1. ^ I will say that the Scout Life website has a good set of pages set up for the Programming merit badge that speaks to the requirements much better than any pamphlet could. Includes a list of various Programming languages they can use, along with some sample programs/files to tinker with: Programming merit badge – Scout Life magazine that site became the 'pamphlet' that my son could follow along with when he was learning the basics of his three languages.
  2. As the dad of a First Class scout and myself now a Merit Badge Counselor for a couple of badges, I find the topic of Merit Badge Pamphlets a bit confusing from a BSA standpoint. When my son initially crossed-over, I had seen the term 'merit badge pamphlet' and read that you could purchase them but thought they were just printed versions of the Badge Requirements pdf found on Merit Badges | Boy Scouts of America (scouting.org), which had me questioning why an 8 page printed form cost $5 or $6. It wasn't until I was browsing the official BSA store when I found out about the full pamphlets.
  3. Thanks for confirming, all. I find it odd that a number of the advice online from scouts who have done this badge suggest going for the Mountain Biking portion simply because of the shorter distance. I went with my son's troop last year as part of a mountain biking activity, and it was definitely NOT easy. My son and I who had never mountain-biked before took well over an hour just to do 2 miles. This included a lot of walking the bike over very high tree roots that our bikes couldn't clear and extremely narrow paths right next to steep ravines. I don't think I'd recommend that experience to a
  4. Looking at the Cycling badge and Requirement 7 - Road Biking vs Mountain Biking options, I'm trying to figure out how a paved bike trail fits in while I help schedule some upcoming outings for my son's troop. We have a couple of long mileage paved bike trails in our state that would seemingly be a good fit for part of the requirements. These are trails separated from the road but do cross the road at various intersections where the cyclist has to stop and be observant of oncoming traffic. Would such a bike trail count as 'road biking' or 'mountain biking'? In my view, they are are more ro
  5. I like the newer ideas you listed and would consider those. (not sure on the wireless router... I'd suggest the parent set that up, along with the security settings and password). I feel like this badge does need to be updated though on its list of suggested projects (as others have mentioned). For instance, most homes could benefit from some newer electrical/smart device installation, but if you follow the list of 'categories' that the scout has to perform the required number of projects, the Electrical category would get filled up pretty quick for these newer types of projects. -
  6. I'm a dad to a scout who crossed over this year from cub scouts and was considering being a merit badge counselor for this badge. In my opinion, this is a very useful badge to pursue for general life prep (the Arrow of Light related badge was also pretty handy to know). A couple of the possible projects though had me scratching my head on how the scout would perform these: - Replace a pane of glass The only windows I've come across recently have been double-paned sealed windows that the average homeowner wouldn't replace on their own. Maybe this project is more common with older houses
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