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  1. You do understand what it means for the TCC and it’s counsel to have a fiduciary duty to 84,000 claimants, correct? And you are aware of how it cut a deal with BSA in exchange for inclusion in the exculpation section of the Plan? No financial interest? Hardly.
  2. So where is the late great his highness Doug Kennedy or the TCC? Hunkering down in their usual bunkers?
  3. The Mann Act is a criminal statute. Do you know whether Congress added a civil remedy to it? If criminal only, the Fed’s are very selective which cases they will indict
  4. According to Kosnoff, these pre-76 cases are live unless the charter is a contributing party. As it stands now, none of the Catholic dioceses or orders are CP’s but they have a year from confirmation to cut a deal with the Settlement Trustee and get released from those pre-76 cases. Your situation is getting dire because the California window closes 12/31. You need to file against the C before then to toll the running of the statute. CA also requires a certification from a psychologist as prerequisite to filing your lawsuit. That takes a little time but is not a big deal. Probably 3-4 thousand
  5. More bad publicity helping tube the BSA-LDS 250M deal. https://apnews.com/article/Mormon-church-sexual-abuse-investigation-e0e39cf9aa4fbe0d8c1442033b894660
  6. This is no small issue. Start tugging on this little piece of yarn and the entire sweater unravels. It’s likely what happens. Why would LDS stay in for a release of exclusively scouting related abuse only to face an onslaught of lawsuits for abuse not occurring at a camp or activity. Many scenarios involve grooming in scouting leading to abuse outside of scouting, etc. LDS would be better off making a clean break with BSA, becoming an Opt-out charter, keeping its 250M AND its BSA insurance rights. Now, what do the settling insurers do with their settlements when all current and futur
  7. Are you saying a TCC member was disqualified from voting because he had a conflict of interest. Was that disclosed to the UST or to the survivor body?
  8. So...the answer is yes, people like Dr. Kennedy can be awarded some or all of the 2 million dollar "fine"? BTW__ Dr. Kennedy answered clearly. The vote on the TCC was NOT unanimous. Your answer above is Orwellian.
  9. I wish someone would have asked Dr. Kennedy about this Plan paragraph. Who else could this apply to except TCC members? Smells very fishy. Section 4.1(c) (c) Among the Trust Assets are funds contributed from Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP (the “PSZJ Contribution”). The Trustee shall have discretion to use such part of the PSZJ Contribution as the Trustee may determine to distribute to holders of Abuse Claims in recognition of their positive contributions made prior to, during or after the Chapter 11 Cases benefiting survivors of childhood sexual abuse and preventing ab
  10. It was not unanimous. One or more members either voted to reject or abstained from supporting. Significant. Even the committee members could not agree. That’s not “overwhelming” support.
  11. That AND the possibility of freezing of pensions. Wouldn’t these revelations from yesterday foment rebellion about this plan? Can the Ad Hoc of LC’s hold it together?
  12. She is awful. It was a 20 minute cross x that she's dragging out to four hours or longer. She is rigid in her thinking and demonstrates little understanding of how sexual abuse cases are actually handled in the tort system. She spent 90 mind-deadening minutes to make the point that the claim review process is not the tort system.. Yes you are right Ms. McNally. Does your client prefer to face 84,000 claims in the tort system? If the claims review process is gong to adopt all of the procedures found in the tort system, then this Plan cannot be confirmed.
  13. Thank you. I hope that puts to rest the absolutist non-sense spouted for years on this forum about statute of limitations. Fraudulent concealment tolling is most likely viable in almost every state. It is thermonuclear for the defense which is why he testified that BSA settled cases it believed ought to be barred because it could not take the chance. In Hacker case in Illinois, that blast resulted in an 89M dollar hit. This alone demonstrates the appalling inadequacy of the settlements in this Plan. Anybody want a re-vote now that you understand?
  14. Intermediate appellate panel. 2-1. Appeal to NC Supreme Court. Only instance I can think of where an appellate court ruled that a revival statute violated the state constitution. SCOTUS has ruled in other contexts that civil statutes of limitations are matters of "legislative grace" i.e. what the legislature giveth it can take away. No federal constitutional right in a statute of limitation defense.
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