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  1. So, assuming a global deal or partial global deal gets worked out, will local councils be pacified by some of the governance changes alluded to on the fireside? Is the LC anger just hot air or are they in a position to force meaningful changes? Do you think the brand still has the same value? It has been so damaged I question whether it is an asset or a liability.
  2. But wouldn’t BSA “sticking to programming” be the same thing as “there should not be a national organization to ensure uniform and high standards of leadership” which was the fundamental premise behind the Congressional Charter? If so, it begs the question: Why does scouting need a BSA at all? Can’t or shouldn’t LC’s have the freedom to develop programming that is tailored to the needs of its scouts and community? States do many things much better than the federal government because the federal bureaucracy tries to push out one size fits all “programs” that don’t work for every
  3. I just watched the most recent fireside chat. Three days ago I thing it was posted. These guys had absolutely nothing substantive to say. Gates in particular was glummer than he appeared on 9/11. The unspoken parts were 1) the Councils are furious and won’t listen to these guys any longer; 2) he’s terrified by the realization this thing is going to blow up (“we stick together or we hang separately”). National leadership is neither respected nor feared. LC’s seriously contemplating breaking away and taking their chances negotiating as a collective without
  4. The BP issue is not cancel culture but the need to examine the man’s actual history. It’s hard to do because of the passage of time and the lack of original source materials. This book presents an extremely disturbing picture of BP. Whatever the truth, his excessively and perhaps unjustified glorification, is a public relations problem today. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/12235500/4-elevated-paedophiles-greg-hallett-and-spymaster
  5. This is hard evidence nothing will change in this organization. If you wonder whether BSA is doomed, watch these guys. They are borderline delusional. It’s true, for scouting to live, BSA must die. The movement needs a new birth of freedom to wash away decades of failed, discredited, amoral National non-leadership.
  6. Nah…everything is hunk dory according to these ancient relics.
  7. Good observations. It would be a global deal in the sense that the unresolved assets like insurance, CO's and LC's not participating all get thrown in to a post-confirmation trust. That is basically the TCC/Coalition/FCR Plan. BSA apparently signed on or is close. Century/Chubb will be dealt with down the road by the post confirmation Trust. BSA gets to emerge. Question I have is how much is BSA and participating LC's kicking in to the pot right now? None of the non-participating entities will get channelled and can take their chances in the tort system. That's my wild gues
  8. One week. Well, we shall see what we shall see.
  9. He's tweeted extensively about this. No one pays him any attention.
  10. Kosnoff pushed hard for the TCC to start this litigation a year ago. He got voted off the island. That's when he went rogue.
  11. veil piercing or alter ego, take your pick. The LC Charter agreement with was conditioned in part on the LC incorporating in its home state. It also provides that National can dissolve an LC for any reason or no reason. Given this level of control by national, isn't the LC's corporate separateness illusory?
  12. Yes, also reverse corporate veil piercing theory is viable to for the Trustee to get to the LC assets as assets of the bankrupt's estate.
  13. JP Morgan is a secured creditor. Its votes don't count. The voting that matters is of the "impaired classes" of creditors. Aside from a few trade creditors, the survivors are the only impaired class of voters that matter. Without 2/3rds of the survivors no plan that gives third party releases to non-debtors can be confirmed. The survivors are in complete control of the outcome of this case.
  14. Incorrect. The judge will not be deciding the compensation contribution. This is not a real court or a real judge. This is let's make a deal court with the judge deciding....well, I can't think of anything she's decided. The parties will come to terms or the bankruptcy will be converted to a liquidation by the BSA or the judge will dismiss the bankruptcy. That's about the extent of her authority. A cram down would need substantial support from the survivors. I don't see it happening.
  15. I don't care much about "shoulds." What I believe should happen about anything beyond my control is an exercise in navel gazing and self-induced frustration. I prefer to use facts and analysis to come to a conclusion about what I think is a probably outcome. If BSA dies, it will be the result of a slow suicide. I think that you and several others are seeing the end of days and the probably outcome of this bankruptcy. Anything is possible but a plan that leaves a shrunken BSA to emerge from bankruptcy. There will be assets to distribute but after confirmation the Trustee will pursue the i
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