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  1. Welp, one of the key issues in the BSA bankruptcy is third party releases. And the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy still has a lot of issues swirling around the same. The events and outcomes of Purdue Pharma bankruptcy proceedings point to judicial outcomes possible for BSA's bankruptcy. The two are, ostensibly, connected in that way.
  2. They are hoping you will go away and quit asking questions. And it is difficult to find out who Scoutreach IS for... well, in theory, I get it, but in practice, I cannot find any solid numbers to show a real impact. And most references are pretty old. You'd think, if this was a cornerstone program of BSA to reach a certain segment of the population, there'd be more horn-tooting about it.
  3. A Mountain Dream ENFORCED solitary leisure spent among mountain tops is so good for the soul that every man would be the better for such "retreat" if he forced himself to take it occasionally. The quiet meditation, remote from the rush and unrest of ordinary life, cleanses the mind, and gives it ease and inspiration. Sitting here, unperturbed by Press headlines, and looking at Mount Kenya with his hoary old head standing four square as ever, one sees the clouds come and cover him for a time, and though they bring thunder and storm, they rift away again, leaving him standing there un
  4. It did not used to be this way. IIRC, you had to demonstrate proficiency in Canoeing and Rowing, executing Safe Swim Defense, and conducting a Lost Bather Drill. I just did the ARC Lifeguard Course in Dec 2021 with my 16 y.o. There were some challenging parts, but nowhere near the effort I had to put in to earn BSA Lifeguard back in the day. P.S. Yup, IRC... http://dankohn.info/~scouts/resources/bsa_lifeguard.pdf They did away with a lot of this in the 2013 Aquatics Revision
  5. Yes, you can Google search the words newspaper archive, Scout, Troop, 1965, the town you lived in, and the chartering organization. If you remember the Scoutmaster's name, it might help.
  6. Ask fifty different unit leaders this question, and you'll get fifty different opinions and ways of doing it 😜 We do one big fundraiser a year. The Troop splits the proceeds earned by each Scout 60-40. 60% goes to the Troop, 40% to the Scout. This is an incentive for Scouts to get out and support the fundraiser. About 75% of our Scouts do this. About 25% of our families choose our "buyout" option. That is, they can choose not to participate in the fundraising activity, and pay a set amount (I think last year's was $75) into the Troop general fund. A handful of our Scout
  7. Love you to death @SSScout!! For all, please use "aged out" or "leaves the Troop" versus this phrase 😜
  8. Totally agree. I fight against this with parents all the time. Most of the time, they do not want to deal with the pain of teaching their Scouts how to earn and handle money. They just want to write a check and move on to the next distraction. SMH.
  9. The best way to approach it is two view this as two different pots of money. The fundraised pot, which is restricted in its use, and the parent-provided pot, which is unrestricted. Money for Scout-related items always comes out of the fundraised pot first, until it is empty. Anything left over in the fundraised pot at the end of a Scout's tenure stays with the Troop. Parent-provided money goes back to the family, no questions asked.
  10. If there are any monies left over when a Scout leaves the unit, we let the Scout determine the disposition. Most of the time, they ask to transfer it to another Scout in need, or make it a "donation" to the general Troop fund. BTW, these monies can be used to support funding for Eagle Projects! Yes, different units will just blow this kind of nitnoid stuff off... Again, for me, it's an integrity issue.
  11. @SiouxRanger, yes, it's the timing that ties your hands here. We use a policy of all fundraising monies come out of the account first to pay for things. Any parent--provided monies still in the account can be paid out back to the family. Again, no one is going to come looking. It's an integrity issue for me. Not quite, @Spatulate, see above. If it is the parents' money, then it is the parents' money...
  12. Great question! Scouts can belong to as many units as they wish. It is called "multiple membership", and they only have to pay one fee to National/Council. But, as you have discovered, one unit must be "primary." This is the unit that must pay the membership fee, insurance, council service fee, etc, and must also be the primary for advancement reporting to eliminate confusion and redundant submissions. Now, to your money question... The money does not technically belong to the Scout. It is being held on behalf of the Scout by the Chartering Organization. There are several I
  13. Well, you will find them here. Much quicker, and more informed than from your local council, too, I'd bet 😛
  14. Great thoughts! I should forward those to our local council. I, too, am a But, rather than helping me to fix things, our council SE asked me for money, without a thought or recognition for how valuable my time is. And when I said no, and did not support FoS, he removed me (and others) from our District and Council positions. There is more to the story, of course, but, I tell you, my behavior throughout the events, has been courteous and professional towards them, without reciprocity. I even asked him on the phone what it would take to restore the relationship. His reply,
  15. This is a sad truth. Best of luck on your golfing endeavors! Watch out for the gophers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g79mLV9b30c&ab_channel=Michael
  16. These are the people worth holding on to!!! SMH SMH x 2 They could, but there is an ENORMOUS disconnect between the local professional side of the house and the volunteer side of the house. A connection from National to local volunteers is non-existent, but that is, I believe, as it should be. I know we volunteers are valued at the grass roots hometown level (the youth and parents we serve). And I know that we are not valued by my current local council. The ONLY impact you are going to have, on a large scale, with ANY youth, is THROUGH THE A
  17. We could start by enforcing the laws we have on the books...across the board, or get rid of them! Then, reinvigorate our system of mental health hospitals. https://www.nri-inc.org/our-work/nri-reports/tracking-the-history-of-state-psychiatric-hospital-closures/ Then, we need velocity in justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justice_delayed_is_justice_denied# I, for one, have lost a great deal of faith in our justice system. I have lost faith in our Congress. Are your Representative and Senators really "representative"?? Are they wo
  18. This is where the BSA is missing out. There is a corps of military veterans out there who would love to serve as Scout leaders. BSA should be actively recruiting them. Totally understand that Scouting is not military training! That message must always come through loud and clear. But, every skill I ever learned in Scouting made me a better leader, officer, pilot, or whatever job I happened to be doing at the time. IMHO, these should also be the primary leaders in the corporate structure of BSA. Remember where BP got his ideas for the program. And I heard a great quote t
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