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  1. An easy and cheap way is to use painters drop canvas (not splattered with paint of course). Cut a swath out that is about twice the depth of the longest knife and wide enough to accommodate the number of knives you need ( about the width + 4 inches for each of the knives you plan to roll laid side by side - I wouldn't put more than 6 or so in one roll). Lay the longest knife on the roll about about 3 inches from left edge, place it so that it is centered depth wise, then place the remaining knives about 2-3 inches apart so they are laid out left to right with the tips facing you. Once they a
  2. I am not a fan of requiring earning Honor Patrol to count PL toward rank advancement. To much is outside of the control of the Scout. I had a patrol that would have not been able to achieve this and they were very good. It was a six member patrol of older scouts (5 of which achieved Eagle Scout), all had recently earned Star rank together. Their PL would have failed because none achieved Life Scout within the next 6 month period . They also had no chance to grow unless we broke up another patrol (in which case the PL's PoR would not have counted) so they could not grow. Now with the
  3. The purpose if this thread is lost on me. I understand, and mostly agree, that judging history with a modern moral code can skew history itself. But throughout its history, the klan was out of step with the moral code of its time. I was born in the 60's and grew up in the 70's and 80's in Birmingham Al, a hot spot for civil rights strife. I have know klansmen in my life, virtually all hid the fact they were in the klan, which tells me even they knew how heinous their ideas were. I have literally had physical confrontation with them as they attacked my friends. Once I found out som
  4. No national rules, though I have heard some councils have rules, though I am not sure its anything more than an urban legend. Units often have rules about cell phones. I am good with that if they are clear and uniformly enforced. Meaning adults lead by example and follow the same rule. But, I prefer rules about usage rather than a strict prohibition. Scouts use cells for photos, and they have been handy in emergencies. As for high adventure bases, cell phones are practically useless for communication or GPS tracking as they still need a signal and those are extremely rare on the trails o
  5. I am going to take a different view and look as 2022 as an opportunity. Sort of like the forest fire that, while doing a great deal of damage, burns out the dead wood and undergrowth to lead the regrowth of a healthier forest. We will certainly have a leaner National organization, and almost certainly leaner local organizations. The role of the volunteer will become even more important. One can hope that those who remember what the patrol method is, what Aims and Methods are about can help rebuild a healthier, albeit smaller organization that lives by the Oath and Law on a daily basis. O
  6. On a more serious note, some white supremist groups have been appropriating Nordic symbols as their own. There are some Nordic heritage groups that are rightfully outraged that these racist are using symbols of their culture for more than 1000 years as part of war of hate. Unfortunately, in todays culture, for some, the only meaning is the one they see today and the history means nothing. So, short answer, you really need to have a discussion with your leaders about the specific symbols you are using and what, if any, modern day message they may send.
  7. Perhaps this has already been said, but Home Repair does not specify the home is being repaired. When, I have asked scouts to talk to grandma/grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and neighbors, they usually found more than enough to fix without straying too far from the appointed list.
  8. In the discussion I have been involved it is still up in the air, but... 2022 - is all but officially a no go. In part because the logistical wheels would need to be in full motion at this point and they are not. Could something be pulled together? Possibly, but it would be very high risk of failure. Secondly, it is also NOAC in 2022 which is already in full motion. 2023 - This is a possibility. First, the US contingent has a limited on how many can go to World Jamboree, but it is still likely several thousand. Second, the cost for South Korea will be several thousand dollars due to
  9. And yet, was completely applicable in addressing the post you made.
  10. I don't come to this forum as often as I used to, so I came to this post late. I have read much about what the OA is and is not here, some of it right and some wrong. First, the OA is not separate from the BSA, it is part of the BSA. And its mission is to support the BSA in achieving its mission. No, the OA, or even BSA, cannot force a unit to hold elections. But I think it is a poor reflection on those units that do not hold elections when they have eligible scouts. In some cases I find that it's a unit leader that does not understand what the OA is or what it can do fo
  11. This is a red herring. Having looked at the files, which have been public for a while now, the vast majority, dare I say 99+% of cases of abuse involved unit leaders that we selected and approved by the CO. Even recently, I have seen CO;s dig in for a fight when the council has rejected someone the CO has approved.
  12. Does that mean you are opposed Scouts going to high adventure bases, Jamboree's, NYLT, NAYLE, and other contingent or council based events? As staff and adult leadership is restricted by numbers, it is impossible for every CO to send adults to those type events. I think you are over extending the the CO's responsibility here.
  13. No we don't plan programs like that. In fact, as adults, we do not plan any programs at all, other than those that Lodge Officers ask us to plan. That is usually relegated to food, and adult training tracks that run concurrently with what the youth planed. And that is about it. The Lodge Officers, Chairs and LEC plan the events.
  14. I think it depends heavily on the individual and how they approach it. Out of the last 30 years, I would guess almost half my time has been spent in work from home setup. In my current job, prior to Covid, I would go into the office no more than a couple days a week. And that was only to maintain visibility with other teams. My team is spread across 3 continents (and several states here in the US), but I only have one team member here locally (an we have have the single largest campus in the organization). So the vast majority of my work was virtual even when I went to camp
  15. Oh crap! Serious typo. Fixed, thank you! I truly hate auto-correct.
  16. On a personal note, I am very bummed out. This was likely the last major event that my whole family could do together (with my children as youths). My son heads off to college in a few weeks and my daughter is upper classman in high school. We were all going to serve on staff. NOAC may still be an option, depending on how things shake out.
  17. Not really. The bulk of registrations come in the Spring after registration opens (in the Fall). All of the recruiting is done during Spring and Summer events; Camporees, Summer Camp etc. I am the Jambo Chair for my Council and I have talked to many families that were either waiting to see how Covid-19 shook out or were concerned about the financial impact (current and potential future) of Covid and had not yet registered. The Spring is also when we had planned to do several fundraising events for the Scouts to participate. Obviously, that did not happen. With Jambo costing between $1,500
  18. Awesome - you Lodge had an age limit. Almost no one else did. You think we should "bring back" the age limit. I disagree - can we move on.
  19. I have never head of an age limit from National. I just checked our records and we have several that were 13 when they went through Ordeal from 1954 to 1981. One was actually 12 (Ordeal 1966). They are from at least 6 different councils. The only limitation on the number of Scouts elected, that I am aware of, was the percentage rule which was done away with in the late 1990s. And it was not a strict number that could be elected, rather a restriction that a Scout could vote for no more than HALF of the Scouts on the ballot.
  20. When I first heard "Sacred Cows" Philmont ran through my mind. It usually generates a good deal of revenue, but two of the last three Summers have been decimated by fire and Coivd. Though I think the outcry and rage would be so significant that the loss of support would outweigh any value gained. My second thought was the Scouting Museum, particularly the Norman Rockwell Collection. There is a huge monetary value there and I would be far from shocked to see it end up in Sotheby's. It would be extremely sad to see it go but I doubt the rank and file would exit in protest in large numbers.
  21. Curious debate on the role of leadership and character in Scouting. As for the beginnings of Scouting, it was very organic. When B-P returned to England in early 1900's he found that his military tome, Aids to Scouting for NCO's, was very popular among boys and many groups were using it in their programs. (Indecently Aids to Scouting was heavily influenced by American scout Frederick Russell Burnham). B-P joined the Boys Brigade to implement his ideas there, but it did not have the impact he envisioned due to political infighting within the Brigade. But the Boys Brigade found encour
  22. @TAHAWK, just curious - has your council seen a greater decline in Scouting than the National Average? He sounds 180 degrees from my SE and we have seen slight growth.
  23. I agree that RECORDING training is a national objective, and that some of the training serves little purpose in the field. But I think training is critical. When I served as Training Chair I always made sure that we covered the required check boxes, but went beyond and in more detail so our classes were really making an effort to teach the this skills needed. For example in IOLS we would have EMT/WFA instructors teach First Aid. We spent a lot of time understanding Orienteering (the skill we found most Scouters had difficulty with). We also instructed Scouters on how to teach
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