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  1. I don't think anyone disagrees that scouting is about the outdoor and enjoying nature in all it's awe and beauty, but the jamboree is a bit different. As a SM you are assigned a troop of ~ 50 including leaders you have not worked with previously and with scouts of varying ages and skill sets. At best you have a couple of meetings to discuss logistics, elections and then a single shakedown. Absolutely no time to evaluate skills among the scouts. Technology is a tool much like your knife, used appropriately it can save your life or that of another. Sitting there staring at a phone is a
  2. No final numbers yet, most activities seem to be half an hour to an hour and a half wait as per the app and scout feedback. The Big Zip on the other hand has had scouts up at 3am forming a line at the dam gate to get to the reservation tent at 7am. The staff is doing an amazing job overall and some things are simply limited by bandwidth which includes safety which is a positive. There is more to do than anyone could possibly and yes the popular things draw larger crowds. Patch trading, new friendships, some solid leadership training, tons of exhibitors and fun and memories to last a lifeti
  3. I received and responded and am glad they are sending out a survey but question how this will help steer the initiative and why of all that could be done this is even on the docket. The OA has been extremely respectful of native American culture and most lodges have a relationship with local tribe nations. I have seen some lodges still use full head dress and traditional clothing, while others are not using any Indian regalia whatsoever. I prefer what I grew up with which is the respectful use of full Indian clothing and accessories. I also miss face paint as I was on the ceremony and da
  4. All good points and thanks for the replies. I am not a fan of ambiguity and not sure I like units being able to define expectations for leadership roles although I agree with the language in 'Holding a position and doing nothing, producing no results, is unacceptable." We have always considered a scout in a role who is active and demonstrates leadership to meet the requirement. This can be more challenging with other positions like quartermaster or OA rep but we have communicated what they need to do in those roles at the onset. I do not like the honor patrol requirement because i
  5. A number of leaders were chatting at camp this year and the topic of the leadership requirement for the upper ranks came up specifically what everyone was looking for in the role as opposed to just 'being' in the position. Most of us felt that active participation, attendance and leadership in the position met the requirement. One leader said he required the patrol to achieve honor patrol as part of the requirement and had been doing so as this was what his predecessor had done while he was an ASM. Is this an acceptable practice?
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