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  1. All good points and thanks for the replies. I am not a fan of ambiguity and not sure I like units being able to define expectations for leadership roles although I agree with the language in 'Holding a position and doing nothing, producing no results, is unacceptable." We have always considered a scout in a role who is active and demonstrates leadership to meet the requirement. This can be more challenging with other positions like quartermaster or OA rep but we have communicated what they need to do in those roles at the onset. I do not like the honor patrol requirement because i
  2. A number of leaders were chatting at camp this year and the topic of the leadership requirement for the upper ranks came up specifically what everyone was looking for in the role as opposed to just 'being' in the position. Most of us felt that active participation, attendance and leadership in the position met the requirement. One leader said he required the patrol to achieve honor patrol as part of the requirement and had been doing so as this was what his predecessor had done while he was an ASM. Is this an acceptable practice?
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