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  1. Background checks started around 2003, but would include incidents prior to that. However, since it appears the charges were dropped it is unlikely that it would have shown up on a check at a later date. I'm not sure what BSA could have done in this instance (with the information that has been posted). As for references, people are going to put their best references, and it is highly unlikely he would have included a reference that would give a negative review. Or given current laws, if someone would be willing to make a negative reference.
  2. I talked to a contractor friend who is a MBC for this merit badge. He let out a muted groan when I asked him about this thread. He said there are literally 1000's of good projects that he would allow as a MBC. But he is also a bit cautious telling people to make substitutions as he has seen some less than adequate replacements requested or even approved by other MBCs. Including: Replacing the toilet paper roller bar (just snapping it into place like you do every time you change a roll). Putting rubber chair leg caps on a chair (literally, just pushing a rubber cap on th
  3. Wow, this thread reminds me that we have not seen some posters in a long time.
  4. I was a little confused. besides normally you don't need to ask your DE to take short cuts, or procrastinate, the normal status! Seriously, I love you guys though!
  5. If you don't have the silver tabs I would not buy them. Technically, you will be considered at large, and generally silver tabs are for assigned and or commissioned positions. If you already have them, no big deal to wear them either.
  6. A lot of staff cuts, both local and national. Everything is behind.
  7. Wow, a lot to unpack there. I won't even try in a single post. I don't want to sound like I'm trying to talk you out of this, just the opposite. But the reality is starting units CAN be an uphill battle, better to know what you face so you can take proper steps. First - Is there really an unmet need? It's great that the adults want the unit, but is there enough youth to support it. Are you in an area that there are enough youth but external obstacles to getting them to join? The former is a problem, the latter is an opportunity. Second - adult support. Units need adults, and a
  8. There are not many organizations the size of BSA to start with, so that is one thing. 4H, Boys & Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts come to mind. But they are organized and run differently that BSA (though I am not too familiar about how 4H works). Though, I have seen reports that the abuse rate is higher in sports teams and schools in general, it is still difficult to compare them to BSA has there are 1000's of the and each is on a much much smaller scale. I would guess, some do a fantastic job of youth protection and others do miserable job.
  9. Nope, don't think that list exist in one easy place. Which many of us have complained about in the past, myself included. But if I did think it exist, I would probably tell you to "just Google it." That said, the same is true for the vast majority of NFP's out there. So, I am not what that proves.
  10. BSA's youth protection program long predates, this bankruptcy, case or the formation of the TCC.
  11. To be fair: The plaintiffs attorneys goal is to secure as much damages as possible for their clients (others would say as much as possible within a timeframe). BSA is trying to survive so it can continue to conduct programing for youth. So yes, both sides are trying to push the $$ amount in a direction that benefits them.
  12. I appreciate your effort to clarify the communication breakdown between CynicalScouter and myself, but my issue is less about the message you think he's trying to send and the message he is sending. CynicalScouter has posted, in this thread an others, inflammatory information, misinformation and misleading information as well as accused me an others of “turning a blind eye” and “looking the other way” in regards to child abuse. In fact the sub-thread you are replying in fred8033 made a comment that “We have mandatory reporting. IT's THE LAW !!!!!”, and CyncialScout replied “How often do
  13. You are indeed correct, he was also the long time mayor of Kansas City and the scout camp that is home to Mic-O-Say is now named after him.
  14. I think, I hope, we can all agree that forcing/requiring/pressuring any youth to remove clothing for any reason is wrong, regardless if it falls under a YPT violation.( I'll go ahead and stipulate there are exceptions, like an examination by trained medical personnel in a private space - and requiring the substitution of clothing, like boots or baggy clothing, for safety purposes) And I do not like seeing ceremonies done shirtless period.
  15. I find it somewhat telling that KC Chiefs and Mic-O-Say are from the same area. This is also the same general area that the OA has problems getting them to adhere to certain standards such as one lodge per council.
  16. Once again, intentionally or not, it appears that you have conflated two separate things (filing a report with authorities and a summary report of violations report) to make a untrue statement. Fred said violations of YPT are required by law to be reported to the authorities. You quoted him and replied that BSA has reported 0 times. Not only is that blatantly false, it is accusing many good people of violating the law. Generally I give people the benefit of the doubt, but I no longer feel that is a courtesy I can extend to you. I urge to be more clear in your use of quotin
  17. Actually, no. Cynical first brought up the OA. But to be fair to him, you did define the abusers as doing camp ceremonies and for greater than 99% of BSA camps, that is the OA, not Mic-O-Say But thank you for clarifying you were not accusing the OA of committing any violations "currently".
  18. Is it black and white? As someone who has had to deal with what is considered appropriate clothing, I can tell you not everyone one will agree with you? Some will be less restrictive on what is appropriate clothing, some will be more restrictive. Who decides?
  19. This is a complete and utter misrepresentation of what was said. If this thread represents how you approach national, or anyone else, regard filing an abuse complaint I can understand why you are not getting any responses. I genuinely offered to assist when accusations were made about the OA, but I was meet with snarky "Google it" replies, then pointed toward Mic-O-Say practices, that while distasteful and objectionable, have not clearly violated any YPT policies. You have been insulting by accusing people of tuning a "blind eye" and "looking the other way". Your attitude i
  20. My point is this. There is no BSA committee, professional or otherwise, that is forcing the OA to make changes it its organization regarding regalia, ceremonies etc. Any changes in that regard are being made by the OA National Committee (a volunteer committee made up of OA members). The issues you are calling out like, bare chests, face paint, AOL ceremonies, adults conducting ceremonies, etc. are not allowed in the OA because of the OA National Committee has made rules against them, not due to some oversight or rules being forced upon the OA. Mic-O-Say is not a National organization or
  21. Exactly, the OA National Committee is volunteers. By BSA, I mean professional and legal staff.
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