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  1. I guess we will disagree about it being an attack, but comparing someones position to racism certainly looks and sounds like the proverbial duck. I have not read every word of every post in the thread, but the vast majority of post on this subject have not been based on moral objections, though I am sure there are some that have them. Most of the objections I have read are about eligibility, logistical impact and legal concerns. And while the debate over "gays" certainly was held primarily over moral issues, the issue around "girls, and trans" is about eligibility. BSA has had eligib
  2. It is my belief that God create everything. By your logic we should question nothing and except everything.
  3. Point well taken. Is it so different from this debate?
  4. With all due respect you, intentionally or otherwise. Col. Flag asked what BSA gained from making a stand on this policy, rather than staying status quo. You replied equating his remarks to racism. "You could have just as easily asked, what did they have to gain by letting "Colored kids" go to schools with white kids? " Then you said the decision to make the change was morally superior to not making the change. "I'd say they have the gained the moral high ground by doing the right thing." Then you told him he was wrong. "I believe now, just as then, you're on the wrong si
  5. I won't try to put words in Stosh's mouth, but generally and historically speaking freedom of association has aligned about creating and joining rather than abandoning and dismantling. Protections offered by the constitution have been aimed at preventing the state from attempting to diminish, discourage or destroy the rights of people to associate with those of similar beliefs. Change from within would be characterized by building consensus based on merits of a policy change. I don't know anyone, opponent or proponent of recent policy changes, that would argue these changes came from build
  6. Just curious, but to which position in the debate is this question posed?
  7. At the end of the day the Unit leader must sign off on those put up for election to the OA. So if the Unit leader refuses to sign off he can effectively ban the election. However, I do not believe that doing so follows the ScoutnOath and Law. By refusing to sign off the Unit leader is in effect saying that none of his scouts meet the requirements. Since the only subjective requirements are if the Scout in question meets the the Scout spirit and adherence to Oath and Law requirements, he is in effect saying that he scouts do not (assuming they meet rank and camping requirements). If he
  8. That's how it supposed to work. Congrats! Hopefully leaving Helpful Tracks
  9. I if you are serving in an OA capacity hen wear it, if not I would say no. http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2014/01/27/ask-the-expert-when-should-scouts-and-scouters-wear-their-oa-sash/
  10. His moral perspective differs from yours, so he is wrong?
  11. Significant support with in BSA? There is a difference between support and acquiescence. I personally think the changes in '13 and '15 were logical changes, because the "sin" and "moral" issues were shaky ground (that is for another thread) and did not oppose them. But I am in fact aware of only a small percentage that outright supported the changes. I am aware of far more that opposed them.
  12. And they are people who are tired of the argument that BSA "has to make room for all." It presumes that others perspectives are somehow invalid. Think about that statement for a minute. Is there no group that you would be opposed to BSA granting a charter or a commission? Some, perhaps many, there is the concern that goal for total inclusiveness means there is NO line in the sand for standards. I am certain there is some scenario that everyone will draw a line and say, no, that is not acceptable. Thus that line varies from individual to individual. But when a group continuall
  13. First, the birth certificate no longer matters. That is the crux of the policy change. BSA will regard the youth's gender as the gender the parent marks on the application. Second, arguing the "practicalities of implementing the decisions" is not a red herring. There are potential and real legal impacts to every decision. It is prudent to discuss and understand those implications, regardless of where one's stance on the issue falls. "Be Prepared" is not just as motto, it is how we should conduct ourselves. Understanding how this and other decisions impact BSA, our councils, troops and CO'
  14. Things seemed to have picked up in my area. Winter banquet was packed, many crossovers and elections going on. The calendar is packed with conclave, fellowships, ordeals and celebrations. There is talk of a big camping outing for Cubs put on by the lodge this year and tons of service projects. I think it is cyclic and varies by area though. Some years are just better than others. Hopefully leaving Helpful Tracks
  15. “The Scoutmaster guides the boy in the spirit of an older brother.†- Baden-Powell To me to guide and direct are to very different things. Guides advise, mentor and act as role models for how things should be done. They are not the ones making the decisions.
  16. Ha Ha - I forgot about having a job back then. But that was only something I did so I could do the things I wanted to do! That and my father made sure I worked to understand the value of an education. He made sure I worked by requiring me to pay for those High Adventure Trips and Jamboree. You are correct, finding out why Scouts leave the program is critical. Sometimes it is for reason we choose to believe, such as the 3 G's, as often as not, or perhaps more often, it's because the program isn't meeting their needs. Hopefully leaving Helpful Tracks
  17. Not to nit pick, but I will a little Both male and female produce the hormones estrogen and androgen (testosterone being an androgen). But they are in very different amounts for the sexes. So the body isn't producing the wrong hormone, perhaps, in some cases, production out of balance for their chromosomes. Second - medicine can and does have ways for correcting imbalances. In fact in most TG instances I am aware of, hormone treatment is used to create an imbalance. i.e. males transitioning get estrogen treatment and vice versa. "2. Punishment is for God to decide (i.e. Heaven
  18. There is nothing inherently wrong with Girl Scouts. But it is not for everyone, neither is Boy Scouts. But GS is structurally and programmatically different from Boy Scouts, that has pluses and minuses. My daughter looked at several GS Troops. Most did not fit what she was looking for. I would say our experience with GS has been that they are more like Explorer Post or focused Venturing Crews, they have a theme they stick with. I know that is not always true, but it has been what we have experienced. She looks at what my son does with Scouting, a more varied program from month to month
  19. I hear the term regularly. Most often attached to the question how to prevent it, and/or with a tone of disappointment. As a UC my usual reply is a question. Why do you think it is happening. I am given all kinds of reasons, most having nothing to do with the program, which is usually very much the issue. I have been am ASM with my troop for about a year and a half. All of the Eagles we have had in that time have Eagled just as they turn 18. I am the advisor for our older patrol and several of them, if they get their Eagle, will do so this coming year close to aging out. The good th
  20. I'll try to get this back on the rails of the OP. If I could just get Troop Committee to stop treating the Boy Scout program like Cub Scout program and start respecting the concept of boy-led troop rather than trying to it like a pack . And to be fair, it is only a small number of the Committee, but enough, the we need to routinely remind them they boys lead, SM/ASM's guide, Committee supports.
  21. From a religious and moral consideration, I know many Scouts, Scouters and CO’s have already voiced those concerns, but it is clear that not everyone will agree on those issues. I respect that different faiths, even churches within faiths, have different views on such matters. I have never been one for telling someone they are wrong in their faith, nor am I concerned when they tell me I am wrong about mine. So for a moment, let’s put religious and moral concerns aside for the sake of argument on other points. There is still plenty to be concerned with about this edict from National. 1.
  22. Here are a few that i have seen personally Biohazard Flaming Flying Squirrels Toxic Bacon Radioactive Potatoes Flaming Coconuts Narwhals Moist Towelettes
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