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  1. I agree. I do think those convicted or have pled should be listed publicly. My initial gut reaction is to list even those who have been arrested, but I would want to give it some more thought before definitively saying that is a good idea. I think in most states (if not all) arrest are public record, it so I would lean towards including them. But there may be some negative ramification to which I am not aware,
  2. Yes, if you look at the violation code, those people have been arrested and/or convicted of a crime. Even searching the first few that did not have a violation listed, it was easy to find they had been convicted or pled to crime. I am definitely in favor of doing what US Gymnastics is doing. But the IVF also contains people who have not even had criminal complaints filed against them. Do you think that people who have not had any criminal complaint should be included in what is put out publicly?
  3. As someone who wants to see Scouting preserved, I would like to hear more of your thoughts on how we can achieve this. I agree 100% Can you expound on what he has done and how we can incorporate it in Scouting? I am not familiar with what he has done. I am glad to hear you say that. I hope we get the chance.
  4. One of the concerns I have is the specific names in the IVF be distributed, which was called for in the press conference. I have been tangentially involved in that process for a few names placed on the list. None we for sexual abuse or physical abuse to a scout. They were for things, like white collar crime, fraud, incomplete of misleading information on BSA app, assault against an adult outside of scouting, even the use of fowl language/gestures etc. Of those that had criminal consequences, only one had gone through the justice system. The thing is there is not a typical due proces
  5. I am curious how his current comments relate to what he said in court while defending BSA and its policies. It would be interesting to see some of those transcripts
  6. Is that not an answer? Or is it just not an answer you like. And if care about the current and future scouts precludes one from caring for victims, then the inverse is true. SO I take it you don't care about the current youth at all. Can't have it both ways.
  7. First, you and your partner have posted 5 times since this question was posted, and of course come up with your own answer. So there really is not reason for me to reply, clearly MY real answer is not of great importance. First, my question of pennies on what Dollar has never been answered there is a far cry between pennies on $22T and $2B. Second, pennies on the dollar is really a false argument in a bankruptcy for this type of situation. These are not secured creditors that have a specific amount of money owed, these are not even judgement creditors that have won a verdict in a l
  8. Before you asked any question you told me how I would have reacted if it had happened to me. I quote "if it happened to you at the age of 13 you would have been confused, ashamed, and most likely in denial." I told you that I did not think that would be how things went. And it was not a rhetorical answer. I had to defend myself physically from attack. So I do know. But somehow you know me better than myself, to quote you "You don’t know how you would have reacted because it didn’t happen to you." There are a lot of hypothetical questions that come before yours if someone had tr
  9. It might not be what you want to hear, but no I would not have felt that way. At 13 I had already had to stand my ground against physical threats from adults. But, I also realize I was not a typical 13 year old. Moderators, can you just close this thread. The original topic is just being ignored and the the current post belong in one of the many threads already started. We are just fragmenting those threads by continuing this one, besides now this one belongs in Issues and Politics not Open Discussion
  10. If it had been me or my children, I would likely have a very different legal issue to deal with.
  11. Since the thread has gone down this path and off topic of the OP, I will continue on. I am not a lawyer, and I have not seen what is being offered to whom, but my guess would be there are differences in the claims standing. I don't think there are any judgement claims included in the 82K and they are not secured creditors. So unless some type of agreement was made to give the victims a special claims status, much of the determination is part of law. The secured creditors will have first/best claims. And, I don't imagine there are any lump sum payouts to secured creditors, more
  12. First, my comment was regarding CynicalScouter hyperbole that BSA "simply refusing to compensate victims" Second, it seem odd, even a bit grotesque, to compare compensation for sexual abuse to a free market transaction. And finally, that is exactly how bankruptcy court works. Claimants enter bankruptcy owing more than they can pay. In your example, the likely outcome would be the court settling that of something less than $99k would be how I would be compensated. Or if Ch7, the property would be liquidated and I would be paid based on standing.
  13. Your typical hyperbole. BSA is not refusing to compensate victims - there is a compensation plan on the table They are not claiming EVERY camp is necessary - some have already been sold EVERYTHING has to be off the table - EVERYTHING Is not off the table, and BSA/Councils are not claiming it should be - though you are claiming EVERYTHING should be.
  14. Not sure why you decided to break this sentence into two part reply, as the second part reference the first. In short, we agree. As I said, what's in the interest of the current scouts is not the TCC's job. And since what is in the currents scouts best interest is NOT the TCC's job, then I don't care what operational, personnel, program etc. changes they wish to see. The TCC determining what camps are needed in order to best serve the current scouts is NOT their job, any more than determining what personnel are needed or who stays employed or not. If the TCC believes a cou
  15. Many camps from the days of higher membership have already be sold. Some have been highlighted and discussed on this site. My primary concern is that camps be brought up to the standards BSA uses to make the camps the best possible for the current youth. As for ALL agreeing. All agree on nothing. If what I have read here about the TCC's standards, they want to close camps all the camps in some councils and force scouts to travel out of council. The TCC's mission is have concern is for the victims and zero concern for current or future scouts so I don't care what TCC says
  16. Ahh, the efficiency of the BSA. I still have not received anything and I am listed as the contingent lead for our council, signed up for the email list via the site above and I attended the last NSJ as a SM. You would think I would make a list for one of those.
  17. I have not seen an official announcement yet, but I have been hearing through the grapevine that there will be a National Scout Jamboree in 2023, held July 19-28. There is a site up, but it has little information. just the promise of more information to come. https://jamboree.scouting.org/ I am not surprised, I felt like there would be an effort to have it in 2023 and some agreed. Not having it in 2023 would mean 8 years between 2017 and 2025, so some scouts would enter the program and age out without ever having had the change to attend. The next question I have is
  18. I have seen numerous post scattered throughout various threads about council scout camps loosing money and thus not being viable and should be sold. Scout camps are an important part of BSA's mission. For many long-term camping would be much more difficult if not impossible. Enring merit badges would be more difficult. Learning to swim also (as it is usually a multi day process and difficult to achieve on a weekend campout) More time would need to be spent on week end trips teaching fundamentals of some activities like canoeing. In the process of fulfilling their mission, non-profit
  19. TO start with, this reply is not to debate how it should be done, but more to describe how we do it, and how all the material I had on ScoutReach it is supposed to be done. ------------------------------------------- No, these are ScoutReach units, and have not segmented off to some separate pseudo district. They run the Socuting programs (Cub, BSA, Venturing), although some run a more limited version of a "ScoutReach program", regardless they are part of the district. The district boundaries are actually defined using Economic Empowerment Zones. The district has a gerrymandered loo
  20. Indeed. But had BSA not started allowing girls in to troops, this wouldn't be an issue. The fight over the name is particularly interesting considering Girl Scouts USA initially had push back from BSA and GSA over the use of the term Girl Scout. Given that, it seem a little disingenuous to sue of the name, but I am not a lawyer so. We had the same issue with units and the name usage, but we were able to get the word out quickly and the message seems to have stuck.
  21. I can happily say I have met this scout, on more than one occasion.
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