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  1. Good timing for my Tigers. The local fire department couldn't find a volunteer to show us around the station at a time that worked for everybody; now the two boys who did Tiger Safe and Smart can get their belt loop this month. Did anyone else read the nasty comments below the article? What a bunch of bitter, petty people. I rarely read that site anymore because of that. I really feel sorry for Bryan having to entertain those clowns. If they loathe the BSA so much they should go join something else.
  2. Hi, I'm a Tiger Den Leader, too. I had the kids do the Magic Shrinking Circle in the Leader Guide for Team Tiger. It was fun watching them contort! Pick up a copy of the "Leader How-To Book" at the Scout Shop. No shortage of easy things to do. "Sweep the Floor" was a big hit, just enough rough housing to keep the boys happy. In our Pack the Dens will stop and do push-ups if everybody's been sitting too long. Works for us!
  3. This. What some guys wear to Roundtable meetings are hideous. How long does it take them to pin all that back on after they wash it??? The knots and special awards properly worn might inspire someone to work harder for their respective scout organization, or a young scout to work towards whatever he can earn. But I don't think any kid looks at some overpatched peacock and thinks "oh yeah, I want to be that guy someday!"
  4. I see the uniform as part of the game: attention to detail, showing what team you are on, taking care of something and practicing good grooming (in between getting dirty).
  5. I noticed that in the training pics as well. I bought the official switchback pants for my Tiger Cub and me and we've never worn the rest of our uniforms without them. I find mine durable, comfortable and probably the best pair of non-dress pants I own. I spent four years in the Marines. I just can't wear half a uniform.
  6. Congratulations! I plan to take the course in a couple of years.
  7. Agreed. I'm a pretty good administrator, but I've had to put some real effort into planning my year out to meet the requirements without driving myself bananas. Tell some hapless DL who can barely follow or understand the Den Leader Guide BSA puts out to add this in and it will flop. This could completely disrupt a Den.
  8. I really see it as a thinly veiled trojan horse effort to make Cubs co-ed. I just wish they'd be open about it. They need to consider how the BSA will have to adapt, probably create another new Cub Scout program with all the supporting materials. Create Ellen to counterbalance Ethan. Plus, when I see words like "embracing" and "inclusive," I suspect there are some social justice warriors behind it. I'll definitely be investigating further.
  9. 2016_Family-Inclusive-Den-Meetings.pdf "And I heard in the midst of the four beasts, And I looked, and behold a pale horse, And her name that sat on him was Little Sister, and chaos followed with her." http://www.northernstarbsa.org/news/introducing-family-inclusive-cub-scouts I've got issues with this on many levels and I'm working on a letter to the council. Before anybody accuses me of being a grumpy grown-up, my Tiger Den has a twin sister that tags along with her brother. She's great and I have no problem letting her join in on the fun. I think too much sibling pa
  10. We had a Lion Den last year: Northern Star Council, Chief Black Dog District. Out of 8 Lions, 1 had an older brother in one of the other dens. The DL (or guide) had a son in the Bear den. My opinion on the burnout risk is yes, probably, if the parents are the type who get wrapped around the axle over their children's activities and if the leadership tries to structure Lions too much. We just ran it like a play group and loosely followed the book, which made it pretty easy on everyone. The thing that bothered me: if this was really experimental, why didn't at least the Den Le
  11. Thank you. If we aren't able to generate interest in someone becoming a new leader, helping them find another Pack is a good idea, because I absolutely have to say no to more boys than I can handle.
  12. I've thought about this, especially with School Night for Scouting coming up. Eight is definitely the maximum I'm willing to handle in a Den. If the above mentioned happens (lots of new Cubs) and you can't get enough adult leadership for another Den, what's the best way to handle it? Have a waiting list and add a boy if one drops out?
  13. Good points above, but if they are going to make changes, perhaps they should try a leaner program, scaled back to a sustainable size rather than trying to grow, which never seems to work.
  14. My takeaways: Do we want to grow this movement? Are you sure? Requires change....market has changed.....continues changing (taste, preferences)..."cultural norms are rapidly changing..." ...addressing different markets.....product has to change...approach to key markets has to change...some of the new stuff will replace some of the old stuff...end game: develop leaders by teaching the scout law...."youth" not "boys" mentioned... Yeah, check out the Improved Scouting Program, Mr. Stephenson and see how that turned out. I recently read up on that in Scouting magazine back issues.
  15. Understood. I think a hearty Cub Scout handshake and welcome by their next Den Leader is the best thing a boy could have.
  16. I don't see that as the same thing. Every Cub can earn a Wolf badge if he meets the requirements. If he doesn't he can still age into Bear with his buddies, he just doesn't get a badge, no big deal. That's what I'm telling my Tiger parents. As a matter of fact, I never got a Wolf badge because I wouldn't try to swim 30 feet. I topped out at Bobcat.
  17. We use ScoutTrack.com, I don't know what the subscription fee is.
  18. Agreed. Some boys in my Den may get their first lesson in winning and losing from me. Way way back in 1975 my first grade class had a turkey drawing contest for Thanksgiving. Of course, my turkey was the best! I'll never forget him; a beautiful tom turkey on yellow construction paper. My turkey would win and that's what I told everybody in class who would listen. I don't remember who won, we had 1st 2nd & 3rd place, but it wasn't me. I cried and cried! Two young teacher's aides (they were high school girls & I think they judged the contest) came and sat beside me and explai
  19. Thanks, I have been talking with the outgoing DL, I think she did a pretty good job. What did your Den do for outings?
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