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  1. Hello everyone! I am the new Cubmaster for a small pack (20-ish) in East Texas. I got into this position because when we went to sign our son up, my wife and I learned there was no den leader for the Arrow of Light den. We knew that we would at least give it our all and try to deliver a quality program so we agreed to be Co-Den leaders. Once the committee chair managed to wrangle us into that, she dropped the bomb on me that they don't have a Cubmaster and would really love to have a male leader for the pack... and so here I am! I am very excited to be part of this organization and have already completed my Den Leader Specifics, Cubmaster Specifics, and BALOO training. I recently ran the campfire program for our fall family camp out and received feedback that it was great so that was very encouraging for me and I look forward to keeping the boys very engaged and trying to deliver a quality program to the best of my ability.