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  1. I'm incoming Tiger Den Leader (get my book tonight at the Crossover!). I'd like to hear your observations or suggestions for that program, please.
  2. I've been looking at old copies of Scouting & Boy's Life and I see they used to do "get out the vote" campaigns in October of election years. Looks like they went away after the 60s. Seems like a good project, especially teaching that they aren't campaigning for any particular candidate, only encouraging adult Americans to exercise this important right rather than flaming each other on Facebook. Is anyone aware of Scouts doing these anymore?
  3. I just started attending RTs a few months ago, and I am fortunate that our district puts together a pretty good program, lots of hands-on stuff and planning tools in the breakouts. I spent plenty of time volunteering for the VFW in the past, so I get meeting dynamics. Two observations: 1. People who don't see the value of, or are personally uncomfortable with a live in-person meeting need to get over themselves. Google and online forums are nice (hat tip to Scouter.com ), but you gotta be around live Scouters to experience that world and not think in a vacuum. 2. Meeting le
  4. You guys weren't kidding about this show! My boy and I have watched a few more episodes (yes, my nearly six year old will sit still through a black and white 50s western; it pays not to have cable & video games at the house ). Lots of fist fights, broken legs, rattlesnakes, bear attacks, you name it. No place for sissies at the Broken Wheel Ranch! The best one so far is the Junior Rodeo. Those boys and girls in the stock rodeo footage they used were getting SQUASHED by horses and steers and getting right back up. Take that Millennial Mom!
  5. The boy's mother will be ranting how she doesn't have time to sew a council patch on his shirt and he's not allowed to for fear of injury.
  6. Our school has a spring open house/program coming up in a couple of weeks. We will be doing minnow races and have a Pinewood Derby demonstration. Cubs and leaders will be in uniform. We also help clean up at other events throughout the year, gives us good visibility as well as a good reputation with the school (they aren't our CO).
  7. This came up last night at Roundtable. Council reps were there for a Fireside Chat which quickly broke down into "you guys need to do something to allow girls into the Scouts," followed by "you guys need to get something like the Rovers Scouts Canada has." There may have been more but I was hiding under my seat at that point. One rep asked for a show of hands (with everyone's eyes closed) who wanted co-ed and said the results were about the same as he sees at other meetings: about 2/3s in favor of co-ed. Another rep explained the complexities mentioned earlier in the thread: COs not wa
  8. It's been a learning experience tracking training on it for our Pack leaders as well as doing my own training. It ate a lot of my homework when I did the Committee member training. I use a lot of online resources at work and I'm pretty good with them, but it took a long time to get the hang of myscouting, then figure out the multiple offshoots of that. You definitely need a good computer otherwise the site crashes easily. When trying to use my Chromebook at home vs. my modern work computer I see a big difference. Anyone accessing it from an old machine must get really frustrated.
  9. The only other thing I would point out is there are no set achievements or electives. No badges, belt loops, beads or doodles. Just the adventure theme.
  10. Here's my take of the Lion program so far. We have 5 boys, and every boy has a parent with them. Our Den Leader does a great job. A few of us have run meetings as well. It's a good group of parents, everybody helps out a bit. There is a book with an adventure trail and the meetings are based around a theme, done in an hour. We don't follow a real fixed script. Just simple, fun play. The Lions do everything the rest of the Pack does except overnight camping and the boys seem to behave well enough and have a good time. They have CS uniforms but no neckerchief and will get the Lion badge
  11. dilrod


    Hi, my name is Rod and I am a Pack Trainer, set to be Tiger Den Leader starting this summer/fall. Fairly new to scouting; a couple of years as a Cub Scout in the late 70s until our rural den folded and Mother made me join 4-H instead . She felt showing dairy cattle was a much more worthwhile pursuit; I disagreed, she won. I've been watching the thread on the new Lion program with some interest. We are in the Northern Star Council & my son joined one of the "experimental" Lion dens last fall. If I have some time this evening I'll post a few observations in that thread. Cheers.
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