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  1. Uncovering financial issues

    Does anyone have an excel spreadsheet they would be willing to share? Google has turned up the pack budget one from BSA, but that's all I've found. A search here found mention of several, but I didn't see anything I could download. Thanks again.
  2. Uncovering financial issues

    Thanks for the advice everyone and quick responses. I've sent an email to the rest of the pack committee that basically follows Qwazse's advice... have an official meeting, make an official motion and then vote to accept a 'starting balance' that we received from previous leadership. Also an outline of stuff to cover and put in place for future financial accountability and transparency. If the rest of the gang isn't on board, then I'll follow the advice to move on. At that point, I don't know what else I could do since it would be clear I'm the only one with this level of discomfort concerning the issue.
  3. Uncovering financial issues

    As sure as I can be I guess. We've been able to reconcile all the large deposits with fundraising activities. I would think if there was an extra $700 or whatever in the account, we'd be over not short- we'd be asking, hey, where did this extra $700 come from, not why are we short money. I also think the old CM would have informed me or the CC of that when I started pushing about these financial issues and it was revealed that he spent pack money sending his own sons and his friends sons to camp, right?
  4. Uncovering financial issues

    Yes, I've spoken with him on numerous occasions... phone, email, facebook chats, face to face, and we've held several meetings of the new pack committee. 'Concerns' might be too strong a word. I think he is a really good guy and has been working very hard to try and recoup at least some of this money and solve this issue. But I also seem to be getting information piecemeal from him... each new answer comes in an email that also reveals a new issue. So, yes, I'm confident he's trying to fix it, but I'm not confident I'm getting all the details, and if that's the case I would guess it's because he's trying to preserve his relationship with the old CM, which I understand. Just makes me wonder how many more landmines are waiting to be discovered I guess.
  5. Uncovering financial issues

    Yes, we had 16 kids attend camp last year, and 4 leaders. Yes, other scouts would have attended if the pack had offset some or all of the cost. No, that option was not made available to the whole pack.
  6. Uncovering financial issues

    I don't know if that meets anyone's definition of stealing, but it certainly doesn't seem right. It would be one thing if the leadership had come together and said hey, we're going to sponsor some kids to go to camp. But nothing remotely close to that happened. Instead the CM used pack funds to send his own sons to camp, and the sons of his friend to camp, completely on his own. If parents did know that was how their money was being spent, I don't think they would be happy. I'm sure many of their boys could have used some financial help to attend camp as well.
  7. Uncovering financial issues

    I'm sorry to be vague. About $200 of the missing funds was spent on resident camp fees for the outgoing cub masters two sons last summer. Another $520 was spent on resident camp fees for the AOL den leaders two sons to go to resident camp last summer. There are no committee meeting notes from last year and there really was no committee last year. That doesn't account for everything that's missing, but it is a large chunk of it.
  8. Uncovering financial issues

    The charter org is and has been very hands off. The COR is an elderly vet with health issues who really hasn't done more than sign off on applications that I'm aware of. I've only met him, very briefly, once, at our Charter organizations facility. At this point, I think he is house bound. The current committee chair was our cubmaster previous to the one I was replacing. He took the CC position after turning over CM to the guy I am now replacing. As CC he was very hands off, almost no involvement until I had the blowout I detailed in a previous post. At that point he stepped back in/up, and I've been pressuring him about dues and financial stuff ever since. The CC and the CM I'm replacing have a relationship outside scouts, but I'm really hoping that isn't affecting his decision making... They are in a fraternal organization together. Edit- The pack treasurer is also brand new. She is the one who first brought the discrepancies to my attention.
  9. Uncovering financial issues

    Hello all, I've been gobbling up all your advice from my previous posts and trying to implement it. Now I'm afraid I've uncovered an even more serious situation, and would welcome more advice. I'll try and keep it brief and drama free. It appears our accounts are short by a little less than a thousand dollars. I know some of this money has been spent inappropriately by the CM I have now replaced. I was not aware of how much it was, where it came from, what it was spent on, or that the decision to disburse it was made only by him until yesterday... a day after I officially took over as the new CM. I feel I am now on the hook for this, as the new, incoming CM. I think the right thing to do is the bring the records I have, the information I'm sure of, and my suspicions about the rest to our council, with our committee chair in tow and see where it goes. And I think if the CC disagrees r refuses, I should resign and go to council anyway. Someone needs to be made aware of these missing funds, and aware of how at least some of them were spent and by who. I know that's not a lot of detail, but I'd appreciate your advice.
  10. Pack Trainer

    Is there any official training for new pack trainers other than the pack committee videos? I have a leader who wants to do this. I know I'd like him to attend pow wows, round table and whatever else is offered... but is there anything specific to being/becoming a pack trainer he should try and take? More generally... If you have a pack trainer, what kinds of things does this leader do for your pack? For example... would they pretty much run recruiting activities from top to bottom? Or maybe just help get the new Den Leaders you find through training? Something in between? I know, it probably depends. But I'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts, what works for you. Thanks!
  11. Plan for culture change as new cubmaster

    I can't thank you all enough. I was feeling pretty beat down when I posted this. Not at all sure I wanted to take this on, ready to move on. It's so nice to be able to get objective, outside, helpful and encouraging advice and experience. Thank you.
  12. Plan for culture change as new cubmaster

    That's fantastic advice Eagledad. Right now Den leaders are doing everything. We are are exhausted. My wife and I were saying the same thing this morning so I'm glad to see you say it and confirm our thoughts. The sad thing is, we really don't even do actual pack meetings like you all are describing. Dens all meet in the same building, same time each week, and we wind up having a mini pack meeting each week... which is really just the CM rambling for about 20 to 30 minutes of the hour we all meet. It's no wonder we've morphed into a drop and run pack. Even with my prodding, the most I've even reigned him in by is maybe 10-15 minutes. Pack meetings (party, family fun night?) have to be during pack time, if we have parent volunteers to run it. Dens need to get their Den meeting time back, and Den leaders get to be Den leaders again. Thanks for distilling 20 years of wisdom for me!
  13. Plan for culture change as new cubmaster

    CalicoPenn, that's mostly correct... his wife and daughter were kinda sorta doing it. He decided to provide the option for paying dues monthly (another unilateral, un-communicated decision) and now we know we have folks who are behind, but they also did not keep/give receipts for the dues they did collect, so... it's a pickle. He also decided he wanted to put Scout account balances online, but we stopped that one before it got very far. I'm really, really glad the woman we tapped agreed. She is meeting with the former treasurer tonight I think to start getting a handle on it.
  14. Plan for culture change as new cubmaster

    Thanks for all the info Hedgehog! After Action Report does sound tedious... I meant that after we finish an event we just need to jot down some final thoughts. What went right, what didn't, any ideas for next year. Otherwise a year goes by and then everyone is scratching their heads trying to remember at thing we were going to do. I just didn't know what to call it. And with JTE, I just want to focus on those areas. I was thinking the categories provided a good roadmap... trained leaders, an actual budget, a committee that meets and plans. I don't care so much about reaching the levels or filling out that spreadsheet. I thought it just pointed to some of the things I need to focus on first. I'm already working on #1... another den leader and I approached a good candidate for treasurer and she's agreed. The current CM does the group ask and gets frustrated when no one replies to his increasingly desperate pleas. But he won't try it my way... asking 1 on 1 is so much more successful. And I've asked all the Den Leaders to give me two names of parents they think would be willing to more so I can start planting seeds. Hearing you and bbender both emphasize this gives me a boost in confidence. And I love #3. This is so brilliantly simple I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it! We assign potluck categories by Den, why not duties for those parents too! I'm such a dope, lol. Your plan looks awesome. I think I'm gonna steal the whole thing and suggest it for next year. Thank you so so so much!