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  1. Has the BSA confirmed they will be adhering to the WOSM rules?
  2. SPL closes by asking if there are any more announcements and then says the Scoutmaster Benediction and dismissed. No Scoutmaster minute, which I thought was odd.
  3. I'm all for shopping around and for the Scout getting the experience he wants. In our town, until recently, we had six troops and three packs. Two of the three packs were "feeder packs." Our pack wasn't affiliated with any troop, so the crossovers had to shop around. Does shopping around guarantee a perfect fit? Of course not, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
  4. Has he visited all four? If so, did any click for him more than the others. If the distance for D isn't a deal breaker for you, it seems to be the best choice. 30 miles isn't the same everywhere. I live in New England and it might take me a lot longer to go thirty miles than someone in, say, the Midwest. The lack of weekly meetings is just a red flag to me. I'd flat out ask why they don't meet weekly. Great topic, by the way. My son just crossed over. We had a den of 12 and five troops to pick from in town. If was a tough choice for them.
  5. Keep in mind I wasn't endorsing the idea. I too wish it would never happen, but if it's a reality a troop can't escape, having an ad hoc patrol perform the functions of a patrol is better than Scouts showing up for an adult run event
  6. So, are your patrols still planning their own meals, budgeting and buying their own food and cooking as separate patrols as well as planning their own activities based on what they need and/or want to get done? If so, then making or tweaking patrols is fine. If not, then we have camping clubs, not Boy Scouts. I imagine your patrols are doing those things, but I am eager to see what transpires locally.
  7. "We have patrols, but have to form patrols at each outing based on who goes." I hear this a lot locally (we have five troops in town) and it always concerns me. My son crosses over tomorrow. My worry is if new patrols are being formed--when? If it's in advance, fine. But, if it's happening at or right before, who's planning the meals, buying the food, making the duty roster, etc.? Sounds like a recipe for an adult led program.
  8. This happened one year to my son at districts. He previously won his den and had pretty fast car. When we went to districts he watched his car not even make it to the finish line. He was supposed to run four races--one in each lane. After the second race we just asked for the car. The tires had been inadvertently pushed in. All rubbed and one front tire wouldn't even turn. Oh well. He was disappointed and I was sad for him, but there was nothing anyone could do. The next year, he glued his axles in place and won districts.
  9. Oh man (no pun intended), do what you have to do, BSA, as far going co-ed goes, but whatever you do, don't combine with GSUSA. My daughter was in the program and while the two organizations, in theory, have similar goals, they share just about nothing in common when it comes to actual program
  10. Curious how many den meetings people are needing to get this adventure done. In my opinion, this is the biggest, hardest, most complicated, whatever adventure of the Webelos rank I have three and a half den meetings dedicated to content plus an event they get to practice in staged scenarios (we're planning to do this zombie apocalypse themed). Meeting one (half of meeting): What is first aid and what are hurry cases, regular cases, minor cases Meeting two: hurry cases and stroke and choking Meeting three: everything else (frostbite, snake bites, etc.) Meeting four: each Webelos teac
  11. I'd fight this and I'm glad they are too. The obtaining of prescriptions for marijuana is a known joke. They have a long way to go before this cannabis is taken seriously for medical purposes. Far too many of the proponents of medical legalization want it legal across the board for recreational use. It's hardly endorsed by psychotherapists. Bottom line, while popular opinion has been moved on the subject, I'm all for keeping it away from Scouts. They can find another location. Below is from Newsweek:
  12. I've watched all the same media you have on it. She didn't publically shame her. She did not berate her. That wasn't her account. Saying she did completely blows what was said to have happened out of proportion. This is completely typical these days.
  13. I guess we can just completely make up our own version of stories to help make our points. I read this story in Forbes before seeing the video linked here, but based on the own woman's accounts she wasn't, as you say, "publicly humiliated and shamed." Nor did the Scoutmaster "berate" her. In her own account she was talked to in private. Should the Scoutmaster have just let it go? Yup. Is it the woman's right to breastfeed wherever and whenever she likes? Yup. Is modesty (not saying she wasn't being modest as I wasn't there) required? Nope. All of that's true, but you just can't make up your ow
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