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  1. Isn't everything? The roundtable crowd isn't the same as the OA crowd, which isn't the same as the WB/NYLT crowd, etc. However, if you put effort into getting to know the people in each group, you will be welcomed. Believe me, every part of the program wants more volunteers. I've had employers who didn't want to promote their best employees or recommend them for other positions because their team would suffer. It was a disservice to the individual. I think it's the same with scouts. If there is a scout who is a great leader, why hold him back for your own benefit? It's truly boy lead. Sometime
  2. I spoke with an LDS Unit Commissioner recently. He said the LDS is not leaving Scouting. However, he said that the changes have encouraged LDS members who were not pro-scouting to speak out and make it sound like the church as a whole is leaving.
  3. I think the SM is way out of line or we are not getting the full story. I guess it could also be both, SM is out of line AND we are not getting the full story. It sounds like the SPL has been proactive in making sure the contingencies are covered. Kudos. What is the event? Is it a camping trip or COH? Is it the annual fundraiser for the troop that depends on the SPL to lead? I don't think that asking a youth to resign nor forcing a new election is in order either way. This might be best elevated to the Committee Chair.
  4. @@Col. Flagg, Can you tell us where to send those items that you mentioned? Our troop wants to help sending some items (no teddy bears, I assure you ) . A friend was supposed to get me in contact with a troop from Spring that is helping at a church but I haven't heard anything on that front yet.
  5. Now I REALLY want one of these! But back on topic, I recently had to turn away some scouts from climbing because the camp issued a rule that they had to be 13 or older. My training says that Boy Scouts may climb on natural rock but the camp issued a rule. I wasn't happy about it but it wasn't my decision.
  6. I've had similar discussions with parents and scouters. We did find out that in our state switch blades and ballistic knives are illegal. I now want a ballistic knife just because it sounds cool. I have no idea what it is unless it's like one of those knives in Call of Duty.
  7. I just went through this over the weekend. Holy cow! The emotions that people feel after this game are amazing. Even more interesting than the game itself. People don't like having a mirror held up to them and seeing something different than what they thought they looked like. I've been through plenty of leadership trainings so I knew early on what the goal of the exercise was. Even still, I think it was a worthwhile exercise. It's a very emotionally charged exercise and fully believe that if one is open minded, there is a lot to learn from it.
  8. We have a committee member who insists that we need at least 4 adults to go on hikes in case a group needs to turn around due to injury so that we ALWAYS have 2 deep leadership. I say, what if another scout gets injured in the lead group and they need to turn around? Maybe we need double the number of adults to scouts on each and every outing. You know, just to be safe.
  9. Ok, I added the "any" but even if you remove it, it says pants with no cuffs. My slacks all have cuffs, so that's out.
  10. I honestly do not see how you are getting that neither may be worn with cuffs? If that was the intent, they would not have had to write "pants" twice.
  11. Interesting observation from the uniform checklist Here is the text in question: "Male Cub Scout and Boy Scout leaders wear the official pants or the official uniform shorts or pants with no cuffs." So, as I read and reread this sentence, it seems that one can wear: Official Pants Official Shorts Any pants with no cuffs Since I never cuff my jeans, I think that wearing jeans is perfectly acceptable. Oh also, note that just showing up is worth 15 points!
  12. You lived! Congratulations! Yes, encourage them to say involved and go back for your brotherhood next year.
  13. I'd rather see a troop meeting full of kids in jeans, football and baseball gear, and a tan shirt than not see them at all.
  14. My son recently informed me that because he was effectively only paid for 1 hour a day while on camp staff, he can count 10 hours per day as community service (12 hour + days). When I asked him who said that, he said it was his manager. Now, he doesn't need any more service hours for scouting. He does need them for school but even if he doesn't count summer camp, he will have plenty of hours just from what he normally does. It is nice to know that he is at least compensated for his work in service hours.
  15. Even the military had issues with this. That's why Congress passed the Stolen Valor Act. Unfortunately the SCOTUS struck it down saying it fell under free speech.
  16. I've heard that Ted Turner's daughter was a Venturer and that she went on a Philmont trek with bodyguards who were poorly outfitted for the outdoors.
  17. Ah, so the requirement to recite is new. I'm not surprised it existed from before. I'm surprised it took them 70 years to make it mandatory
  18. I grew up in Texas and never ever heard of that pledge. I attended schools, public and private, throughout the state (think of every city along I-35 and sprinkle in some of Houston) and never heard of that thing. It must be relatively (I'm getting long in the tooth) new.
  19. Not really sure where to post this but I've been wondering what happened to Beavah? I saw that he hasn't posted at all in 2017. His writing style made it difficult to read but his advice was always worth the effort. I hope he is well.
  20. One issue I have with hats is that BSA has put out so many different hats with the logo that people think they are "uniform" hats.
  21. Statistically, we live in a safer world now. The main difference is the world of instant news. We find out about everything from every corner of the world instantly and thus feel less safe.
  22. Oh, I agree to question before an accident. To question now is to pass judgement without knowing all the details and he can't defend himself.
  23. Here are Emily Post's hat etiquette rules.
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