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  1. Thanks. I have asked the following in person and in writing: "Things I don't know that would help. Are there bylaws that would make it clear? Does he have them? Did he take an oath and if so, what does it say?" This was after the SM made an issue of it. I wanted to know what commitments my son had actually made, and whether he was in fact being untrustworthy. The SM didn't answer the e-mail: He said we should meet in person. He didn't answer in person either. The SM says the issue for him is the message it sends to future SPL's.
  2. I've tried to give you the full story the best I can. My intention in posting here was more to help me understand if the SM's request would be considered normal in the Scouting world. Because I told him (calmly) that I "strongly disagreed." But thinking about it, I wanted to make sure I wasn't opposing some obvious Scouting ethos I was missing. I spoke with the SM for one full hour with my son and wife there. I asked the SM to tell me if there were any other problems I'm not aware of. The answer was no. His only indication was that my son does allow some of the "stronger" willed boys to domina
  3. Thank you for the responses so far. I am very appreciative. I'll try to clarify the best I can in response to a couple of the comments. I've considered my son wants to attend this retreat because of his parents' prompting. I would prefer he attend the retreat for the reasons stated above and my wife feels so even more strongly. Her biggest fear about dying is how me and her 7 children will do afterwards. (Side note: my wife grew up in and loves the Boy Scouts -- her father was a Boy Scout professional during her whole childhood). I've told my son as strongly as I can, and in the presence
  4. Hi: I'm a father, not a Scoutmaster. There has been a recent question and I would like opinions as to whether I'm making the right decision/giving my son the right advice. My son has one month left in his role as Senior Patrol Leader. He's in a very active troop that does a ton of events. He also worked as a paid (barely) employee at a Boy Scout summer camp for 5 weeks this summer. The last event of the year is scheduled for 2 weeks from this weekend, and he was scheduled to be the event's leader. Since the time he made that commitment, something else has come up. He has been given
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