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  1. I think that's because there is this misguided belief that kids are going to get an athletic scholarship and go on to be the next millionaire athlete. Scouting is more of a social development program in which kids hang out with their friends and learn leadership and citizenship in the process. Eagle rank might get them some preferential treatment in applications but people don't associate people's success to them having become an eagle scout. There are plenty of successful individuals who were never scouts but very few professional athletes who were not in the pee wee leagues. My poi
  2. So a separate organization but an equal program?
  3. I think that as I read all of the comments, the resistance to change can be boiled down to one word. I'll let Tevye say it for me.
  4. No, Col. The number of boys doing sports overall decreased by 8,600 while girls increased by 20,000. That's for all sports not just wrestling. So girls are getting more involved while boys are getting less involved.
  5. As for Venturing being an option, I have some questions. How many of the boy scouts in your troops come into it without first having been a cub scout? How many venturers come into it without first having been a boy scout? While recruiting older kids sounds great, if you don't get them interested in scouting while they are young, it becomes harder and harder to get them as they get older. By that point, they will most likely have developed other interests.
  6. Ok, here are specific numbers: "Washington, California, Texas, Hawaii and Tennessee have sanctioned girls wrestling at the high school level. There are 39 states that allow girls to wrestle on boys teams, and 11,496 girls competed in high school wrestling in 2014-15, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations’ most recent statistics." http://www.denverpost.com/2017/02/15/chsaa-sanctioning-girls-wrestling/ Also, I think excluding girls from participation in programs comes with the risk of decreased participation overall: "Because fewer male athletes too
  7. Female Venturers CANNOT join OA, unless... they are 21 and registered as an adult leader.
  8. How dare you go on and provide training and leadership for others?? Don't you know the Scout Motto? Do a good turn daily but only for your unit. I think that since you were selected SM recently, the committee might be over whatever grudge they had against you... unless they chose to make you SM as a punishment. Either way, talk to your CC and tell them you'd like to be nominated so that you can lead by example. I think scouts get a kick when they find out adults have to go through the ordeal just the same as they do. And you will earn mad props from them if you go back to elangomat and d
  9. Speaking of picking and choosing.
  10. What's keeping you from joining the OA now? Your nomination does not count against the numbers. Have you camped 15 nights in the last 2 years? (I'm betting that you have camped 15 nights in the last year ) Have the committee submit your name!
  11. Unless I'm misreading his statement, the ASM in question only camped 3 nights of the second summer cam therefore that is not long term camping.
  12. That's kind of a backwards argument. Cub Scouts can do activities 1-5; Boy Scouts can do activities 5-9; Venturing 8-15. Boys can therefore do 1-15 while girls can only do 8-15. Just because 8-15 are the most fun, it does not mean they have MORE opportunities. They have FEWER.
  13. Is this ASM going to provide service to the OA? Will he/she be an asset to the boys? If so, I wouldn't hesitate to nominate him/her.
  14. Troop 1 definitely sounds like the best choice.
  15. Some sports like wrestling are now co-ed and some girls are doing great in tournaments.
  16. I'm not too familiar with how they are running the STEM program. The other programs are open to girls who are 14+ and even then, there are exclusions. Male venturers can join OA but females can't because...envelope please... OA is a BOY scout program and girls are not allowed in our clubhouse until they turn 21 and register as adults.
  17. 100 years ago, there were also men's clubs and women were only allowed to hold a handful of jobs. I'd like to think we have advanced as a society a little bit since then. Then again, there are countries now where women aren't allowed to go to school or drive a car anymore even though they were allowed to before the ultraconservatives took over. Maybe that is preferable to some.
  18. I'm a former board member at a charter school. A charter school is a public school with some freedom in curriculum and staffing. However, you still have to follow the same rules as public schools. Ultimately they can try to restrict membership. They can do it overtly or covertly (not promote the troop outside of the school, etc.) but I would strongly advice against it and would encourage them to consult with their attorney before doing so. A charter school is a business. Its primary purpose is education but it also needs to attract members of the community to choose to send their kid
  19. Charter Schools are considered public schools. There are no prohibitions against allowing religious groups to use the facilities. The issue is that the school may not say some are allowed and others aren't. If they open the doors for one group, they must open them to all. Some schools get around this by not allowing ANY groups the use of their facilities.
  20. The Scoutmaster or Varsity Scout Coach holds the responsibility of certifying a Scout’s eligibility before placement on an Order of the Arrow election ballot. The unit leader’s certification is as of the date of the election, and any Scout who meets the camping and other requirements as of that date should be listed on the election ballot. This approval is not one of preferential treatment or specific selection for membership rooted in the unit leader’s own vision, but one of qualifying a candidate for eligibility. By including a Scout’s name on the list of those whose names should app
  21. Maybe they can all go to NYLT together. We have had several scouts do that and they really enjoyed it. The following year, several of them went through NAYLE together. There's more than one way to skin a summer camp cat.
  22. I use the Camp Scout app. It works really nicely.
  23. My biggest challenges so far are: Being an ASM who wants to work the Patrol Method in a troop that is very comfortable with the Troop Method. (I've looked through every piece of literature and can't find Troop Method training anywhere ) Dealing with adults and youth leaders who eagerly will do something for the scouts because they can do it faster and better instead of letting the scouts try. Lastly, fear. Fear that if I do become scoutmaster (which is a possibility in the near future) and move the troop more to a boy-led patrol method, we will lose families who have been used to
  24. I would think that it is up to the discretion of the MB Counselor as long as he/she is not adding anything to the requirements. Do the requirements have a minimum amount of snow listed? Do the requirements have a maximum temperature, humidity, etc.?
  25. I tried to delete my post right after posting it and couldn't. I misread the requirements and noticed my error as I hit post. I tried to edit and remove it but it seems like it still posted. Mea Culpa
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